1. PRAY FOR MONGOLS AND TIBETANS. This month, we lift up the Mongol and Tibetan people residing in areas of Mongolia, Bhutan and China. Many of them make a living as farmers or semi-nomadic herders. Buddhism pervades Tibetans’ daily lives. Prayer is desperately needed to break spiritual strongholds of the enemy. If you’re interested in joining this month’s prayer effort, e-mail prayer@omf.org.
  2. WORTH IT. OMF Australia’s National Conference begins today and goes until Sunday. The theme of the conference is “Worth It” and will be focused on the peoples of two hard-to-reach East Asian countries. Ask God to move powerfully in the lives of those who attend and to mobilize deeper involvement with his work there.
  3. HOW DO I BELIEVE? “Tell me, how do I believe in Jesus?” asked a teenage boy in Mongolia. He had read gospel booklets in his uncle’s home and wanted to know more. After having the gospel explained to him by visiting Christian workers, he received Christ. Praise God! Pray that the boy’s relationship with Jesus would deepen.
  4. NEW SCHOOL YEAR. Tens of thousands of Chinese students have arrived in the U.S. to start the academic year at colleges across the nation. Pray for the many student ministries that will be welcoming these new arrivals. Pray also for Chinese Christians studying at theological colleges. Ask God to raise up Chinese believers who will take the gospel message home to China.
  5. TRAINING IN HEART LANGUAGE. Last month, a Bible training took place in the Krung and Brao languages at a Bible school in Cambodia. More than 80 students attended. When the school opened in 1999, trainings were not available in those languages. Praise God for advancing the gospel in the native language of this people group that has few theological resources.
  6. SUMMER TRIP FOLLOW UP. Pray for the OMF (U.S.) Serve Asia Follow-Up team as they meet, call and/or Skype with dozens of Serve Asia participants after their recent summer trips. Pray the participants will respond and God will continue to transform their lives. Ask also that some will answer God’s call for longer-term service in East Asia.
  7. COUNSELING RESOURCES. Mercy Medical Center (MMC), a Christian-based hospital in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, often sees patients who have physical problems that are a result of emotional issues. Pray for wisdom for the counseling staff at MMC. Ask God to provide more resources to support the counseling efforts there.
  8. BIBLE STORIES IN NEW DIALECT. In a particular area of China, there have been no Bible resources available in a local dialect of Mandarin. Now, a Chronological Bible Story Set is in development in this dialect. Ask God to provide the funds for local staff to translate, record and train people to use the stories for the rapid spread of the gospel.
  9. THE GOOD BOOK. A nurse in Southeast Asia shared her discouragement with a Christian worker; she had been to a temple recently and received bad news about her future. The worker told her about “God’s Book” and its good promises. The nurse requested a copy. Pray that this nurse would read the Bible and receive its truth.
  10. TV DRAMA. Many people in North Korea are watching a famous TV drama entitled “Descendants of the Sun,” which was produced in South Korea. Young people especially have been enjoying this love story set in a fictional war-torn country. Pray that this show would stir their curiosity about the outside world and God.
  11. TEACHER URGENTLY NEEDED. An elementary teacher (K-8) is urgently needed for Shanxi Evergreen International School in China, whose mission is to provide quality education with biblical principles for children growing up in ministry families. There is just one teacher who is coming out of retirement to help. Ask God to provide an additional teacher.
  12. PASSING THE TORCH. Pray for a smooth transition as Mark Bradley passes the role of International Coordinator for Mobilization to James Dougherty at International Center in Singapore. Ask God to endow James with wisdom, discernment and clarity of vision in his new role. Pray that Mark would sense God’s guidance in his next steps.
  13. LAUSANNE YOUNGER LEADERS. In August, more than 1,000 young leaders from 160 countries met at the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering in Indonesia. The goal of the gathering was to mobilize and connect emerging evangelical influencers for global mission. Pray for the effects of the gathering to result in more of God’s people crossing cultures to spread the Good News.
  14. RELOCATED CAFÉ. The Ippo Ippo café ministry in Yamada, Japan, is being relocated within the Iwate Prefecture. The new location is strategically located by homes, an elementary school and doctor’s office. Pray that the remainder of the construction would go smoothly and that the new ministry site would draw the community to Jesus.
