Rejoice always, pray continually. –1 Thessalonians 5:16-17

  1. THE LIVING WORD. Thank God for eyes that see and ears that hear his voice, finding Jesus at work in every circumstance. Pray that we look for God, listen to him, becoming more like him as we obey his call on our lives.
  2. COUNSELING COURSE. Pray for Cambodian students taking training in counseling and pastoral care. Pray they would absorb what they need to know, gaining skill in listening and dealing with their own emotional issues. Pray that God will shape them into instruments of his love in the lives of others.
  3. MULTIPLIED GROWTH. A worker in Southeast Asia requests prayer that missionaries would be empowered in ministry with nearby existing churches, stimulating them to begin new church planting initiatives in their surrounding Buddhist communities.
  4. RENEWED ENGAGEMENT. On this Independence Day, pray for revival among believers. May God move our hearts toward greater passion as we respond to The Task Unfinished. May God raise up more workers, partners, mobilizers and intercessors, eager to advance his love among East Asians.
  5. LONG-TERM RESULTS. Pray for a church vision trip to a country in Southeast Asia with one of the pastors and his family during the last two weeks of July. This couple are strongly considering serving long-term with OMF in that region.
  6. STUDENTS IN PRISON. Pray for a group of 46 prisoners taking Theological Education by Extension courses. Praise God that 18 participants are ready to be baptized. Pray that this TEE prison ministry may continue through God’s sustaining grace within this difficult and remote setting.
  7. ANSWERED PRAYER. Praise God for his clear direction in the appointment of James and Lisa Dougherty who will be leading OMF (U.S.) as next President/National Director. Lift up James and Lisa as they step into this new role and for transition moving from Singapore.
  8. JUST STARTING OUT. Pray for a couple with two preschool boys as they begin their service in Asia and focus on language learning. May God provide them with sustained vision and adjustments moving forward as they seek opportunities in urban ministry.
  9. LINK ASIA TEAMS. A church partnership team with three volunteers and possibly three pastors is conducting exploratory vision and prayer journeys to minority peoples in East Asia. Pray that these trips will lead to significant, ongoing connections between U.S. churches and these unreached people groups.
  10. SIXTH GENERATION. Recently a Chinese seminary student shared his testimony, thanking God as a 6th generation Christian and documenting a legacy of believers first impacted by China Inland Mission (CIM) missionary Dixon Hoste. Thank God for his faithfulness through many decades, illustrating lasting fruitfulness.
  11. FREQUENT FLYER MILES. Summer is packed with travel. One couple shares an example: “We would appreciate your prayer as [my husband] travels from Malaysia to Yunnan to Korea. I join him in Kunming for meetings and a retreat with our members there. Next, I fly to Thailand while he heads to Seoul. I join him there at the end of the week. We finally return to our home base and hope to stay put.” Pray for safe travels and rest for them.
  12. URBAN CHINESE. The urban Chinese church, filled with both professionals and blue-collar migrant workers, is still relatively small. Although churches are growing in places, only about two to three percent of the urban population know Christ. Church leaders are eager to grow and keep teaching these young congregations. Pray that they may be equipped by the Lord.
  13. DIASPORA TRAINING. OMF teams serving among the Asian Diaspora work all across the U.S. Pray for follow-up opportunities with 15 participants who attended a training retreat to prepare them for ministry in their home countries, advancing the gospel.
  14. THE BAI. Pray that the Bai of Yunnan would have opportunities to know of Christ and that his name would be exalted among them.
  15. JAPAN. Pray for God’s continued work within each participant who traveled in northern Japan last month. May these Serve Asia alumni look for fruitful ways to mobilize friends to pray.
  16. FINANCE TEAM. Pray for the OMF (U.S.) finance team as they prepare for the next budgeting season. Pray also for the technology staff as they respond to many requests for help.
  17. NEW WORKERS. Pray for the team of new appointees approved at the recent Candidate Course. May God equip them with strong faith and may they seek his provision for supporters.
