Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. –Psalm 118:1

  1. GOD’S FAITHFULNESS. Thank and praise God for his love, mercy and grace which endure forever and extend to every nation, tribe and people through all generations. His faithfulness is overwhelming.
  2. MINISTRY WITH MIGRANTS. Pray for thousands of Burmese migrant workers who have left their country in search of work. Pray for those seeking to share Christ with these workers. Ask God to grant Christians the wisdom and opportunity to enter into meaningful relationships.
  3. MAKING DISCIPLES. Pray for workers who participated in a three-day forum devoted to “Making Disciples throughout Cambodia and Beyond.” Pray that the missionaries would fully implement their training, be encouraged and spurred further in effective disciple-making.
  4. IDOP. Today and next Sunday (Nov. 11) are the International Days of Prayer (IDOP) for the Persecuted Church. Reflecting on Hebrews 13:3, we remember “those who are mistreated as if were suffering.” Pray for communities throughout East Asia to be strengthened in hope and faith as they face persecution for their commitment to Christ.
  5. RESTORED HEALTH. Pray that God would continue to grow and protect the OMF (U.S.) Prayer Mobilization Team. One member of the team has been very sick for several months. Pray for a physical, emotional and spiritual hedge of protection upon the team and pray for cohesive unity as they continue to grow.
  6. ELECTION DAY. Today Americans will go to the polls to elect their representative in Congress and other offices. Pray for believers taking time to vote, that they will seek God’s wisdom for our nation needing revival and spiritual empowerment.
  7. CLEAR GUIDANCE. Pray for a young man who is exploring long-term service in Southeast Asia. Pray that God would confirm this calling and that he would be connected to the right people to mentor him and answer his questions.
  8. MEDICAL MINISTRIES. Pray for mobilizers Neil Thompson and David Narita presenting workshops at the Global Missions Health Conference from November 8 to 10 in Louisville, Kentucky. Pray that good contacts will have lasting results.  
  9. MEANINGFUL CONVERSATIONS. Praise God for multiple opportunities given to a missionary couple as they explore life-changing conversations with their friends from an unreached people group. Many stimulating questions lead to follow-up, drawing directly to the gospel.
  10. MORE WORKERS. Praise God that 13 applicants are in place to participate in the next OMF Candidate Course. Pray for these gifted people during their training, November 10 to 17, in Denver. Pray for them seeking the Lord’s clear direction toward ministry with East Asians.
  11. VETERANS DAY. Pray for Christians serving within military units in an East Asian nation. Some face pressure from their military leaders who feel that believers cause disruption and disunity. Pray that God would encourage the believers to continue following Christ wholeheartedly.
  12. SPIRITUAL GROWTH. Pray for Christians in Northeast Thailand to put into practice what they have learned these past months about evangelism and follow-up. Pray that more cell groups would emerge and more people will hear the gospel. Pray for the Lord’s protection for Christians when they face opposition or confront heresies from cults.
  13. ONE THOUSAND DOWNLOADS. When Christian workers cannot directly minister to people in restricted areas, creative thinking is needed. Thank God for 1,000 downloads of the Bible in a local language. Pray for the couple developing the website that makes these digital Bibles available, that they know God’s wisdom as they interact with online readers.
  14. STRATEGIC RECRUITING. For the past several years, OMF mobilizers have found excellent networking contacts at the International Conference on Missions. Pray for the team as they talk with scores of attendees in Cincinnati, Ohio, from November 15 to 18.
  15. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. Home Medical Advisors are physicians who volunteer to provide counsel to missionaries on home assignment in preparation for their healthy return to the field. Ask the Lord to send three new medical advisors to join the Bridge Asia volunteer ministry.
  16. GLOBAL DIASPORA. Join OMF Diaspora ministries praising God for nearly 200 intercessors who participated in their recent “25 Days of Prayer” campaign. The prayer series drew attention to East Asians living outside their home countries. Thank God for united prayer.
