After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language. –Revelation 7:9

  1. JOURNEY TO LONG-TERM MISSIONS. In light of Jesus’ call to go and make disciples, we need to expect that those pursuing long-term missions will encounter obstacles. But God is able to help his children overcome any challenge. Pray that those considering long-term missions would encounter God’s strength and guidance throughout their journey.
  2. HUDSON TAYLOR MOVIE. To most effectively honor God, Hudson Taylor’s legacy and the Chinese culture, the Hudson Taylor film’s project leadership has re-aligned priorities to focus on the documentary media for now.  The feature film has been placed on hold at this time.  Pray for the development of the documentary and similar media designed to bring Taylor’s story to a new generation.
  3. TEACHING ENGLISH. Pray for Maddie, a Serve Asia worker heading to Southeast Asia to teach English this month. Pray for a good transition and for spiritual conversations with her students.
  4. TEACHERS. In the Snuol district of Cambodia, OMF is sponsoring primary school teachers in several remote and underdeveloped villages that need teachers. Pray that OMF’s investment in the community demonstrates God’s love and opens doors for the gospel. Ask God to provide for the schools’ needs, that Cambodian children would be well-equipped to lead their communities.
  5. NEW FAITH. On Easter Sunday, Nan, a new Chinese believer who came to Christ through OMF’s diaspora ministry, was baptized. She had never been to a Christian church, but the warm welcome and message of a living Savior kept her coming back for more. Pray for the faith of Nan and other Chinese returnees like her to remain steadfast as they go back to China.
  6. CHRISTIAN WEDDING. Down in a valley where previously no believers existed, the first ever Christian wedding recently took place in a certain area of East Asia. The bride and groom committed themselves to God and one another as hundreds of guests from surrounding unreached people groups watched. Praise God for his work, and pray that many more Christian weddings would follow.
  7. GOOD ATTENDANCE. It’s looking like we may have 15 promising long-term candidates attending U.S. Candidate and Orientation Course June 9-16. Pray for their joy and diligence as they turn in application papers and that our team would communicate well and be sensitive to God’s leading in their lives.
  8. THE DPRK. “The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him” (Lam. 3:25). Pray for more people in the DPRK (North Korea) to seek Creator God, and pray that he will show his goodness to those there who now trust in him.
  9. ELDERLY NORTH KOREANS. The average life expectancy of DPRK men and women is 66 years and 72 years, respectively. Elderly people now comprise over eight percent of the total population (World Health Organization, 2018). When North Korean men and women come to the end of their lives, pray they may find inner strength and peace in God.
  10. BAD OMENS. Yi, an older man of the Bouyei minority in China, consulted a fortune teller about the two bad omens he had seen. The clairvoyant told him that his family was indeed in danger. When Mr. Yi called his daughter-in-law, she told him they didn’t need to be afraid because Jesus could protect them. Pray for more Bouyei people to discover the power and love of Jesus.
  11. LANGUAGE PROGRAM. One OMF couple recently completed their two-year language program, which culminated in oral exams, written reports and cultural adjustment interviews. Praise God for enabling their success. Pray that as they start life in their new ministry location, they would use their newfound language skills to share God’s love with their community.
  12. SHORT-TERM IN JAPAN. Many long-term missionaries have previously served as short-term workers. Now Susan Driscoll has the opportunity to help coordinate these short-term experiences for the OMF Japan field. Pray for Susan as she transitions to this role, and for more workers to come help with child care, sports outreach, gospel choir, teaching English and more in Japan.
  13. MOTHER’S DAY. Today we praise God for women around the world who have invested their lives in the next generation. Pray for God’s blessing over women who are leaving a spiritual legacy to their children, friends and neighbors in East Asia.
  14. SPORTS EVENT OUTREACH. Lift up the committee that is planning evangelistic outreach at the Rugby World Cup in Japan in 2019 and the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Pray that Japanese Christians will desire to seize the opportunity to impact their nation during these major events.
  15. FACEBOOK EVANGELISM. Praise God for the popularity of “Seisho no Kotoba” or “Bible Word,” a Facebook page managed in part by OMF workers. It’s the second most popular Christian Facebook page in the Japanese language. Pray for the page to increase in popularity among Japanese visitors and that it would be an effective tool in reaching Japanese for Christ.
