February 2015
“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” -Ephesians 2:10

  1. DIFFICULT YEAR. Intercede for a Cambodian man who, after having a difficult year, has stopped studying the Bible with his mentor and has disbanded the fellowship group that once met in his home. Pray for his recovery physically, mentally and spiritually, that he could lead not only his family, but his fellow believers well.
  2. CHRISTMAS FOLLOW-UP. Praise God for the opportunity Christian workers had to hand out 250 Christmas packets to a neighborhood in Thailand. Pray that spiritual fruit grows from the small seeds planted. As further efforts are made to introduce Christ to this community, pray that hearts soften and that workers remain encouraged as they build relationships.
  3. SETSUBUN. Today Japan celebrates Setsubun, a bean-throwing festival held the day before spring. Traditions involve throwing roasted beans while saying, Devils out! Happiness in!” Pray that the Japanese would find the God who alone has the authority over evil and the power to bring true joy to the human heart.
  4. HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS. The UN General Assembly has voted to send a human rights violation bill concerning North Korea to the International Criminal Court. As the international community turns its attention to conditions in North Korea (DPRK), pray that the value of human life, established by our Creator God, would be acknowledged by more nations and especially by the DPRK leaders.
  5. STORM JANGMI. With memories of Typhoons Haiyan and Hagupit fresh in their minds, Filippinos braced themselves during tropical storm Jangmi, which hit the southern and central Philippines in late December and had killed 54 people as of early January. Pray that Christian workers can extend physical and spiritual relief to victims of these natural disasters.
  6. NEW TEAM. “You have the potential to be a very high-functioning team!” commented a supervisor in China. Ask God to establish unity and love among this newly-formed team of Christian workers. One person was given additional responsibilities as team leader. Pray for his ability to manage team members and seek out God’s vision for their work.
  7. SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES. Lift up Miho Clatworthy as she serves the Japanese church through speaking engagements organized via Tokyo’s Women Messengers. Pray that her messages mobilize the Japanese church and touch the hearts of those without Christ. Ask God to empower her words and utilize her gifts with the best opportunities.
  8. FAMILY PRESSURE. During a woman’s second visit to a house church in Vietnam, the Holy Spirit moved her heart and she prayed to accept Christ. Now, her Buddhist mother has prohibited her from attending church. Pray that this new believer receives the spiritual encouragement she needs, and that her mother’s heart would soften towards Christ.
  9. TIBETAN BELIEVERS. Many Tibetan Christians continue to face pressure and are ostracized socially. Intercede for these brothers and sisters, that they would be strengthened and persevere in the faith. Ask also that they will be the salt and light in their communities.
  10. EQUIP THE SAINTS. Prayer is needed for Malaysian church leaders and those in training to wake up to the strategic role they can have—that they would give their congregations a thorough working knowledge of the Bible, see it change their hearts and apply their beliefs to the spread of the gospel.
  11. CHANGES IN STRUCTURE AND STATEMENTS. OMF International is implementing major changes in our organizational structure, job roles and mission statement. Our new mission statement is, “We share the good news of Jesus Christ in all its fullness with East Asia’s peoples to the glory of God.” Pray for this statement to be an effective means to mobilize workers for East Asia.
  12. TROUBLE FITTING IN. It is a common problem: An East Asian becomes a Christian while studying or working overseas. They seem passionate in their faith, but upon returning to East Asia they have trouble fitting in with local believers. Pray for East Asia’s returnee believers to be steadfast in faith and ask that churches would warmly welcome them.
  13. GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES. A Mongolian Christian has answered God’s call to leave his “city life” and go to a group of nomadic people in one of the coldest places on the Altai Mountain range. Pray for him as he teaches and preaches among these people over the next several months. Ask that a church would be born in Altan-Soyombo, Mongolia.
  14. LOVE IS IN THE AIR. Today is Valentine’s Day. Though traditionally a Western holiday, the day is becoming increasingly popular in East Asia, especially among youth. Pray for East Asia’s youth to seek, find and respond to the unconditional love of Christ and not place their identity in the romantic love or approval of another person.
