July 2015
“You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples.” -Psalm 77:14

  1. SEWING AND HEALTH. Recently, believers in China began a program at a youth center to teach embroidery skills to local women, which was conducted concurrently with a health education program. Pray for God to use these programs to be a practical help to those who attended and to use it to plant gospel seeds.
  1. MISSION KAMPUCHEA. Pray for God to use Mission Kampuchea 2021, a cross-denominational movement in Cambodia that aims to see a community of believers in every village in the country by 2021. Currently, there are more than 11,000 unreached villages.
  1. HOME GROUP LEADERS. Give thanks that more Chinese believers are learning to lead groups in their homes. Pray for those who attend to be filled with the Spirit, to see the truth and to have meaningful discussions. Also intercede for the group leaders as they juggle their group commitments, work and family needs.
  1. PRISONERS’ FAMILIES. Some believers in an East Asian country have started a new ministry that reaches out to families of prisoners. Pray for wisdom and guidance for this new initiative and ask that it would be used by God to bring spiritual family to the families being touched.
  1. INTERIM DIRECTORS. OMF workers Tim and Jenny Kangas will soon take over as Interim Field Directors in Cambodia. Please pray for a smooth transition and God’s leading and blessing on this next ministry phase.
  1. BOAT DISASTER. Pray for those affected by the capsizing of the Chinese boat Eastern Star in early June on the Yangtze River. The death toll of nearly 400 made it China’s deadliest boat disaster in nearly seven decades. May God bring peace and healing in the midst of grief.
  1. RAMADAN. Pray for East Asia’s Muslims currently observing Ramadan, which ends on July 17. In particular, pray for a Christian group that has invited Muslim friends to study the scriptures on the topic of fasting and preparing our hearts to seek after God. May God open the eyes of Muslims and cause them to seek after Christ.
  1. TAI LUE. Lift up the Tai Lue (Dai) who live in China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and the U.S. Most of them are animistic Buddhists. Pray for whole families of Tai Lue to come to Christ so they can better resist pressure to recant that often follows the conversion of Tai Lue believers.
  1. RETURNEE RETREATS. Thank God for Chinese Christians in the U.K. who have attended a Chinese Returnee Retreat aimed at helping new Chinese believers develop life and ministry skills for their return to China. Continue to intercede as plans are made to hold similar retreats in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand within the next year.
  1. AFRICANS REACHING CHINESE. Recently, a large meeting was held of African Christians who had gone through many weeks of training in Chinese language and culture. Ask that God would use the African church to reach the Chinese arriving in large numbers to the continent.
  1. Lift up South Korean Christian counselors who minister to North Korean refugees in the South. Loneliness and assimilation are major obstacles for North Koreans who make it to South Korea. Pray for counselors to have wisdom and to show the love of Christ in meaningful ways to them.
  1. HANDBOOK ON NK. A resource handbook on North Korea nears completion. After receiving approval from a Field Director, some copies will be printed in Seoul. Pray that the process goes smoothly and that the Lord uses this handbook to help people learn about and pray for the North.
  1. 202 YEARS AGO. On July 13, 1813, missionary Adoniram Judson arrived in Myanmar (Burma). Praise God for the millions in Myanmar who now identify as followers of Christ and pray for the many millions more who remain entrapped by idolatry and Buddhism. Ask for them to hear the Good News and respond in repentance and faith.
  1. VISION FOR TAIWAN. Ask God to raise up more churches in Taiwan that are willing to commit resources needed to reach working-class communities (among whom less than one percent know Christ) with the gospel. As God raises up these churches, also ask for guidance in how OMF can partner with them in ministry.
  1. 400 GROUPS UNTOUCHED. A recent survey revealed that more than 400 people groups in East Asia have no gospel work among them. Pray for God to provide the people and resources to mobilize, train and send new workers to those who have not heard the Good News of Jesus Christ in East Asia.
  1. STRIKING A NERVE. After an OMF missionary in Japan told a group of Japanese women in her neighborhood the biblical Creation story, one of the women pulled her aside and seemed to caution her against telling other stories from the Bible. Pray for the women who heard the story to respond to the truth they heard and worship Jesus as Lord and Savior.
