“You are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.” –Matthew 1:21

  1. PRAY FOR THE ZHUANG. This month, join us in praying for the 20 million Zhuang people of Southern China. An estimated 0.5 percent of the Zhuang know Christ. Witchcraft, magic and spirit mediums are still a part of their rural lifestyles. Ask God to reveal himself to the Zhuang, that they would seek and worship him alone.
  2. YOUNG BIBLE TEACHER. Pray for a young man in Phnom Penh who is training to be a Bible teacher. He lives with his sister and her husband, both of whom are antagonistic toward the Lord. Pray that his family would come to know Christ through his testimony.
  3. YEAR-END GIFTS. Throughout the years, God has blessed OMF with strong year-end giving that has helped sustain our ministries. Ask God to bring to mind the work of OMF as people consider where to direct their giving this season. Pray that donors will experience the joy of partnership as they support God’s work in Asia.
  4. SEEKING GOD. A group of church leaders in northeast Cambodia recently met for a day of prayer to listen to God and seek his plans for the future. Ask God to lead them forward in outreach, evangelism and Bible teaching, relying on his Spirit to move.
  5. SERVING MISSIONARY KIDS. OMF highly values investment in our missionary kids (MKs). Pray for Mark and Anne who have volunteered to serve MKs at a field conference in Singapore December 9–16. Pray that the MKs in attendance would feel supported and would grow in their walks with the Lord.
  6. CHRISTMAS OUTREACH. This month, many outreaches are taking place throughout East Asia. Pray for both local and foreign Christian workers who are inviting nonbelievers to celebrations and explaining the significance of Christmas. Pray for open hearts and that God would do a mighty work in the lives of those who do not yet know the hope of Christ.
  7. NEW MISSIONARIES. Nine new missionaries were appointed at our recent Fall Candidate Course. Pray with them for good partnership opportunities resulting in strong prayer and financial support for their upcoming ministry work in East Asia. Pray also for an abundance of quality applicants in the coming year.
  8. HOLIDAY INVITATIONS. Some missionary kids in college are not able to spend Christmas with their families this year because overseas flights are too expensive. They will either spend the holidays alone or with new friends. Pray that they would sense the presence of God and that loving Christian families would invite these young adults into their homes this Christmas.
  9. BAD REPUTATION. After a young Chinese man came to faith in Christ, his girlfriend, who is not a believer, expressed concern. In China, some young people hear that religion has a bad effect on people and is a threat to society. Pray that Jacob and other Chinese youth who follow Christ would find supportive Christian community and testify to the positive changes God has made in their lives.
  10. FAMILY PRESSURES. Families in urban China face enormous pressure as parents travel constantly for work and children are immersed in a competitive academic environment from an early age. Pray for Christian families to model healthy relationships and draw others to Christ through the love they have for one another.
  11. ON THE MOVE. Of the 244 million migrants around the world today, 85 million of them are from East Asia. People are often more open to the gospel when they are in a new place. Pray that these East Asians on the move would come to know Christ through encounters with believers who share the Good News with them.
  12. LEAVING THE CHURCH. Research indicates that over 80 percent of new Christians from East Asia do not continue in the church after returning to their home countries. Pray that churches and campus ministries would connect in a unique way with returnees, that they would continue growing in the Lord.
  13. PERSECUTION. Recently, as believers from a minority people group in Southeast Asia gathered for worship, police came and tried to confiscate their Bibles. Praise God that the Christians held fast and offered prayers to the officers instead. Praise God that these believers are glorifying God in their persecution. Pray that they would remain steadfast in faith.
  14. POOR HARVEST. Farmers in the DPRK (North Korea) are seeing a poor harvest this year—so much so that the seasonal workers who usually assist farmers with the harvest are not needed this year. Pray that God would provide the sustenance that North Koreans need on both a physical and spiritual level.
  15. POLLUTION. According to the World Health Organization, polluted air in China causes thousands of deaths each day. Pray that Christians with experience in environmental health would go to China, not only to contribute solutions to this problem, but to be the light of Christ to the Chinese people.
  16. SHINTO. Shinto is a mix of ancient religions and religious rites that have been followed in Japan for thousands of years. Shintoism is less about a belief system and more about the rituals performed to revere the kami spirits. Pray that the Japanese who are searching for meaning or fulfillment would find hope in Christ.