  16. BRUNEI MALAY. Joshua Project reports that the Brunei Malay people are just 0.05 percent Christian and predominantly adhere to Islam. In a country of rich material resources, pray that the Brunei Malay people would also know spiritual prosperity.
  17. BURMESE CHURCH. A Christian in Myanmar notes that established churches that don’t prioritize evangelism often start blending into society instead of transforming it. Pray for churches in Myanmar to be revived by God’s word and biblical teaching so they can have an influence in surrounding Buddhist communities.
  18. SAVIOR OR POP STAR? When asked by students about her hero, a Christian teacher in Vietnam explained who Jesus was. Out of the 30 kids, 29 had never heard of him and wondered if “Jesus” was the name of a Korean pop star. Pray that families in Vietnam would hear, recognize and believe in the name of Jesus.
  19. CHILDREN’S CLUB. Lift up the Happy Children’s Club in the Philippines, which ministers to many children from broken families in the community. At the children’s club, kids have a safe place to play where people love them and tell them about Jesus. Pray that the club leads children to know Christ and follow him.
  20. ROOF FOR BASKETBALL COURT. Ask God to provide the remainder of funds for the basketball court that helps facilitate a basketball ministry in the Philippines. God has provided funds for the court, but without a roof, the daily rain gets in the way of activities. Pray for the last amount to come in so the job can be completed.
  21. COMIC BOOK. OMF missionary Jennifer McCracken created a comic book designed to lead into spiritual conversations with non-Christians in Taiwan. One team member has been using the book to start conversations with young men in the community. Pray for wisdom in how to best utilize this creative tool and for God’s Spirit to move through it in powerful ways.
  22. NEW BELIEVER. Pray for Val, a masseuse in Taiwan who was recently baptized. She is the only Christian in her family and works long hours, making it difficult for her to attend church and study the Bible. Pray that mature believers in her church will help her grow in her faith and that Val would be a witness to her family and co-workers.
  23. FINANCIAL STRUGGLES. Debt is rampant across Isaan (North Thailand), with gambling following close behind. Young people borrow money for big purchases, and family wage earners bear a heavy burden as they’re expected to look after their elders. Ask God to set entire families free from the cycle of debt.
  24. MENTAL HEALTH. OMF wants to see workers thrive in their ministry roles, which means equipping them with needed resources. OMF’s Mental Health Fund exists to support missionaries who are seeking healing and restoration through counseling they couldn’t otherwise afford. Pray that OMF workers would prioritize their mental health and take advantage of the help that’s available.
  25. VOLUNTEER MINISTRY. Praise God for the ways he has grown OMF’s Bridge Asia ministry already this year. By the end of March, we had 88 total volunteers. Pray that God brings more volunteers to our ranks to fill roles at our Littleton office and in our Serve Asia ministry.
  26. NEXT GENERATION LEADERS. An OMF worker is helping to train up the next generation of missions leaders in a certain area of East Asia where Christians can experience persecution and ostracism. Pray for this teacher and his young students as they learn to live out their callings in challenging places.
  27. RETIREE CARE. OMF is blessed with faithful servants of God who still desire to make Jesus known in retirement. Pray that OMF retirees would feel cared for in their later years and that God would provide for them through resources like the Lammermuir Fund, which supports OMF retirees.
  28. FINANCE TEAM. This is the time of year when the OMF (U.S.) finance team gets a chance to breathe after completing budget, year-end and audit processes. Pray for their refreshment in this season.
  29. PROGRAM COORDINATOR. Pray for Travis Judkins, currently developing prayer and financial partnerships to enable his to join Serve Asia as a Program Coordinator. His role is crucial to seeing short-term workers take the next step in their missions journeys before, during and after their trip.
  30. THAI DIASPORA. A missionary couple who served many years in Thailand is now seeking to begin a ministry with Thai people in the Los Angeles area. Over 80,000 Thai live there, the largest population of Thai outside Asia. Pray for God to direct this couple to the right place and people to help establish this ministry. Pray also for his financial provision.
  31. MEDICAL ISSUES. An OMF missionary has come back to the U.S. with an acute medical problem.  Please pray that the doctors can figure out what is wrong and for full healing for him so he can quickly return to his family and ministry in Asia. Please also pray for our other missionaries who are struggling with their health.

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