Give thanks to the God of heaven. His love endures forever. –Psalm 136:26  

  1. PRAY FOR JAPAN. Out of a population of 125 million only 0.3 percent are evangelical Christians, making Japanese people the second largest unreached people group in the world. Pray with us for spiritual breakthrough in Japan leading to vibrant churches where individuals, families and communities are transformed by God’s love.
  2. NEW SECTOR LEADERS. Pray for Tim and Susan Driscoll as Tim moves into the role of Sector Leader for the greater Tokyo area. They will be overseeing missionaries, giving training, support, direction and encouragement. They will also be networking with Japanese pastors and other mission groups in order to see how they can have a greater impact in reaching Japan with the gospel.
  3. BAPTISM. On average, less than half of the churches in Japan baptize people in a calendar year. Ask God to ignite a passion in Japanese churches for seeking and saving the lost. Pray for Japanese church growth, both in numbers and biblical maturity, in 2018.
  4. SERVE ASIA. Pray for U.S. Serve Asia Manager Matt Whitacre and the rest of the international Serve Asia Committee as they meet February 5–9. Lift them up as they discuss leadership roles for 2018 and prepare for a Serve Asia conference in October.
  5. ENGLISH OPPORTUNITIES. The U.S. Serve Asia team is looking for churches to fill English teaching opportunities in China and Taiwan this summer. Pray for churches to get connected with these opportunities and mobilize their congregations to go. Pray also for their applications to be submitted by March.
  6. ROHINGYA MUSLIMS. Lift up 650,000 displaced Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh as they face the possibility of gradual repatriation to Myanmar. Pray that government officials would advocate for their safety, security and dignity throughout the process. Ask God to bless the Rohingya and cover them with his protection.
  7. BASKETBALL MINISTRY. A basketball ministry in the Philippines has begun building its new ministry center, but $360,000 is still needed to complete the project. Right now the basketball court is half-finished. Ask God to provide for this ministry, that there would be space to welcome more people from the community to this Christ-centered outreach.
  8. MARTIAL LAW. In December, the Philippines government declared that martial law will continue on the southern island of Mindanao through the end of 2018. Pray for God’s peace to move through the Philippines and that the local church will share the hope of Christ with those seeking comfort and refuge.
  9. A PRINCIPAL’S REQUEST. The principal of a local junior high school in Taiwan has asked an OMF couple if they would like to teach a special English curriculum geared toward teaching students how to promote their local produce to tourists. Praise God for this opportunity. Pray that regardless of their decision, this couple would have sustained good relationships with the school’s staff to enable effective ministry in the community.
  10. MORE WORKERS. A total of six potential candidates are on track to attend the June Candidate and Orientation Course, which is half the number of people we expect in the pipeline by now. Please pray for hindrances to be removed so that those God is calling will take the next step to begin application with OMF.
  11. RELOCATION. Construction on a canal in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, will result in 500 families being relocated from the slums to temporary housing provided by the government. Some of these residents are members of a local church. Pray for God’s provision for all families involved and that this challenging time will open opportunities for believers to share the gospel and extend love to their community.
  12. BRAO PEOPLE. There were no believers among the Brao people group of Cambodia in the early 1990s, but now 500 out of 40,000 Brao follow Christ. House church leaders and Bible training are still urgently needed among the Brao. Ask God to raise up more mentors for the Brao church, that it would grow in maturity and knowledge of God’s word.
  13. CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES. In China, mainstream schools are required by law to admit children with disabilities, but other barriers exist that limit the education they can receive. Over one-third of children with disabilities from age 6 to 17 drop out of school. Pray that children with disabilities in China would know they are deeply loved by God, and that they would receive the care and attention they need.
  14. NGO REGULATIONS. Since new NGO regulations went into effect in January 2017, the number of foreign NGOs in China dropped from over 7,000 to just over 200 to date. Ask God to provide avenues for Christian organizations to serve the Chinese people while respecting the government’s restrictions.
