“I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.” -Luke 2:10-11 |

  1. LOVING JESUS. Thank God for the joy of communion with him in prayer as we rejoice in his provision and grace. May millions across East Asia experience that same place of forgiveness and salvation in Christ.
  2. NATIONAL DAY IN LAOS. Lift up the people of Laos today, the country’s National Day. The Bible has not yet been translated into several Lao dialects. Pray that people groups in Laos without the Bible in their own language would soon see translation efforts underway, leading to the growth of the church.
  3. PASTORS’ STRUGGLES. Many pastors in Japan struggle as they lead small churches that face financial stress and see little growth. The pastors need encouragement. Lift up these people of God, as well as their families, as they try to fight the good fight in a place where the gospel is not readily embraced.
  4. SHARING THE GOSPEL IN JAPAN. Less than one percent of Japan’s population embrace Jesus as Lord. Pray for love, patience, wisdom and creativity for Christian workers sharing the gospel message. Pray that, as they embrace Japanese cultural forms to communicate Christ’s love, it would be understandable to the Japanese people without compromising biblical integrity.
  5. U.S. STAFF DAY OF PRAYER. Today, the OMF U.S.-based staff unite for a semi-annual “Day of Prayer” that will include office staff in Denver, plus others working from their homes across the country. Pray that God would challenge and ignite their hearts toward joyous intercession.
  6. MORE WORKERS. Thank God for the new workers who were appointed for service during the November Candidate Course in Denver. Pray for them as they seek the Lord’s clear direction in next steps preparing for ministry with East Asians.
  7. RECRUITING. For the past several years, OMF mobilizers have found excellent networking contacts at the International Conference on Missions. Pray for follow-through with dozens of contacts made last month and that God would empower inquirers in their missions involvement.
  8. FOLK CATHOLICISM. Though many people assume the Philippines has been reached with the gospel, there are still thousands of unreached Folk Catholic communities throughout the country. Pray for Filipino believers to have a burden for these ar­eas. Ask God to raise up his church in every commu­nity in the Philippines.
  9. A MONTH OF OUTREACH. Churches often use the Christmas season to reach out and share the gospel with non-believing friends, families and neighbors. Lift up the many Christmas programs, parties and informal gatherings at which the good news about Jesus will be shared. Pray that many East Asians come to adore the Lord Jesus Christ this December.
  10. MISSION IN ACTION. Pray for an estimated 1,000 delegates participating in the Asian Frontiers Mission Conference in Thailand this week. Main speakers include OMF General Director Dr. Patrick Fung and missions specialist Dr. Jamie Taylor. Pray for God’s empowerment and follow-through with each decision made.
  11. LEARNING NEW SKILLS. Pray for a missionary couple who recently relocated to a different setting. They want to develop new skills and giftings. Josh is about halfway through a five-week online course on coaching language learners, and Rachel just completed a three-day life coaching course. Pray that God would grow and equip both workers and that they would be available for new ministry opportunities.
  12. CHINESE MISSIONS CONVENTION. Continue praying for strong networking partnerships and long-term fruitfulness as a team of OMF (U.S.) mobilizers prepare for the Chinese Missions Convention South to be held December 26―29 in Houston.
  13. PARTNERSHIP DEVELOPMENT. Pray for newly appointed workers as well as missionaries on home assignment as they build their partnership networks and work toward 100 percent commitments. God has called these gifted people to move forward in faith as he supplies each new ministry partner.
  14. EQUIPPING RETREATS. Pray for wisdom as diaspora ministry workers seek to build and promote models of returnee retreats for Chinese currently in North America who plan to go back to China at some point. Pray for these retreats to help Chinese Christians remain firm in their faith as they return home.
  15. NEW LEADERSHIP ROLES. Pray for James and Lisa Dougherty who have moved on from their mobilization ministry in Singapore. Pray for God’s clear direction for their family in the next months as they prepare for their new role of National Director for OMF (U.S.).
  16. SUNDAY PRAISE. On this third Sunday of Advent, bring your heart before the Lord today with offerings of praise for his great gift, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Lift up the many nations whom God is calling to himself. Pray that the hearts of all peoples would one day praise his name.
  17. CHILDREN’S EDUCATION. Thank God for the many gifted staff with a heart for missionary children’s education. Pray that tutors and coaches can listen well to parents’ needs and determine best options for meaningful education.
  18. STRONG FINISH. Pray that OMF (U.S.) will finish the year with full financial support for all members and supported staff, along with sufficient funds to meet the budget and ministry objectives the Lord has given us in 2018.
  19. MISSIONARY CARE. Missions leaders seek to lessen preventable attrition. Please pray with us for good missionary care and healthy relationships between missionaries and leaders in order to keep many workers on the field serving happily and productively.
  20. MEDICAL WORKERS. OMF has at least 100 medical workers serving East Asians. Pray that our medical ministries would be carried out with love and compassion and that patients would be drawn to the healing Christ offers for their souls. Ask God to send more medical workers into the harvest field. Pray for follow-up from last month’s Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.
  21. MISSIONAL BUSINESSES. Pray for wisdom on how to create and sustain effective missional businesses in East Asia. Such work is one of the only viable means to being a long-term gospel witness in some communities. Ask God for sufficient funds and co-workers for these businesses.
  22. LIVING WITH DEPRESSION. High levels of un-employment combined with stress related to studies, work and rising materialism have contributed to elevated rates of anxiety among young people in Cambodia. Pray for Christian mental health professionals there to minister with wisdom in trying to help young Cambodians out of this darkness.
  23. THE SAVIOR. On this final Sunday before Christmas, reflect on the good news of the Savior’s birth. “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth” (John 1:14). Praise God for the gift of a perfect Savior! As you celebrate joy in Christ, pray that all the people of East Asia would one day know the joy of salvation.
  24. CHRISTMAS IN KOREA. Christmas is celebrated in South Korea and is a national holiday, but it is not recognized in the North (DPRK). December 24 is the birthday of Kim Jong-Suk, the mother of deceased Kim Jong-Il, and people remember that. Pray that Christians in the DPRK find creative ways to remember Jesus Christ and his coming to the world.
  25. CHRISTMAS DAY. “She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins” (Matt. 1:21). Praise God for sending Jesus, who has saved his people. Pray that East Asians would claim the gift of redemption that Christ freely offers to them.
  26. JOYFUL GRACE. During the Christmas holiday, many workers are separated by long distance from close family. Pray that God gives an extra measure of grace and joy to them in the midst of challenging times.
  27. STAFFING NEEDS. Serving and supporting field missionaries requires many gifted people filling critical roles. Pray for two open positions in Thailand: an administration manager and qualified guest home managers, both needed by summer 2019.
  28. YEAR-END PROCESS. The finance team has begun the year-end closing process and preparation for the annual audit. Pray that all will run smoothly and that the finance team can find rest in Jesus during the new year.
  29. URBANA CONVERSATIONS. The InterVarsity Urbana missions conference in St. Louis, Missouri, is well underway. Pray for the team of OMF mobilizers connecting with scores of college students. More than 16,000 students are expected to attend the convention. Pray that God draws students to ministry among East Asia’s unreached peoples.
  30. SEEKING GOD’S WISDOM. As ministry dynamics change rapidly in some areas of East Asia, pray that each field director would have adequate time to reflect, listen and respond to the Holy Spirit for direction in the year ahead.
  31. LOOKING BACK. Pause and thank God for the faithfulness, mercy, grace and love he has shown you this past year. As people around the world reflect on the past and look to the future, pray that East Asia’s peoples would renew their search for truth and in doing so, discover the outstretched arms of their Creator.

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