May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine on us—so that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations. Psalm 67:1-2

  1. PREPARATION. Home Assignment Reunion and Training began January 30 and ends February 4. Pray for the 21 adults and 8 children who will be attending, that this will be a time of encouragement and will help them prepare for a profitable time in the U.S.
  2. PRAY FOR VIETNAM. This month, intercessors across the nation are joining in prayer for Vietnam. Ask God to use this movement of prayer to impact the 73 million Vietnamese people who have yet to hear of God’s love for them. Contact to learn more about this month’s prayer initiative for Vietnam and additional prayer resources.
  3. NEW INQUIRERS. February is a busy month for the Serve Asia team as they process a couple hundred inquiries for short-term trips. Pray that inquirers will have the courage to apply and that God will fill every service opportunity.
  4. NEW WORKERS. This month, new workers are heading to Orientation Course in Singapore and to the field. Praise God for a swell of workers heading to needed areas in Southeast Asia. Pray for one family and two single adults as they finalize packing, flights and say their farewells in their final weeks before leaving for Singapore.
  5. GREATER UNITY. Lift up the Cambodian church and pray for those who are working towards greater unity within the Cambodian church at a national level. There is growing openness among more senior leaders to overcome historic differences and divisions. Ask also that God would use increased unity to further the advance of the gospel in Cambodia.
  6. SPIRITUAL DEPRESSION. For the past several months, a Chinese believer who had previously been walking strongly with the Lord has experienced a major bout of spiritual depression. Pray that the Holy Spirit will renew his power, passion, heart and may the joy of the Lord be his strength.
  7. MARRIAGES IN PERIL. The general feeling among some Chinese believers (though this is changing) is that “your family will take care of itself” and that it’s unspiritual to work on relationship skills that contribute to a healthy marriage. Pray for God to work in the hearts of Chinese husbands and wives to devote the time and effort needed to glory God in their marriage.
  8. NEW YEAR, NEW CHANGES. The new year has brought changes in the Chinese government’s policies toward foreign NGOs. Lift up foreign NGOs in China as they navigate new and sometimes stricter regulations. Pray for good working relationships with the provincial governments enforcing the new laws.
  9. SEMINARY TRAINING. At a recent Christian conference for Chinese in the U.S., several dozen attendees signed up indicating interest in seminary. Praise God for working in people’s hearts like this. And pray that they will follow through on their commitment. Seminary-trained pastors are a major need in the Chinese church.
  10. MEMBER CARE. Barry Potter, our U.S. Vice President for Personnel, will be in East Asia for a Coaching Training February 13-15. Pray that God will use this training to help our members grow in caring for each other.
  11. PUBLIC GATHERING. In December, a minority people group in Laos held its second-ever public Christmas gathering. Praise God for the 200 believers gathered together to celebrate the birth of their Savior as they sang in their own language and wore their cultural dress. Pray for many others from this group to call on Jesus as Lord.
  12. GUEST HOME. Pray for OMF (U.S.) member Beth Bradley as she begins a six-month stint managing the OMF Guest Home at OMF’s International Center in Singapore. Pray especially for good relationships with the kitchen and cleaning staff, which includes seven people from four ethnic backgrounds, speaking several different styles of English.
  13. DIFFICULT CHOICES. Lift up OMF Japan Field Director Mike McGinty as he makes decisions and leads an international team of workers in Japan. Sometimes, the choices are much longer-term in nature but with far greater consequences as he and the OMF team there consider new ministry paradigms and possible partnerships for the gospel. Pray for wisdom, guidance and discernment as these decisions are made.
  14. CHRISTIAN FESTIVAL. Churches in Myanmar are rejoicing over the response to the Yangon Love Joy Peace Festival with Franklin Graham held in November. More than 170,000 people attended the three-day event, with over 7,600 indicating decisions for Christ. Pray for the follow-up and discipleship of these new believers to bear lasting fruit.