  15. TRANSLATING. Six books about the life of Christ based on the Gospel of Matthew are being translated for use in training lay leaders and pastors in the Philippines, who will in turn serve the Samar Bible Communities. Pray for the quick completion of these translations and that these leaders can easily use the materials to train others.
  16. DAY OF THE SHINING STAR. Today North Korea honors its “eternal leader,” Kim Jong-Il, whose birthday—called the “Day of the Shining Star” in the DPRK—continues to attract mass ceremonies more than three years after his death. As North Koreans revere Kim Jong-Il, pray that their hearts would search for the only eternal God who loves and cares for them.
  17. CHINESE NEW YEAR. Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year, a major holiday in China and among Chinese communities in East Asia and around the world. Pray for Chinese believers to make Christ known among their families and friends during the gatherings that mark this time of year.
  18. COUNTRY IN TRANSITION. Myanmar is changing fast. In Yangon and Mandalay large-scale construction projects reveal modernization such as is seen in China and Vietnam. As Myanmar society and culture undergoes rapid change, pray for the church there to flourish as it holds the word of life in a land dominated by Buddhism.
  19. HYMNALS. Ask God to supply funding for 500 hymnals for the Samareños of the Philippines. They are excited to have 396 worship songs published in their language. Pray also that God would bless the music clinic being planned for Easter week to mentor the Samareños in developing musical skills.
  20. BIBLE STUDY. An Indonesian man has been meeting with Christian workers for a weekly Bible study and asks good questions. He credits prayer and medicine for his sudden healing from a disease he battled. Pray that he will continue to grow in faith.
  21. CAREERS. The OMF International (U.S.) team offers numerous opportunities to bring the hope of Christ to East Asia’s peoples through crucial positions in the U.S. Our team needs a Web Specialist, a College Mobilizer and most recently, an Operations Accountant for the finance department. Pray that God fills these roles and many others.
  22. CANCER TREATMENT. Lift up Mary Jeanne Buttrey, a recently retired OMF International worker who has served the people of Taiwan with her husband Paul for 34 years. She will soon be undergoing chemotherapy to treat her fallopian tube cancer. Pray for effective treatment and for the Lord’s peace to cover her and her family through this process.
  23. PATH TO FREEDOM. Pray for an elderly divorcée in Taiwan who has suffered abuse and neglect from her husband and family, leading her to become angry and unhappy. She has been receiving visits from church friends and likes to hear Bible stories. Pray that she will surrender to Christ and receive the healing, peace and joy he offers.
  24. SEMINARY GRADUATE. Pray for a Phayao Bible Seminary graduate in Thailand who has been helping out her local church over the past 10 years. She recently married a believer who does not have Bible training and is currently unemployed. Their new marriage is struggling. Pray that the Lord strengthens this marriage and uses both husband and wife to glorify his name.
  25. SAMM TRAINING. Lift up Serve Asia Mission Mentor Training (SAMM) taking place February 26-March 1. The leaders of our short-term trips will learn effective ways of preparing, debriefing and following up with their teams so that hopefully people catch a long-term vision for missions involvement in the U.S. and abroad. Pray that the leaders attending would come away with effective mobilization tools for their own teams and congregations.
  26. NO CHURCH. “My children laugh at me and tell me that God isn’t real,” says a discouraged elderly woman in Ayutthaya, Thailand, who has been a believer for more than 20 years. She lacks Christian fellowship, as there is no church in her town. Pray that God would send workers to Ayutthaya, where only 0.08 percent of the population knows Christ.
  27. BRUNEI. Officials in Brunei reportedly banned Christian decorations on buildings in the country’s capital preceding Christmas and New Year celebrations. Two-thirds of the country’s population is Malay Muslim. Pray for wisdom for church leaders and believers as they navigate an increasingly restrictive environment.
  28. NEW APPLICANTS. Last October, the OMF International (U.S.) team spent three days in prayer, seeking God’s plan and purpose for our ministry. Since the fall, 24 people have entered the candidate phase for long-term ministry. Praise God for these potential workers for the harvest in East Asia. Pray that God would continue guiding these candidates’ steps.

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