By his power God raised the Lord from the dead, and he will raise us also. -1 Corinthians 6:14
1. HONG KONG. Lord, give the Hong Kong Mobilization Team clear understanding of the younger generation’s needs and desires in order to better connect them to The Task Unfinished.
2. JAPAN. Lord, thank you for sending missionaries to serve East Asians from your church in Japan. We pray that this trend continues in spite of a shortage of pastors and seminary students in Japan.
3. JAPAN. As a small minority in their country, Japanese Christians often feel that they are weak. Lord, remind them of the victory they have in Christ. Encourage them, Lord, to persevere in their faith.
4. MALAYSIA. Lord, we pray for the leaders of the country. Please raise and empower men and women of integrity, wisdom and competency who have a heart to serve to lead the nation forward.
5. TAIWAN. Lord, we praise you for growing outreach to at-risk women by mission agencies working alongside of Taiwanese churches. Lord, please continue to bless this ministry so that more women will be reached and will accept Christ as Savior.
6. CAMBODIA. We praise you, Lord, for the mission workers whom you have called to help serve the Cambodian Church. Lord, please continue to call new workers to Cambodia as the harvest is plentiful and the task remains unfinished.
7. MYANMAR. Lord, please give missionaries direction and a clear ministry focus. We praise you that partnerships with local believers are developing. We pray for wisdom in those inter-cultural relationships.
8. CHILDREN. Lord, hear the cry of the little children of Myanmar. Please provide for their daily necessities, including food, as over a third of the children are malnourished. Also, please use those who are working among children to bring spiritual nourishment and a lasting hope.
9. PHILIPPINES. Ministry teams work toward seeing communities of believers established in places where they don’t yet exist. God, please provide good partnerships with local individuals and churches for this work.
10. MEDICAL MINISTRY. OMF workers who are involved in medical ministry seek to be salt and light throughout the communities in which they serve. God, please give them opportunities to share the gospel with people needing Christ as their Savior.
11. THAILAND. Lord, thank you for leaders of the Thai church. Please fill them with your peace, love for you, humility and passion for the lost. Help them lead the churches effectively and empower others to become leaders.
12. THAILAND. Lord, thank you for your work through Kanok Bannasan Christian publishers. Please help their ministry to be strategic and effective in meeting the literature needs of the growing Thai Church.
13. VIETNAM. Thank you, Lord, that Bibles are available in Vietnamese. We pray for increased use of recent translations. We also pray for translations into many minority languages that still have no or few scriptures.
14. THIRSTING FOR CHRIST. Please Lord, make the Bunu people in the Mekong region thirsty for you and let them return to you, the fountain of living waters.
15. SIGNIFICANT HOLIDAY. April 15 is the “Day of the Sun” in the DPRK (North Korea), when people celebrate the birthday of its first leader, Kim Il-Sung. It is the most important holiday in North Korea, filled with a variety of celebrations and events. Lord God, we pray that as a nation, North Koreans would turn to Christ and experience the freedom and salvation only he can give.
16. BUILDING FRIENDSHIPS. Lord, you see the Christians in East Asia with Muslim friends, neighbors, and co-workers. We pray that you would build deep relationships and bless these friends through sharing life together. Help people from diverse backgrounds to understand and appreciate each other.
17. CHINA. God, we ask you to bless the key leaders at every level of China. We pray that they would be servant leaders with integrity and a focus on the needs of those they lead. We pray that they would see their need for you.
18. URBAN CHINA. Lord, we pray for the leaders of urban Chinese churches. As they seek training and mentoring, we ask that you will provide these resources. Protect their families as they wrestle with the pressures of marriage and raising children, protect their leadership teams from discord and protect their own hearts from pride.
19. GOOD FRIDAY. Lord Jesus Christ, we thank you for your incredible sacrifice of dying on the cross to reconcile us to God. We pray that this glorious good news would spread with passion and clarity among all unreached people groups across East Asia.
20. SKYLANDS. God, we remember believers who face much misunderstanding and pressure from their families and the wider community. Please help them to lean on you as they face intense challenges.
21. EASTER SUNDAY. Lord God, we praise you for victory over death and sin through Christ, our risen Savior! We pray that you receive the glory due your name in celebrations around the world today. Draw lost people to yourself as the gospel is preached. May the rejoicing of your people be contagious!
22. EAST ASIAN DIASPORA. Lord, you make all things possible. We pray for Asian believers returning home. May they be emboldened by your Spirit to be effective witnesses to their families and friends. We pray that their faith will be strengthened, that their passion for you will remain strong and that they will be missional in bringing the gospel back home.
23. NEW WORKERS. Lord, we thank you for calling more workers to serve among East Asia’s unreached frontiers. Please guide applicants preparing for the July Candidate and Orientation training in Denver. May you bless each one with joy, energy and strength.
24. PRAYER MOBILIZATION. Lord, we intercede for the OMF (U.S.) Prayer Mobilization Team Retreat as staff and volunteers meet in Colorado, May 2—5. We pray for their team unity, vision casting, brainstorming and powerful times of prayer together during the conference.
25. COMMISSIONING. Lord, we thank you for calling James and Lisa Dougherty to lead OMF (U.S.) in this next season of ministry. We praise you for their commissioning service today by the OMF Board of Trustees.
26. BOARD OF TRUSTEES. Lord, we pray for the OMF (U.S.) Board of Trustees meeting today as they address important issues and strategies that guide the U.S. team into the future. We ask you to clarify your vision for ministry and for the Holy Spirit to give clear direction and wisdom to each board member.
27. HUDSON TAYLOR FILM. Dear Father, thank you for the new Hudson Taylor film concept. We pray for the selection of the writer, the scripting and potential director for this film.
28. ADMINISTRATION. Lord, we thank you for the many ways you empower the Finance and Administrative team, serving the entire OMF (U.S.) family. Guide them through the variety of complex challenges managing information technology and system software.
29. BRIDGE ASIA VOLUNTEERS. Lord, we praise you for blessing OMF (U.S.) with 21 new volunteers so far this year. We pray for these new volunteers as they join teams and begin partnering with OMF in ministry. We ask that their orientation process would be smooth and that you would bless their work, causing it to bear much fruit.
30. MISSION MENTORING. Thank you, Lord, for the very successful Mission Mentor Training weekend last month in Denver. Continue to guide the diverse group of church leaders and representatives as they come alongside potential applicants seeking your direction for cross-cultural service.
To download the pdf version of our Prayer Powerlines newsletter CLICK HERE.

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