  15. THE ELDERLY. In China, many rural churches lack pastors and their congregations are aging. Many of the elderly live far away from their children, who have gone to work in the cities. Ask God to send urban Christians to visit these elderly believers on a regular basis to provide them with emotional support, social and health care services.
  16. MIRACULOUS RECOVERY. One of OMF’s ministries to marginalized women in East Asia recently suffered a blow as one of its key staff members was in a near-fatal accident. Miraculously, she recovered and has joyfully returned to the ministry. Praise God for his healing work. Pray for her continued recovery and strength in the Lord.
  17. PAST INFLUENCES. An OMF diaspora ministry recently saw a student from China come to know Christ. Pray for him as he struggles to navigate the influences of communism and atheism while learning to follow the way of Jesus. Pray that he recognizes God’s power and presence in his life.
  18. THEOLOGICAL TRAINING. Many in the East Asian diaspora want to prepare theologically before returning back to their home country for ministry. Pray that many more East Asians will be able to access theological training that will equip them for missions and ministry.
  19. ENGLISH TEACHING. English language fluency is a coveted skill in Laos, where knowing English can open opportunities to pursue a career, seek sustainable income and improve one’s community. Access to English language education is incredibly low in Laos’s poorer communities. Pray that Christians would step in to meet the need for English teachers while sharing the love of God with those who do not know him.
  20. AID IN DPRK. According to a UNICEF report, only 25 percent of the humanitarian projects in the DPRK were sufficiently funded in 2017. Pray that North Korea’s children are able to receive the nutrition, medicine and sanitation and hygiene services they need.
  21. OPEN DOORS. People might be surprised to hear the variety of opportunities OMF offers in Southeast Asia, from creative media roles to entrepreneurial work. Ask God to raise up believers to live and serve in this region, an area of ethnic and religious diversity.
  22. PERSECUTION. In one city of 400,000 in Vietnam, the 60 or so Christians in the area have experienced harassment. Now a cult has sprung up which targets young believers and tries to pull them away from the church. Pray for God’s mighty protection over believers, that they would not fall away from faith, but be strengthened by God’s presence and grace in their lives.
  23. POLICE RAIDS. In some areas of Vietnam, police may pose as church members to spy on church activity. Recently, a church visited by police was raided. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Pray for churches in Vietnam to find peace and hope in the Lord in times of persecution and that their testimony would bring others—even their persecutors—to faith in Christ.
  24. LOCAL OUTREACH. An OMF team in Taiwan is partnering with local church outreach by sharing Bible stories at a local library, doing outdoor activities in the park on Sunday night, and visiting local business owners at their shops. Pray that God will use these interactions to draw people to himself and into discipling relationships with team members.
  25. SUPERSTITION. After leaving their clothes hanging out overnight, a missionary couple in Taiwan was approached by a neighbor who warned them about the ghosts that inhabit clothes left out after sundown. The incident was a reminder of the spiritual battles they face in Taiwan. Pray that Taiwanese people will come to know Jesus, who offers protection for our souls and comfort in our fear.
  26. REVIVAL. Last year, God used a middle-aged pastor in Thailand with an 8th grade education to plant over 90 churches in Petchabun Province—an area that few thought would see a revival. Praise God for his work, and pray for further spiritual revival in this area and throughout Thailand.
  27. SOCCER TEAM. In a community in Southeast Asia, Christian workers have been trying to start up a soccer team as a way of connecting with local families. Community members are now taking ownership of the team and investing their own resources in it. Praise God for the team’s encouraging beginnings; pray that he uses it to introduce people to the love of their Savior.
  28. MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. Christian medical professionals play an important role in bringing the gospel to East Asia’s unreached people. However, doing medical missions requires submission to God and the needs of the community, which sometimes means putting aside medicine to help in other ways. Pray that OMF would see humble, godly medical professionals entering the mission field to make Christ known in East Asia.

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