  17. YOUTH IN CRISIS. In 2016, Japan’s cabinet released a survey from 2015 estimating that approximately 541,000 young people aged 15-39 in Japan lead severely reclusive lives. Many young people withdraw due to the overwhelming pressure to succeed. Pray that these youth would be reached by Christians who can share with them the unconditional acceptance of God.
  18. NEW RESOURCE. Translation is underway for a resource on the book of Romans in Myanmar. Many pastors are eager to have this resource. Pray for the team that is translating 18 sermons into Burmese, and for Myanmar’s pastors to grow in their knowledge of God’s word.
  19. RELIGIOUS LAWS. In January 2018 the government of Vietnam will implement a new and more restrictive religious law that will require permission for all church activities and have more severe ramifications for unregistered house churches. Pray for wisdom and God’s leading as the largest registered evangelical denomination appeals the law.
  20. VIETNAM. With a population of 94 million, Vietnam is the 14th largest country in the world. However, less than one percent of Vietnamese in the country know Christ. Pray that the gospel would spread rapidly among Vietnam’s minority groups and for greater growth of the church among the majority Vietnamese population.
  21. MEDICAL NEEDS. Some Tibetan Buddhists in Western China, Mongolia and Bhutan lack basic medical care and have to make expensive journeys to larger cities to receive help. Ask God to protect them from being overcharged for treatments, as sometimes happens. Pray that the church would come alongside Tibetans and help with their practical needs.
  22. SUPPLIES FOR REHAB CENTER. A physical therapist working for OMF at a rehab center in East Asia is looking for donated supplies that can be useful for working with children with cerebral palsy. Pray that God would provide for this center, that children can receive the full emotional, spiritual and physical care they need.
  23. CHURCH MULTIPLICATION. The Alliance of Bible Christian Communities of the Philippines has grown from 550 churches to more than 800 in four years. Their goal is to plant churches, and they do this by offering Bible training where people are already serving. Praise God for his work, and pray that even more leaders and churches would partner with the alliance’s vision.
  24. MUSLIM PEOPLES. Southeast Asia has more than 130 distinct Muslim people groups. Each group expresses Islam using its own language, traditions and culture. Pray that Christians in Southeast Asia make an effort to get to know Muslims in their communities, inviting them into their homes and sharing both joys and trials together.
  25. MERRY CHRISTMAS. Thank God today for the gift of his Son, Immanuel, “God with us.” Pray that churches and believers throughout East Asia would cherish the gift of their Savior today and invite their families and communities to share their joy in Christ.
  26. UNREACHED IN TAIWAN. In Zhongpu, Taiwan, there is only one known church in a cluster of 22 villages numbering 50,000 people. Ask God to move powerfully in this region. Pray that he would use the two OMF teams there to share the hope of Christ with those who have never heard it.
  27. NEW FAITH. Malee, the language helper of an OMF couple in Thailand, had been a Buddhist her whole life and seemed disinterested in Christianity. Then one day she confessed that she had been praying to their God. Ten months later, she accepted Christ as her savior. Praise God for Malee’s faith. Pray that God would use her to bring her family and others to Christ.
  28. EQUIPPING NEW LEADERS. OMF workers have helped establish three seminaries in Thailand. Phayao Bible Seminary (PBS) is one of these, and most of its students are from the minority hill tribes of Thailand. Pray that PBS continues to raise up godly, qualified leaders who make Christ known in Thailand and beyond.
  29. PRESIDENT. Michael Littlefield will be stepping down as the OMF (U.S.) President/National Director on December 31, 2017. Pray for opportunities to honor Michael well as we thank him for his years of leadership. Pray for the National Leadership Team and Board of Trustees as they implement a transition plan until a new president is in place.
  30. MANY DEMANDS. The OMF (U.S.) Finance Team is always working hard to balance demands, but they find themselves especially busy as they transition their finance system to a new database. Pray for peace, strength and joy for them in this challenging season.
  31. NEW YEAR’S EVE. As we look back on 2017, praise God for the good works he has done. Praise him for the thousands of lives in East Asia that have been transformed with the hope of Christ and for the thousands more in 2018.

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