  18. STUDENT MINISTRY. While ministry among students in Myanmar previously was highly restricted, recently colleges have become more accessible. Although ministry on campus is still not possible, there are now a number of Bible study groups meeting off campus. More staff workers and volunteers are needed, as well as materials for inductive Bible study. Pray for students in Myanmar—that they will get to know Jesus as Savior.
  19. CROSS-CULTURAL PARTNERSHIPS. The OMF Philippine Home Council sends Filipinos to serve across East Asia as well as cross-culturally within the Philippines. This council partners with Filipino churches creating awareness of the needs in East Asia and facilitating involvement in mission. Give thanks for a steady number of workers sent from the Philippines to serve locally, as well as in other parts of Asia.
  20. MEDICAL MINISTRIES. Pray for a medical couple in Seattle as they prepare to work at Mercy Medical Center (Phnom Penh, Cambodia) as Serve Asia participants. She is a fourth-year resident in surgery; he is a resident in internal medicine. A retired surgeon will join them there for the month. Pray for good health and a positive experience as they seriously consider long-term service.
  21. REGIONAL MINISTRIES. Regional Mobilization Manager is the newest role on the Mobilization/Advocacy team. Pray for Regional Mobilizers in strategic U.S. cities who provide on-site representation. Presently we have mobilizers serving Houston, Chicago and York/Lancaster (PA) areas. Pray that God would raise up more representatives across the country.
  22. EAGER TO LAUNCH. Pray for five families trusting the Lord for 100 percent partnership support. When that is fully reached, each will be cleared to attend the November new worker orientation training in Singapore. Pray that God provides for every need, affirming their faith moving forward.
  23. HARTS OF THE WORLD. Pray for the Home Assignment Reunion and Training (HART) in Denver beginning today. Uphold the “HARTS of the World Kids Track” for missionary children whose parents are attending this week. Teaching, crafts, activities, games and outings are all part of this third-culture kid (TCK) program. Pray that the children might process their cross-cultural experience and transition well during changes.
  24. PRAYER-WALKING. Thank God for opportunities to bless millions of Vietnamese people as a prayer-walking team prepares for their September tour. May God enthuse their hearts and prepare their minds for on-the-ground intercession in both northern and southern parts of the nation.
  25. GOD AT WORK. Praise God for ministry among Thai immigrants working in South Korea fellowshipping within a vibrant church. A young Thai woman shared how the gospel changed her life. She began reading the Bible seriously which helped her grow spiritually. She declared that God had answered all her prayers! Rejoice in this powerful testimony.
  26. SUPPORTING INTERCESSION. God continues to bless the OMF (U.S.) Prayer Mobilization team with opportunities to encourage, enable and equip intercessors praying for East Asia. Pray for God’s favor as he grows this team in unity and focus. May he add to their number more staff and active volunteers.
  27. FACING CHANGES. Many cross-cultural workers are in transition. Some are returning to their home countries for a time, and deputies will take over their roles. Some are retiring or returning to care for parents. Pray for good succession processes.
  28. WHERE ARE THE ROHINGYA? Pray for God’s grace and mercy to be abundantly evident among the thousands of Roghingya refugees. Formerly of Myanmar, the vast majority are beginning new lives in countries all around the world. Pray for concerned friends advocating on their behalf.
  29. NATIONAL CONFERENCE. After months of anticipation, the OMF (U.S.) National Conference in Denver ends today. Pray that participants would reflect on God’s empowerment and return to their ministries with renewed faith and greater vision for ministry with East Asia’s millions.
  30. VISION TRIP. Pray for a movement to Christ among an unreached people group in Southeast Asia. Pray for a vision trip scheduled there for later this year. Ask God to lead the right people to the team, for the team to meet people of peace and for him to send long-term workers to plant reproducing churches among the people there.
  31. OMF PRAYER APP. Pray that God would continue prompting more people to access a wide variety of resources available from the OMF Prayer App. May this interactive tool encourage hundreds of new intercessors.

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