May the peoples praise you, God; may all the peoples praise you. –Psalm 67:3

  1. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Thank God that, as workers continually look to him for renewed empowerment, they are enabled to live with compassion, show kindness, walk in humility, be gentle and patient as God’s chosen people.
  2. AMAZING GROWTH. During the past 25 years, God has blessed the growing church movement among the 500 Brao/ Krung of Cambodia. Believers in 20 villages meet to worship God. Brao/Krung alphabets have been developed and people have been taught to read and write. The New Testament is translated in Krung and well underway in Brao. Praise God for his grace among these people.
  3. NOT ONE BUT TWO. Some workers need to learn two difficult languages in order to reach certain groups of peoplefirst, the national language and second, a minority language. Pray for faithfulness, diligence and reliance on the Lord as new workers seek to become effective communicators.
  4. LANGUAGE AND CULTURE. Pray for two new missionaries who are beginning classes and adjusting to life and learning in Japan. Two others are finishing their formal language study. Pray that non-Christians friends attending their graduation ceremony would be touched by God’s love and truth.
  5. MORE WORKERS. Join a couple in Southeast Asia praying for more workers. Pray that God would grow the team which is seeking to reach 100,000 students in their immediate area.
  6. THIRTEEN APPOINTED. Praise God that all 13 candidates were approved during the June Candidate Course. Pray for them now as new appointees seeking the Lord’s provision through partnership development.
  7. MISSION KOREA. Praise God for opportunities to promote mission engagement among South Koreans. Their “Urbana-like” missions conference is underway, August 6-10. Pray for OMF mobilizers serving at this strategic event.
  8. MEN’S MINISTRY. Pray for follow-up with men who participated in an equipping conference in Thailand. One man who attended is the only Christian in his village. Keeping one’s faith in such an environment can be difficult. Sharing one’s faith can be harder. Pray that the Holy Spirit does a mighty work so that spiritual breakthrough can happen.
  9. RECRUITMENT FOLLOW-UP. Summer is a busy time for conferences, casting vision and recruiting new workers. Pray for follow-up with potential candidates coming forward through conversations at exhibit booths and workshops.
  10. THE MARGINALIZED. Pray for Christians working with different groups of marginalized people throughout East Asia. May they be encouraged as they connect with one another in order to share experiences and resources.
  11. MOUNTAIN DAY. On August 11, Japanese people celebrate and appreciate the natural beauty of mountains. Pray that God would direct their hearts to worship the one true God and Creator of the mountains.
  12. SPIRITUAL RENEWAL. Pray that God would protect, watch over and renew the hearts of any workers facing challenges or concerns. May they seek God’s grace and renewal in their lives.
  13. ATHEISTIC WORLDVIEW. Pray that an atheistic worldview would not have any grasp on students’ minds. May they seek and understand God’s ways and have the courage to depart from old ways of thinking.
  14. ONLINE OPPORTUNITIES. There are growing numbers of resources online that give Silk Road people access to books about Jesus in their own languages. Pray for workers developing these resources and that seeking hearts would discover spiritual truth.
  15. WISE DISCERNMENT. Cross-cultural workers depend on technology for all aspects of life and ministry. Pray that they might discern an appropriate balance between technology usage and secure practices.
  16. FINISHING WELL. Pray for retired missionaries to “finish well,” recognizing their value to God in remaining faithful to him. Thank God for pastoral care provided to our OMF (U.S.) retirees by JoLene Lampinen.
  17. INDEPENDENCE. Today is National Day in Indonesia, celebrating their independence from the Netherlands as declared by Indonesia on this day in 1945. As citizens proudly celebrate their freedom from foreign rule, pray that they would yearn for the spiritual freedom only found in Christ. Ask God to grow his church in Indonesia.
  18. COLLEGE DAYS. Lift up OMF TCKs (third-culture kids) starting college in America this month. The transition from life in East Asia to living on their own in a different culture, even one they are somewhat familiar with, can be difficult. Pray for the college years to be ones of deep spiritual growth and formation for them.
  19. GLOBAL PILGRIMAGE. Every year thousands of Muslims from East Asia join others in their pilgrimage to Mecca. During this five-day event, pray that God would bless seeking hearts.
  20. DENVER TEAM. Pray for good connections between the finance, IT and administration teams and the incoming OMF (U.S.) President. Pray also for team meetings following the U.S. National Conference. Pray for a redesign of the server room as equipment is updated, providing greater efficiency.
  21. BRIDGE ASIA VOLUNTEERS. Praise God for a team of 95 Bridge Asia Volunteers serving all across the nation, supporting OMF in a wide variety of strategic roles. Pray that many more would want to fill current opportunities.
  22. EID AL-ADHA. Today Muslim communities across Southeast Asia will commemorate the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. Pray that followers of Jesus in Southeast Asia would embrace opportunities of modeling God’s love and blessing among their Muslim friends.
  23. TRANSFORMATION. Recently over 25 leaders from several ethnic groups met for training. Most were not Christians a few years ago, but now they have led others to faith and started other village churches. Pray that God would multiply the work of churches planting churches and tribes reaching tribes.
  24. THAILAND PRAYER WALKING. Pray for veteran field leaders recruiting “prayer walkers” for vision trips in Thailand. May God call and empower intercessors responding to this opportunity.
  25. SERVE ASIA RETURNEES. Lift up participants who have returned to the U.S. from summer Serve Asia trips. Pray for God to use the experience in their lives to mobilize lifelong involvement in the Great Commission.
  26. OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES. Pray that God would call people to fill key personnel needs across Thailand, including posts like Mission Home Manager, Administration and Finance Manager, Serve Asia and Candidate Coordinator, Language Advisor, Director for Chiang Mai Theological Seminary and lots of church planters. Lord, send more workers!
  27. FIELD CONFERENCE. Last month, missionaries gathered in the Philippines for their conference and were encouraged to hear regional reports: new believers are being trained, witness among minority peoples is bearing fruit, effective work among urban poor is celebrated. God is glorified through setbacks and advances. Praise God that the teams are renewed and encouraged.
  28. LATE NIGHT OPPORTUNITIES. Many shop workers in Taiwan work late hours. Praise God for equipping new workers to serve within a team hosting Bible studies and worship at 10 p.m. Pray for effective discipleship and outreach.
  29. BACKPACK OUTREACH. Praise God for believers from Myanmar showing the Jesus Film in many villages. Most of the time it is shown outdoors, as the bamboo homes are often too small and flimsy to host large groups. Recently, 120 children and adults sat on a narrow concrete road with the large screen tied between poles. Those hosting the event could not find any Christ followers among those watching. Pray for effective outreach.
  30. GOD AT WORK. Please pray for a team of workers growing in unity and vision as they share Christ with a minority people group of East Asia. The team participated in a recent field conference focused on fellowship, discussion and vision-casting. The team praises God for providing new workers. Please pray for continued outreach opportunities among the people they serve.
  31. AUTUMN MOBILIZATION. Pray for God’s strengthening and guidance as the OMF (U.S.) Mobilization teams launch fall seasonal ministry with conferences challenging people to consider The Task Unfinished. Pray for hundreds of new friends willing to “pray, give and go.”

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