June 2015
“One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts.” -Psalm 145:4

  1. MOST BUDDHIST COUNTRY. According to the PEW Research Center, Cambodia is the “most Buddhist country in the world,” with over 96 percent of the population professing some form of Buddhism. Conversely, it is also one of the least Christian nations. Pray for God to move in power in opening the spiritual eyes and ears of the Cambodian people.
  1. STRATEGIC PLAN. OMF’s Cambodia field is working on a two-year strategic plan that will be presented for discussion at Field Conference June 15-19. Ask the Lord to guide this process. Also pray for the preparations and for good health and energy for the conference’s main speaker.
  1. KEEP FROM FALLING. Some Chinese who express faith in Christ while in the U.K. or U.S. fall away after returning to China, perhaps because they have not learned the faith in their own language, or in a way that relates well to their own culture. Pray for an increase in Bible studies, worship services and other outreaches using the Chinese language, which perhaps would help new believers in their transition back in China.
  1. CHINESE BUSINESS OWNER. A Chinese Christian business owner is trying hard to follow Christian principles and ethics with his business in China, but it is quite difficult. Pray for him to be steadfast and to glorify the Lord in how he leads his business.
  1. USOC. A new group of candidates will attend the OMF (U.S.) Orientation Course June 6-14. Pray that God will help the candidates complete their paperwork in time, and that God will reveal those whom he is calling to join OMF’s work among East Asia’s peoples.
  1. VISION TRIP. The OMF (U.S.) Board of Trustees will be traveling to China this month for a vision trip.  Pray that God will use this trip to inspire, challenge and encourage us as we continue to send forth workers into the harvest field.
  1. VIETNAMESE BELIEVERS. Vietnamese from unreached, rural areas have been coming to faith while working away from home—whether in Vietnam’s cities or as migrant workers in other countries. Pray for Vietnamese believers to get the right education and practical training, so that they may live and serve in rural communities.
  1. SINGAPORE. A weekend retreat in Chinese that focused on missions was recently held in Singapore. As participants reflect on what they heard, pray that they will respond to the Spirit and understand the value and importance of cross-cultural ministry.
  1. REPLACEMENTS NEEDED. The OMF Malaysia homeside office has some vacancies. Ask God to provide someone with a passion for cross-cultural mobilization and another who is trained in IT. Lift up the OMF Malaysia homeside, that it would honor God and be effective in mobilizing Malaysian Christians to take the gospel throughout East Asia.
  1. GROWTH AMONG THE SHAN. Of the more than 4.5 million Shan in Myanmar, less than one percent know Jesus, but praise God! Recent months have seen an increase in Shan coming to faith. Pray that this momentum will continue to build and spur an indigenous, biblical church movement among the Shan in Myanmar.
  1. PERSPECTIVES COURSES. Over the past few decades, God has used the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course to mobilize tens of thousands of Christians to participate in the Great Commission in a more direct way. Now more than 8,000 people take the course each year. Pray for God to continue to use Perspectives to mobilize American churches and that some of those mobilized will send workers to East Asia.
  1. CURRICULUM REVISION. Union Bible Theological College in Mongolia is currently revising its curriculum. Pray that the school would balance curriculum for learning outcomes that train the head (knowledge), heart (character) and hands (skills) and that God would continue using UBTC to train pastors and Christian leaders for Mongolia.
  1. NO RELIGION. OMF workers in Sapporo, Japan, recently hosted a couple in their neighborhood. Although most Japanese are quick to say they are Buddhist when they hear someone claim to be a Christian missionary, this couple said they have no religion. Pray that they would respond to the gospel and give their lives to Christ.
  1. NEW ROLE. Longtime workers Jim and Terui Grace have recently been asked to be the new orientation and training coordinators for all incoming OMF missionaries to Japan. Pray for God to provide the remaining financial support they need to take up this role.
  1. UNITY IN DIVERSITY. An OMF Philippines field member notes that diversity of ministry focus is a blessing, but it also can “make unity and synergy more difficult.” Pray for the OMF Philippines workers, of whom 19 percent work among folk Muslims, 16 percent minister to tribal animists and 17 percent serve superstitious nominal Catholics (to name a few). Pray for unity amid diversity, and for effective teamwork that advances God’s kingdom in the Philippines.
  1. ENGLISH PROGRAM. An Islamic school in Southeast Asia is considering inviting Christian workers to help establish an English program at the school. Pray that this idea receives approval and that God uses the opportunity to share his love and truth with the Muslim students.
