And the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. -John 1:14

  1. LEADERSHIP RETREAT. Today is the second day of the OMF (U.S.) National Leadership Team (NLT) biannual leadership retreat. It wraps up tomorrow. Pray for the NLT to be strengthened and unified in Christ as they spend time in worship and prayer. Pray for these leaders to be led by the Holy Spirit as they commit their time, talents and responsibilities to the Lord.
  2. LIVING WITH DEPRESSION. High levels of unemployment combined with stress related to studies, work and rising materialism have contributed to elevated rates of depression and anxiety among young people in Cambodia. Pray for Christian mental health professionals there to minister with wisdom and excellence in trying to help young Cambodians out of this darkness.
  3. COMMUNITY CLINIC. Praise God for the opening of a community clinic in Cambodia’s Phnom Penh Thmey, where Christian workers are seeking to provide healthcare education and health checks for families. Pray that the play area and library will be well-used and that through this initiative whole families will come to know Jesus Christ.
  4. YEAR-END GIVING. God has faithfully provided for OMF’s needs throughout the years. We want to be single-minded in our dependence on God for his continued provision. Pray that God’s people would seek him and follow his lead in their year-end giving. Pray for 100 percent support for our overseas missionaries and U.S. home team members and staff.
  5. LADIES’ CIRCLE. Lift up a women’s Christmas outreach led by OMF workers and other believers in Japan. Every year 50-60 women attend, including some nonbelievers. Pray for good fellowship, a deep appreciation for Christmas, and for God’s work in the hearts of newcomers.
  6. FAMILY DISPUTES. In recent years, family disputes have made up approximately 30 percent of all civil and commercial cases in Chinese courts; of these, more than 80 percent are divorce cases. Pray for the stabilization of the Chinese family and that many would find a firm foundation in Christ.
  7. GOD WOULDN’T LET GO. A Chinese man who first trusted Christ nearly 10 years ago is finding renewed faith following struggles with God after his mother died and two close relationships ended. A friend observed that, despite the man’s times of trial, “God would not let him go.” Pray for continued trust and a growing faith for this brother in Christ.
  8. BREAK THE IMPASSE. A foreign worker trying to do “God’s work in God’s way” inside a creative access country in East Asia is asking God to break through an impasse regarding a missional business that he is trying to establish. Join him in interceding for God’s help in this matter, that he might be a witness to the officials and locals he interacts with on a regular basis.
  9. PASTORS’ STRUGGLES. Many pastors in Japan struggle as they lead small churches with little growth and financial stresses. The pastors need encouragement. Lift up these people of God, as well as their families, as they try to fight the good fight in a place where the gospel is not readily embraced.
  10. CHRISTMAS EXCHANGE. For the past several years a church from New York has participated in a Christmastime cultural exchange in a rural village in China. Pray for them as they reconnect with students and locals. Pray that the Holy Spirit would transform the hearts of these villagers and rescue them from their bondage to fear.
  11. WITNESS IN DEATH. A Japanese Christian woman named Aiko recently went to be with the Lord Jesus following a battle with cancer. In her final hours, she was heard singing the hymn, “God is Love.” Pray that Aiko’s witness will carry on after her; many nonbelievers attended her funeral, where they heard stories of God’s work in her life.
  12. RETREAT MODELS. Pray for wisdom as diaspora workers in the U.S. seek to build and promote models of returnee retreats for Chinese currently in North America, but planning to go back to China at some point. Pray for these retreats to help Chinese Christians remain firm in their faith as they return to the Mainland.
  13. FINANCIALLY SUSTAINABLE. Intercede for a pair of Lao Christians who are proclaiming the gospel of Jesus amongst those who have not heard, while also opening a handicraft shop in order to support their work in rural areas. Pray for God’s blessing on their business and for continued opportunities to be a gospel witness.
  14. THE TASK UNFINISHED. OMF’s worldwide The Task Unfinished initiative is pressing forward. More and more involvement opportunities are becoming available, such as signing up for a Five Day Prayer Devotional. See The Task Unfinished website for more information. Ask God to use this initiative to awaken believers to be involved with reaching the lost.
  15. RAPID CHANGES. Vietnam is a rapidly changing country that is becoming increasingly globalized. Younger generations’ values have become ambition and individualism. Pray that there would be increasing opportunities to tell young people about Jesus, that they would find their significance and worth in him, not in personal or financial success.
