Article featured in 2015 East Asia Insight Q1

  1. Christian workers among the Shan Tai, a Buddhist people scattered throughout Thailand, Myanmar and China, have recently suffered from miscarriages, debilitating illness, motor accidents and personal issues. Pray against the devil’s schemes, which no doubt resist the amazing work God is doing among this people. Pray for good health, peace, endurance and boldness for workers among the Shan Tai.
  2. OMF International wants to communicate with clarity, passion and relevance in our modern-day context so that the OMF name is connected with the amazing things God is doing through us. Pray that the rebranding process accomplishes this goal, and lift up the people who will be communicating and implementing the changes.
  3. As OMF International hits the 150-year milestone of joining God’s work in East Asia, home centers are organizing celebrations to recognize God’s faithfulness. Pray for those heading up these events, and that God receives glory through them.

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