Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. –1 Chronicles 16:11

  1. NATIONAL DAY. Today marks the 69th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Pray for China’s leaders, that they would govern compassionately, wisely and justly. Ask that some of them would hear the gospel and turn to the Lord.
  2. ABUNDANT GRACE. Thank God that missionaries across East Asia experience his abundant strength, seeking his grace for every need and challenge.
  3. HOKKAIDO EARTHQUAKE. Pray for wisdom, grace and direction as OMF workers and local believers assess ministry opportunities in response to an earthquake in northern Japan last month. May God provide supernatural strength to all involved in frontline outreach.
  4. SHARING THE VISION. Pray for a missionary family already halfway through their U.S. home assignment. They ask that their partner churches be encouraged and challenged to persevere in taking the gospel to the nations.
  5. URBANA 2018. Continue praying for the OMF (U.S.) Mobilization Team as they prepare to talk with scores of students attending the triennial InterVarsity missions conference in St. Louis from December 27 to 31. Pray that visiting missionaries from East Asia will have meaningful conversations which motivate attendees to become further involved.
  6. FIELD CONFERENCE. Uphold the missionary team in Taiwan as they gather for a four-day field conference. Pray that God would renew and refresh each participant with clear vision for ministry.
  7. MORE WORKERS. Support the OMF ministry in the Philippines by praying for more workers and wisdom to appoint new leaders in key positions. May God provide and equip the teams for effective ministry.
  8. NEW APPLICANTS. Praise God that about 16 applicants are hoping to participate in the next U.S. Candidate Course. Pray for these gifted people preparing for the training from November 11 through 14 in Denver, CO. Pray for them now completing their final responsibilities and seeking the Lord’s clear direction toward East Asia.
  9. MOBILIZING FOR BUDDHIST MINISTRY. Praise God for Alex Smith mobilizing in Brazil this week and training believers to become effective advocates for ministry among East Asia’s Buddhists.
  10. PARTNER DEVELOPMENT. Pray for families building their partnership networks and working toward 100 percent commitments. God has called new workers like Mark and Rebecca Phillips to northeast Thailand to join the team focused on the unreached Isaan people.
  11. COUNSELING MINISTRIES. Pray for gifted counselors like Mary Haag serving Cambodia’s people. Lift up those who need restoration from trauma. Pray for Cambodian believers enrolled in counseling training led by Mary and others.
  12. MEMBER CARE. Pray for those who support the well-being of missionaries and their children. May these gifted staff have God’s wisdom and ability in caring for others. Pray for the physical, emotional and spiritual health of missionaries going through stress and crises.  
  13. RESPONSIVE COMMITMENTS. Pray for Becca Lufkin and other OMF mobilizers finishing their final day talking with students at Moody Bible Institute’s missions conference in Chicago. May God build long-term relationships that lead to further partnership.
  14. NEW SCHOOL YEAR. Pray for Daniel and Song Kim who are teaching at Chiang Mai Theological Seminary in Thailand. They challenge the students to passionately envision new churches planted among Thai Buddhists.
  15. MISSIONS CAMP. Pray for staff hosting a missions camp in Hong Kong. Pray that the attendees will be challenged to take the next steps in their response to the Holy Spirit’s prompting.
  16. STARK CONTRAST. A couple beginning their home assignment shared this insight: “While we lived in Thailand, we always felt a heavy weight of oppression from the enemy. We noticed that weight was lifted as soon as we stepped off the plane in Los Angeles. Pray for the salvation of Thailand and that the dark forces would be defeated.”
  17. COMPELLING COMMUNICATION. In late September, OMF communications staff gathered in Singapore for an international consultation, sharing insights about how to tell stories of God at work among East Asians. Pray for these talented communicators seeking to motivate believers toward greater prayer and stewardship.
  18. CHINESE MISSIONS CONVENTION. Begin praying now for strong networking partnerships and long-term fruitfulness as a team of OMF (U.S.) mobilizers prepare for the Chinese Missions Convention South to be held in Houston from December 26 to 29.
  19. VOLUNTEER MINISTRIES. Join the Bridge Asia OMF (U.S.) team in praying that God would raise up additional volunteers to serve as mission mentors, medical personnel and in other roles.
  20. BOARD MEETING. The OMF (U.S.) Board of Trustees will conduct their annual meeting on October 19-20. Pray for clear guidance and direction as the board members meet together praying for discernment toward God’s plan and purpose for OMF moving forward. Pray also for wisdom for them as they evaluate the proposed 2019 budget.
  21. SINGLE FOCUS. Pray for three single young adults who are seriously considering serving among unreached people groups of Thailand or elsewhere in Southeast Asia. Pray that God would give them clear direction. All three are considering short-term trips next year to explore possible ministry opportunities.
  22. MY SUPERHERO. Pray for a youth camp focused on migrant children, built around the theme, “My Superhero.” May each child clearly understand the gospel and receive Christ as personal Savior.
  23. DENVER TEAM. Please pray for the OMF (U.S.) budget planning process for the new year, and thank God for faithful donors, both new and old. Pray for the continuous transitioning with technology consultants and related needs.
  24. UNCERTAIN TIMES. As missionaries hold out the hope of Jesus in these uncertain times, pray that hearts would be open to him. Pray that many will seek eternal truth and peace and that God will meet them in their searching.
  25. SERVE ASIA FOLLOW-UP. Praise God that the Serve Asia staff is building long-term relationships with 67 people who participated in ministry experiences across East Asia this year. Pray for long-term engagement however God may direct each one.
  26. STRATEGIC RECRUITING. For the past several years, OMF mobilizers have found excellent networking contacts at the International Conference on Missions. Pray for the team as they coordinate final details for the event in Cincinnati, Ohio, from November 15 to 18.
  27. LATIN AMERICANS. God has continued to bless OMF’s vision of recruiting more Latin Americans for East Asian ministry. Pray for the growing team exploring a wide variety of mobilization and partnership avenues. Pray for efforts toward translating resources into Spanish.
  28. PRAYERWALKING JOURNEY. Continue praying for long-term impact resulting from a recent prayer-walking journey that covered an entire East Asian nation from north to south. Ask God for more workers willing to serve the vast unreached majority who do not know Christ as Savior. May God open up new opportunities for missional business.
  29. THE TASK UNFINISHED FUNDING. A strategic OMF mobilization theme has been challenging friends to partner in The Task Unfinished. Join in prayer for God’s provision of financial support needed for these ministries through generous year-end giving.
  30. HALLOWEEN EVANGELISM. Holiday celebra­tions afford an opportunity for Christians to evange­lize in new, creative ways. As Halloween approach­es, pray for the OMF workers who are distributing evangelism tracts in Japan. Pray that the tracts fall into welcoming hands and that they would lead to spiritual conversations.
  31. AFFIRMING INTERCESSION. Thank God for people called to pray. A missionary recently encouraged his prayer partners, reminding them how their role is “just as important” as those going on short-term mission trips. Ask God to raise up scores of additional people who believe in the power of prayer.

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