  16. TCKS AT CHRISTMAS. Christmas in the U.S. can be a difficult time for some third-culture kids (TCKs). Witnessing the materialism of Christmas in the West while also interacting with family members they haven’t seen in a while can be a lot to handle. Pray for OMF TCKs to find true joy in Jesus this Christmas season.
  17. REACHING REINDEER HERDERS. A recent outreach and discipleship trip to Mongolian reindeer herders in remote areas has born spiritual fruit, while also providing practical assistance to the herders. Pray for the herders to continue connecting with the Mongolian pastor in the town nearest to them, that they might continue to grow in their knowledge and love of God.
  18. NO CHURCH BUILDINGS. Much of Myanmar does not allow the construction of church buildings, but people are still embracing the love of Christ. Some walk for miles to reach a fellowship, and others get creative in making meeting places where they are. Pray God will provide church buildings—in whatever form—for all who desire to worship.
  19. COMPASSION FOR HIV PATIENTS. A new Chinese Christian nurse has joined a team working with HIV patients in China. Pray for her to have God’s compassion and servant heart for the patients and that she will be a light and witness to her co-workers, most of whom do not know Christ.
  20. HEALING FROM CANCER. Pray for Caroline Woo, an OMF missionary, who is fighting brain cancer.  Pray for complete healing and restoration of this woman who is mother to five small children.
  21. ISAAN CHURCH CAMP. Praise God for the Isaan Church Camp held recently in Thailand. Fifty-nine adults and forty-nine children from various rural districts attended. The camp was led by local Thai church leaders under the theme “The Heart of God.” Pray that camp attendees would continue growing in their understanding of God’s heart, and that Thai Christians would continue to work together to reach the lost.
  22. REHABILITATION PROJECT ENDS. OMF’s rehabilitation project on the island of Samar in the Philippines is nearing completion. Praise God for the material, medical, educational and spiritual support that has been extended to victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Pray that God would guide the OMF Philippines team in their next steps. Ask God to continue meeting the material and spiritual needs of the people of Samar.
  23. INTEGRATING THE GOOD NEWS. The OMF Philippines team’s mission strategy often integrates material help with the Good News of Jesus. Pray for more workers with skills in various good works who can also evangelize, make disciples and plant churches in the Philippines.
  24. MINISTERING IN FRIENDSHIP. A Christian prayer center in Taiwan offers counseling and baking classes, as well as a mom’s group. The groups are all well-attended and have fostered friendships between Christians and non-Christians. Pray for the non-Christian women who attend to encounter Jesus’ love and message of hope through these friendships.
  25. MERRY CHRISTMAS. “You are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins” (Matt. 1:21). Praise God for the gift of a perfect Savior! As you celebrate your joy in Christ today, pray that all the people of East Asia would one day know the joy of salvation.
  26. IT SERVICES. OMF (U.S.) depends heavily on IT services to run its day-to-day operations. Pray for the U.S. team as it develops more effective IT infrastructure. Pray against the confusion and disruptions that could delay progress.
  27. KING OF THAILAND PASSES. The late King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand died on October 13, 2016, at age 88. He ruled for 70 years, making him the world’s longest-reigning monarch. The Thai people are grieving his loss deeply. Pray that Thai Christians would sensitively share the hope of Christ with family and friends during this hard time.
  28. NEW CHURCH PLANTS. Every student who graduates from Chiang Mai Theological Seminary in Thailand is expected to plant a new church. Praise God for how he uses these church plants to reach people like Mrs. Lar and her two daughters, who have Buddhist and Muslim backgrounds but have found new life in Christ. Ask God to continue using these church plants to reach the Thai people.
  29. LEADING MIGRANTS TO CHRIST. A young Chinese man moved to the city for graduate school. After attending a church service for the first time in his life, he finally heard about the Creator for whom he had been searching. He was baptized six months later. Pray for the Chinese church to reach out to city migrants with the Good News. May those with seeking hearts find their rest in Jesus.
  30. NEW MISSIONARIES. Lift up the nine candidates in the recent Candidate and Orientation Course. They have returned home and will soon begin partnership development. Ask God to encourage these missionaries. Pray for ministry connections to develop as they meet with friends and family during the holiday season.
  31. NEW YEAR’S EVE. Praise God for his wonderful works in 2016! Celebrate the healing and spiritual renewal that so many have received this year because of the transforming work of Christ. Pray that new believers would continue growing in faith this coming year.

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