  1. POTENTIAL FALLOUT. Recently in Japan there have been reports about the activities of an enthusiastic but misguided Christian who sprinkled anointing oil on some of Japan’s famous shrines and temples. Such reports could hinder long-term efforts at proclaiming the gospel in Japan. Pray for that to not be the case, but for God to use it to spark conversations leading to loving gospel witness.
  1. FULLY TRUST. A Vietnamese man who has heard the gospel feels that the Lord saved his son’s life from sickness a few months ago. He also desires to restore his marriage and is interested in learning about better ways to do business. Ask that he would fully trust in the Lord Jesus and lean on him for true peace and guidance.
  1. SERVANT LEADER WORKSHOP. More than 50 Union Bible Theological College graduates in Mongolia recently attended a workshop about what it means to be a servant leader. The participants had a lot of fun learning and working as teams. Pray that they understand what it means to be a servant leader and ask for strength and energy as they minister in their respective churches.
  1. LOCAL OPPPOSITION. A community center being built in the Philippines is receiving some opposition from local residents. One OMF worker was attacked and hit with a piece of wood. Another evening, people threw rocks at a team that was praying at the site. Still, the work continues in hopes of being a blessing to the surrounding area. Pray for God’s protection and guidance as the project nears completion.
  1. ONLY TWO FAMILIES. God is at work among a certain minority people group in Southeast Asia, but due to sicknesses and new work assignments, only two Christian families remain among them. Pray that God would send more workers to reach this group, that the people might continue to grow in knowledge and love for the Lord.
  1. KITCHEN HELP. One of the biggest blessings at OMF’s International Center in Singapore is the team of kitchen workers that prepares meals for those at IC. Some members of the team come from some difficult situations related to health or separation from their families. Pray for God to sustain these vital workers during difficult times and grow their faith in the midst of trials.
  1. THAILAND CHURCH PLANTING. Pray for a program called Project Paul in Central Thailand which is run by national Christians associated with OMF churches. It aims to instruct and encourage church leaders to plant new churches. Pray for great effectiveness and for Thai Christians to have zeal and Holy Spirit-power in reaching out to unchurched areas.
  1. MANY HATS. Please pray for Mr. Giat, a pastor in Chiang Mai, Thailand, who has many important responsibilities: chairman of a provincial evangelism and church-planting committee, pastor of a 100-member church, advisor to the nationwide church association and part-time Bible school teacher. Pray that he receives help as he juggles these duties, all while seeking to be a godly husband as well.
  1. PARTNERS IN MINISTRY. Praise the Lord for new opportunities to journey alongside the Chinese Christian community in Southeast Asia as they engage in work among Muslims. Ask God for wisdom as to how to make this more central to the strategy of each of our teams in the region.
  1. SLOWED GROWTH IN KOREA. Promoting cross-cultural ministries in South Korea is more difficult than before. Many Korean churches have stopped growing, and many younger believers are more interested in their own matters than in the kingdom’s work. Ask God to move amongst Korean Christians, igniting a passion to see God glorified among the nations.
  1. VISA ISSUES. Over the last year, obtaining a visa in some of the largest countries in Southeast Asia has become more difficult as leaders begin to enforce laws that were already on the books for years but never enforced.  Pray for God’s guidance as new possibilities for long-term visas are explored.
  1. USOC FOLLOW UP. Please pray that the new OMF missionary candidates who received a homeside welcome in June at the U.S. Orientation Course will all receive Field Welcomes and have confirmation of their placements in East Asia. Also pray as they begin partnership development, that God would raise up many ministry partners for them and provide all they need to get to the field soon.
  1. VISION TRIP. The U.S. Board of Trustees will be participating in a vision trip to East Asia to visit some sights of historical interest and get insightful information that will facilitate prayer. Pray that God will impart vision to the Board that goes beyond what they see to the heart of what God is doing. Ask God to keep them healthy and safe.
  1. IT SPECIALIST NEEDED. The OMF International U.S. office hopes to hire a new IT Support Specialist soon. Pray for the Lord’s leading and provision as this vital role is filled
  1. RETIREE MINISTRY. OMF retiree Maggie Estes is praying for new opportunities to serve Jesus Christ at Brethren Village, a retirement community in Pennsylvania. Since she still drives, she helps with errands; in addition, there are people there who need a caring friend. Ask for God’s clear leading as Maggie explores different ministry possibilities.

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