May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. –2 Corinthians 13:14

  1. EMPOWERED GRACE. Thank God that missionaries, donors and intercessors together experience his supernatural grace as we see the gospel shared with East Asia’s unreached millions.
  2. FOREIGN WORLDVIEW. Seminary students recently toured a Taiwanese temple, attempting to share the gospel with their host. They quickly discovered how alien Christ’s love is to those who follow Taiwanese folk religions. Pray for new workers who diligently learn what it means to communicate the gospel effectively.
  3. LABOR DAY. On this U.S. holiday, pray for renewed strength for cross-cultural workers on home assignment. May each family experience God’s empowerment both physically and spiritually as they cast vision and challenge friends to join them in mission throughout East Asia.
  4. RENEWED AND EQUIPPED. Praise God for his amazing blessing evident at the OMF (U.S.) National Conference in late July. Pray for follow-up among a diverse “family” of field workers, home staff, retirees, new appointees and ministry partners sharing in mission together.
  5. PRAYER JOURNEY. Intercede for a team of eight people (from five different states) going to pray within a Creative Access Nation. Most of their prayer journey will be among the unreached. Pray for divine appointments with “people of peace.” Pray for safety and protection upon the team. Pray for love for one another, for the field and for the beautiful people of the country they are visiting.
  6. REFRESHED FOR MINISTRY. Pray for a family who enjoyed their home assignment phase in the U.S. and return today, resuming their ministry in Central Thailand.
  7. BUDDHIST OUTREACH TRAINING. Pray for Alex Smith, advocate for ministry to Buddhists. God has blessed Alex with opportunities training new workers in diverse locations like Nepal and Brazil.
  8. GLOBAL DIASPORA INTERCESSION. Join others during September as they pray for God’s breakthrough within global diaspora ministries at the start of another school year. As foreign students meet OMF missionaries, may they sense a longing to learn more of Christ and accept him as personal Savior.
  9. BUDGETING AND FINANCE. Pray for the U.S. Finance and Administration teams as they begin the 2019 budget process. May all OMF staff step out in faith while remaining financially responsible. Pray also for the Finance Manager and his family, as they follow God’s direction to adopt a child from overseas.
  10. DISCIPLE-MAKING SUMMIT. Pray for OMF (U.S.) staff participating in a disciple-making movement conference in Chicago. May fruitful networking and partnerships develop that contribute directly to OMF’s vision for The Task Unfinished.
  11. MISSIONAL BUSINESS. Pray for believers developing new missional business opportunities. Pray that the Lord would use them as salt and light within their communities. Pray for significant spiritual impact through meaningful relationships.
  12. NEW INITIATIVES. Pray for creativity for workers exploring new initiatives as they take advantage of opportunities to walk alongside local fellowships engaged in cross-cultural ministry throughout pioneering areas of East Asia.
  13. ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT TEAMS. Pray that God would send out more people gifted in administrative support. When vacancies arise among support staff, front line workers need to step in, pulling them away from direct church planting responsibilities.
  14. PARTNER DEVELOPMENT. Continue praying for all 13 candidates appointed at the recent June Candidate Course. May God provide 100 percent financial and prayer support for each, releasing them to participate in orientation training at OMF’s International Center in Singapore.
  15. COMPASSIONATE NURSING. The DPRK (North Korea) has about 41 nurses per 10,000 people—a vast challenge. Nurses work in hospitals, clinics, tuberculosis centers and other places. Nurses can influence many people. Pray that nurses throughout North Korea might serve patients with compassion. Pray that many would seek Jesus, who cares abundantly.
  16. FOLLOW UP. Pray for the OMF (U.S.) Serve Asia Follow-up Team as they talk with dozens of Serve Asia participants after their recent summer trips. Pray the participants will respond and God will continue to transform their lives. Ask also that some will answer God’s call for longer-term service in East Asia.
  17. AFFIRMING PRAYER. Recognizing that prayer is the foundation of cross-cultural ministry, intercede for fellow prayer warriors using the OMF (U.S.) Prayer Powerlines as a strategic resource. May God unite hearts seeking empowerment, blessing and advancement of the gospel.
  18. THIRD-CULTURE KIDS (TCKs). Missionary parents need much wisdom in caring for their children’s development on the field. Praise God for TCK support ministry provided by gifted personnel. Pray for wisdom in guiding the unique needs of each family requesting help.
  19. FUTURE DIRECTION. Praise God for his clear direction in the appointment of James and Lisa Dougherty who will be leading OMF (U.S.) as next President/National Director. Lift up James and Lisa as they discern clear steps finishing their mobilization ministry in Singapore and moving to Denver in the months ahead.
  20. DIASATER RECOVERY. Pray for thousands of families in Southeast Asia displaced by severe flooding caused by a dam that collapsed. Pray for physical relief and spiritual breakthrough during this difficult time.
  21. GLOBAL CONSULTATION. Pray for OMF leaders gathering from all around the world for a week of collaboration as they seek God’s wisdom focused on greater evangelistic outreach.
  22. HUDSON TAYLOR FILM. Thank God for the team of visionary people working to bring Taylor’s story to this generation. Pray for fresh anointing on the writers beginning to create a script based upon Hudson Taylor’s pioneering experiences.
  23. THE JOURNEY. Pray for a couple returning to overseas ministry. They’ve shared requests for “protection as we go about our daily lives, wisdom as we encounter situations, health and rest as we journey with him.”
  24. MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL. Pray for families gathered together celebrating this holiday across China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. May God give believers opportunities to share their faith with family members.
  25. MEDICAL MINISTRIES. Pray for fruitful conversations and ongoing connections resulting from the Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville, Kentucky (early November). Pray for speakers and recruiters like Neil Thompson advocating for East Asia’s people.
  26. DIASPORA THAI. Pray for Buzz and Ruthi Curtis, long-time workers in Thailand, now settled in Los Angeles launching new outreach ministries with the Thai diaspora. Pray for clear wisdom and insight in making friends with dozens of Thai immigrants.
  27. ANSWERED PRAYER. Praise God for an 80-year-old woman in Japan who was recently baptized. Her clear affirmation of faith made a powerful impact on each visitor attending the service. The OMF team is trusting God to provide 200 additional workers by 2020 in order to take advantage of significant opportunities among the Japanese. Pray that new recruits would respond to God’s call.
  28. HUNGRY FOR TRUTH. A couple in pioneering ministry requests prayer that God would lead them toward those who are hungry for the truth. Pray that the workers would listen carefully to the Holy Spirit about who to approach, when to speak, what to say and how to follow up.
  29. EQUIPPING ASIAN LEADERS. Thank God for special opportunities to see Asian leaders gather for advanced training. In late July, Christian workers met with participants from Bangladesh, Southeast Asia, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, South Korea and Hong Kong. May God empower each attendee with joy and dedication and the ability to implement what they learned together.
  30. MOBILIZING CHURCHES. Pray for two U.S. churches as they focus on unreached people groups and determine their part in the Great Commission. Link Asia mobilizers have equipped them with four specific trainings. Next, they will move into a coaching phase. Pray for continued progress toward a God-honoring missions strategy.

To download the pdf version of our Prayer Powerlines newsletter CLICK HERE.

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