  15. NORTH KOREA. It has been reported that North Korea is developing its nuclear missile program at an “unprecedented rate” in recent months. Pray for North Korean leaders to seek peace and govern wisely, both domestically and internationally. Ask God to intervene in DPRK leaders’ lives, that they would humble themselves before him.
  16. EFFECTIVE MENTORING. According to a long-time Christian worker in Mongolia, a Mongolian man recently became the first Mongolian with a Doctor of Ministry degree. Pray for this Mongolian believer’s research and writing on mentoring to translate into more effective mentoring, better discipling and improved leadership development in the Mongolian church.
  17. HOPE FROM RUBBLE. Despite the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013, God brought spiritual fruit from the storm’s aftermath. Some typhoon survivors became believers and are now planting churches. Pray for God to continue his mighty work as these churches form and reach out to other survivors.
  18. ON TRIAL. In December 2016, the Christian governor of Jakarta, Indonesia, stood trial for charges of blasphemy against Islam. Pray that the truth emerges in this situation. Ask God to strengthen his church in Indonesia, and to help believers love their Muslim neighbors well.
  19. INVESTIGATION. Recently, two investigators were sent 900 miles from their nation’s capital to question a Christian worker in Southeast Asia. The investigators spent the whole day with members from the worker’s team, but found no cause for suspicion. Praise God for enabling this worker to continue her ministry. Pray for protection over her team as they continue serving the local people.
  20. “TICKET TO HEAVEN.” A Muslim woman in Southeast Asia shared that the reason she wore a hijab (head covering) was because her friend’s baby had died and she wanted to ensure her own baby had a “ticket to heaven.” Pray for Muslims in Southeast Asia who believe their outward rituals will earn favor with God. Pray for God’s truth to shine among them.
  21. HANDICRAFT PROJECT. Pray for God’s direction for a handicraft project in Southeast Asia that provides work for impoverished women while teaching them about Jesus. The project needs someone fluent in English to help with international marketing of the handicrafts. Pray that God provides the staff and resources for this ministry to continue.
  22. A GREATER WITNESS. As a Taiwanese missionary struggles with language learning, he remembers advice from another worker: “Taiwanese can overlook poor language, but cannot overlook a broken family. A joyful family will bear greater witness than proficient language.” Pray for missionaries in Taiwan to shine the light of Christ through the love displayed in their families.
  23. LIFESTYLE CHOICES. When asked by Taiwanese friends about their salary, an OMF couple in Taiwan shared that they did not make a high salary, but instead earned just enough to cover their needs. The friends were impressed with the workers’ thrift. Pray that the lifestyle of Christian workers would display the love and provision of God and draw others to him.
  24. TAKING RISKS. “As we get older, we tend to seek personal convenience and complacency over new challenges and risk,” says a missionary who has been serving in Thailand for 20 years. Pray for missionaries to stay focused on the fresh work of the Holy Spirit in their ministries. Ask God to encourage and equip them for the work ahead.
  25. SHAN PEOPLE. Approximately one-tenth of one percent (0.10%) of the 6 million Shan people follow Christ. One Shan couple has heard the gospel multiple times, but they liken the Christian’s worship of Christ to their own reverence for Buddha. Pray for this Shan couple to understand the lordship of Christ and his deep love for them.
  26. PRESIDENT SUCCESSION. Michael Littlefield will continue as the OMF (U.S.) President through 2017. The President Succession Task Force has been at work for months praying, reading recommendations, evaluating possible candidates and seeking to discern God’s person for the President position. Pray that God will raise up our next leader to be in place before Michael steps down. Pray for Michael to continue as a strong, prayerful, Spirit-led leader through 2017 and for a seamless transition.
  27. DISASTER RECOVERY. Pray for the U.S. IT department as it drafts up a Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure that the OMF (U.S.) office is fully prepared for all technology challenges.
  28. DONOR PORTAL. Lift up the OMF (U.S.) finance team as it develops a new donor portal to help people more easily donate to OMF’s workers and ministries. Pray that this new system will result in greater support for God’s work in East Asia.

To download the pdf version of our Prayer Powerlines newsletter CLICK HERE.

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