  15. VAIN HOPES. “I want to go to the same place with my husband after I die,” said Mrs. Abe in Japan, whose late husband was a nonbeliever. She is a baptized church member but is wavering in her commitment to Christ. Pray for Mrs. Abe to cast aside vain hopes and hold firm to the promise of Jesus.
  16. TECH SURGE. Myanmar’s transition from military rule to a military-backed civilian government in 2010 brought new openness to technology. Myanmar’s citizens have significantly increased their Internet, mobile phone and social media usage. Pray for the church as it battles the temptations and distractions these outlets bring, especially among young people.
  17. CHURCH PLANTING TRAINING. Pray for the Church Planting Movement Training offered twice a year to Vietnamese church leaders for a duration of five to six months. Ask God to provide funds for training materials, transportation, accommodations and food. Pray also that church leaders would walk away better equipped to lead church planting movements.
  18. UPS AND DOWNS. After an encouraging visit to churches in Hong Kong, Christian workers received news that police broke into a church service in a nearby city and detained the pastors for 10 days under Chinese law. Pray for Hong Kong churches, that they would grow in mission and minister with wisdom and boldness.
  19. CHINESE IN PHILIPPINES. Lucena, the capital of Quezon Province in the Philippines, has between 10-15 Chinese families and three Chinese elementary and high schools. Pray for an OMF couple that has moved to the area to reach out to Chinese, that God would use them to introduce Chinese immigrants to Jesus Christ.
  20. 50 YEARS. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the OMF Philippines Home Council. Praise God for how he has used Filipino workers throughout East Asia and pray for efforts by OMF Philippines to mobilize evangelical churches to get involved with taking the gospel to the unreached.
  21. WESTERN CHAM. Almost 500,000 Western Cham people live as a small, disenfranchised minority in Cambodia. Almost all Western Cham are Muslim, although animism has a strong influence on some Cham religious practices. Pray for efforts by Christ-followers to bless the Western Cham, that the Cham would see the love of Jesus through them.
  22. MOBILE SEMINARY. The Creator Church Association in Thailand has a vision to plant 100 new churches in the country. They hope to disciple church members, in part through a “mobile seminary” that has been developed to equip church lay leaders. Ask God to bless the efforts of the mobile seminary as it seeks to raise mature, prepared and passionate Thai believers.
  23. NOT WIDESPREAD. A recent study revealed that 81 percent of all Thai churches are located in just 11 percent of the country’s sub-districts. The gospel has not spread far. Pray that Thai churches would realize this and start to plant churches in sub-districts without a church.
  24. WORKERS IN SINGAPORE. Over 350,000 foreign trade workers live in Singapore. Pray for a team of Christians who are providing community development services such as teaching English and computer classes to a group of these workers. Ask that life-changing friendships would be forged through these times and that God would be glorified.
  25. DISCIPLESHIP OPPORTUNITIES. Intercede for an OMF couple working in Taiwan. At the encouragement of their teacher, the couple has started a Bible study at their language school so people who are interested can come and ask questions about the Bible and pray together. Pray for God to use this study to draw many to Christ.
  26. NAVIGATING CHALLENGES. Pray for the pastors and leaders of a large church in Southeast Asia as they ponder the direction of the church, teach the word of God, and navigate the challenges and restrictions imposed in their particular location. Intercede for the church’s members, that they will demonstrate an ever-deeper commitment to reaching those around them.
  27. ENCOURAGING STUDENTS. Please pray for a Christian teacher in East Asia as he meets Christian students and tries to befriend them, journey with them in their walks with Christ and encourage them to reach out to their nonbelieving classmates. Pray for God to use these connections to make the gospel take root in students’ lives.
  28. WOVEN TOGETHER. Lift up the work of the OMF (U.S.) Communications team as they juggle several important projects. Pray especially for the completion of a new year-end publication called Woven Together, a magazine-style compilation of God-at-work stories and information. Pray the team would be led by the Spirit and do their work with excellence.
  29. BUDGET PROCESS. Pray for the OMF (U.S.) Finance team as it concludes the budgeting process for 2017. Ask God to guide the team and give wisdom as tough decisions are made. Pray for the team to be filled with joy and purpose as they do this important work.
  30. 150 YEARS. On this day in 1866, the Lammermuir, the ship carrying the first China Inland Mission missionaries, landed in Shanghai. Praise God for how he used those first workers for the gospel and his faithfulness in answering many prayers over the years for the work of the CIM and OMF.

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