  1. MEMBER DEVELOPMENT. OMF’s Indonesia homeside center now has a number of members who have served faithfully for at least one term. They are the next generation of leaders. Pray for their preparation to take on roles of greater responsibility.
  1. FUNDING DEFICIT. Two large grants that supported a program providing social, economic and educational help to a community in Southeast Asia were not given this year. The huge financial deficit may result in local believers losing jobs and having to relocate. Pray that God provides the funds through other means, and that God’s work in this community would continue through the local believers.
  1. SEE JESUS CLEARLY. A group of girls in Southeast Asia meets weekly to hear and discuss Bible stories, but their teacher feels they are not taking the lessons to heart and encountering Christ on a personal level. Pray that as they hear and retell these stories, they would see Jesus clearly as their Savior and Redeemer.
  1. TRIBAL CHRISTIAN WITNESS. Many of the Iban, Dayak, Kayan and Lun Bawang tribal people of Brunei are Christians. Pray that the tribal believers of Brunei would be unique channels of blessing and witness among the Malay. Pray against a spirit of fear that might paralyze believers in outreach efforts (a number of them were arrested and interrogated in 2000 for sharing the gospel with Malays).
  1. BAPTISM. Praise God for the recent baptism of Mrs. Xu in Taiwan, who came to understand the unconditional love of Jesus after meeting Christian workers at a series of outreach activities. Nightmares plagued her as she stopped worshiping her ancestors and Bai-bai (gods), but God gave her strength through her prayers. Pray for Mrs. Xu’s growth in Christ.
  1. TAIWAN SERVE ASIA OPPS. Pray for summer Serve Asia opportunities in Taiwan to fill up. One three-week trip consists of working with at-risk children/youth and their families in Wanhua. The second requires two teams to run Vacation Bible School/English camps in Da-she for children of working-class background families. Ask God to provide the right people for these teams.
  1. GRACE BY SURPRISE. Grace City Bangkok Church in Thailand celebrated its one-year anniversary in April and baptized a new believer. Between 20-40 people meet for worship weekly. The church’s grace-centered, Christ-centered mission surprises newcomers who are used to a moralistic, Bible-light approach to teaching and preaching. Pray for this church as it reaches out to visitors and disciples its members.
  1. REFUGEES. Pakistani Christians are fleeing to Thailand to escape persecution but are overstaying their visas as they wait for the U.N. to relocate them. Many refugees are thrown into the Immigration Detention Center (IDC) where treatment and provisions are poor. Ask God to strengthen churches in Bangkok as they offer physical, spiritual and financial help to these Pakistani believers.
  1. 150 YEARS. How good is the God we adore! 150 years ago today, J. Hudson Taylor prayed for “24 willing, skilled workers” while on Brighton Beach, England. As we celebrate 150 years of God’s faithfulness, join us in praising God for the work he has done in East Asia. Also join us in pleading to the Lord for more workers to reach the unreached.
  1. CENTER CONSTRUCTION. As the Lopburi Learning Center is constructed in Thailand, pray that God provides a project manager to oversee the construction and for a local architect to negotiate with authorities. Roughly $310,000 is still needed to fund the project. Pray that programs would continue in spite of construction work, and that God would be glorified through the center.
  1. REBRANDING. OMF wants to communicate with clarity, passion and relevance in our modern-day context so that the OMF name is connected with the amazing things God is doing through us. Pray that OMF’s rebranding process accomplishes this goal, and lift up the people who are communicating and implementing the changes.
  1. MANY DETAILS. The hard-working Serve Asia Program Coordinators keep track of innumerable logistical details, conversations and e-mails to ensure that short-term workers and their field hosts are matched well and have the proper budget, travel arrangements and encouragement along the way. Pray for good time management, perseverance and rejuvenation for coordinators, as the work can be overwhelming.
  1. NATIONALIZATION OF CHRISTIANITY. “The construction of Chinese Christian theology should adapt to China’s national condition and integrate with Chinese culture,” said a Chinese government official last year. It is not altogether clear what exactly the government means by such statements, but there has been an increase in pressure and persecution of Chinese house churches in recent months. Pray for Chinese believers to respond wisely and in love and truth.
  1. FINANCE STAFF. Praise the Lord for providing an Operations Accountant and Finance Manager for the Finance Team. Pray that the new staff would transition well and adapt to the learning curves. Pray also for good workload distribution as team members enjoy much-needed vacation time this summer.

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