  17. EARTHQUAKE RECOVERY. OMF missionaries in Japan give thanks for protection and the emotional support they experienced in the wake of the heavy earthquake in early September. Together with their colleagues, missionaries continue to reach out to the Japanese people in different ways. Pray for the Lord’s blessing on a variety of evangelistic endeavors.
  18. BLOG IMPACT. Every week, the OMF (U.S.) Communications Team releases new content on the website, challenging readers to become more engaged in ministry with East Asians. Pray that articles on a wide variety of topics will directly impact friends toward greater prayer, generosity and direct ministry opportunities.
  19. CHINESE MISSIONS CONVENTION. Continue praying now for strong networking partnerships and long-term fruitfulness as a team of OMF (U.S.) mobilizers prepare for the Chinese Missions Convention South to be held December 26-29 in Houston, Texas.
  20. PARTNER DEVELOPMENT. Pray for families building their partnership networks and working toward 100 percent commitments. God has called people like Michael and Naomi Woo to mobilize more workers eager to serve East Asians. Pray for Michael and Naomi as they develop their new roles and trust God for full support.
  21. WANTED: PRAYER GROUP LEADERS. The OMF (U.S.) Prayer Mobilization Team is training and coaching prospective prayer group leaders and prayer mobilizers. OMF wants to see the number of prayer groups in the U.S. grow and has the capacity to train more prayer mobilizers. Please pray for this ministry to be fruitful and for increased intercession for God’s work in East Asia and around the world
  22. THANKSGIVING DAY. Today, Americans take time to thank God and reflect on his grace. Take a moment to praise God for his abundant blessing throughout much of East Asia. We thank him for all that is past and trust him for all that’s to come.
  23. NOMADIC HERDERS. Lift up nomadic herders in Mongolia who come to Christ but are still tempted to seek evil spirits and fortune tellers for spiritual guidance. Pray that whole nomadic families turn to Christ and form thriving communities of worship.
  24. NATIONAL LEADERSHIP TEAM. The ministry of OMF (U.S.) is guided by a gifted leadership team. Please pray for these Vice Presidents during their very busy year-end season: Barry Potter (Personnel); Sue Brage (Communications and Development); Peggy Bopp (Finance and Administration); Rodney Pennington (Mobilization). Pray as they prepare to welcome James and Lisa Dougherty as OMF (U.S.) National Directors in the new year.
  25. SHAN LEADERS. The Shan people of Myanmar, Thailand and China are predominantly Buddhist. Christian workers, near-culture believers, and most importantly Shan evangelists and church leaders are key to building the kingdom of God among the Shan. Pray that God would provide training, anointing by his Spirit and protection from pride and spiritual attack as they minister.
  26. SERVE ASIA. Praise God that Serve Asia mobilizers from around the world recently gathered in Singapore for training, vision-casting and coordination. Pray that God will empower many more applicants to consider short-term service in the year ahead.
  27. GIVING TUESDAY. On the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, thousands of donors give to causes they believe in. Join in prayer for God’s provision of financial support needed for OMF missionaries and The Task Unfinished Fund through generous year-end giving.
  28. URBANA PREP. The week after Christmas, December 27-31, OMF mobilizers will participate in InterVarsity’s Urbana Student Missions Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. More than 16,000 students are expected to attend. Pray for Brian Lee as he leads the Mobilization Team in preparing for this large event, which is held every three years.
  29. SPIRITUAL BATTLE. Pray that field workers will regularly bolster their spiritual armor and not underestimate or overlook the devil’s schemes. Sometimes the battle is not evident until the enemy has had a foothold for some time. Pray that they will resist the Evil One, standing firm in faith.
  30. PRAYER FOCUS. A new role, Prayer Strategy Coordinator, is being developed. The person in this position will identify unengaged, unreached people groups and shine a light on them through prayer. Pray for God’s leading and blessing as we work to encourage and mobilize intercession through this role.

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