“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” -John 1:14

  1. JONATHAN HOUSE TRAINING. Pray for a Jonathan House Training taking place in the Philippines now through mid-December. Jonathan house communities provide holistic support to Chinese evangelists and church planters as they receive training to start church multiplication movements in China. Ask God to equip each participant for effective, biblical leadership.
  1. URBANA. Thirty OMF staff members and field workers will head to Urbana on December 26 for five days of life-changing conversations with students. Pray for the team as they prepare materials, training and logistics. Pray that the Spirit moves powerfully in students’ hearts, mobilizing them for mission.
  1. CHRISTMAS OUTREACH. Pray that the gospel would be made known in Taiwan through a joint Christmas outreach this month put on by Hengchun Bible Church and other churches in the community. May the Taiwanese people know Jesus’ love through the love that these Christians have for one another.
  1. YEAR-END GIVING. God’s work done in God’s way will not lack God’s supply. As we fully depend on God for the provision to do all that he has called us to do, pray that God’s people would seek him and follow his lead in their year-end giving. Pray for 100 percent financial support for the U.S. home team members and staff.
  1. FINISH OUT THE YEAR. The U.S. Finance Team praises God for the completion of the budget process with new staff in place. Please pray for the approaching year end, which brings finance system closings and the annual audit.
  1. INTERN NEEDED. Ask God to provide a new intern who can live at the Gospel Center in Taiwan to assist Thomas and Jennifer Su McIntyre in ministry for at least six months. The main requirement is Mandarin proficiency and a willingness to work with children and adults. Anyone interested in the position can contact
  1. PLACE FOR FORGIVENESS. Conflict and broken trust have caused a small fellowship in a Cambodian village to stop meeting. Forgiveness is sometimes hard to find in Khmer culture. Pray that the believers in this village will grow in honesty, forgiveness and reconciliation, and that other villagers there would see the powerful testimony of Christians.
  1. EFFECTIVE WRITING. An OMF diaspora worker is writing about topics related to preparing new Chinese believers for their return to China. The content includes material to help guard against prosperity theology—a doctrine that is very appealing, but that causes many returnees to fall away from the faith. Please pray for his writing to be effective.
  1. CANCER TREATMENT. Pray for a long-term worker based in a creative access country who was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. She, her husband and their children have returned to the U.S. for treatment and she has completed the first rounds of chemotherapy. Ask God to bring healing and remove cancer from her body.
  1. HEALTH EDUCATION. Some workers in East Asia recently received an offer to help teach basic maternal-child health concepts in a remote village. Sixty women greeted the workers at the first class. Pray this will be one of many opportunities to interact with the village women and encourage better health habits—especially in the area of nutrition for infants and young children.
  1. FAMILY REUNIONS. North and South Korea recently held some family reunions where elderly people could reunite with relatives on the other side. Please pray that there will be more openness and communication between the two sides and that families who are separated might be able to unite on a more permanent basis.
  1. ENGLISH PROGRAM. Many foreign tourists flock to an area of northern Japan near Mount Yotei in Hokkaido to ski. As a result, many Japanese locals are keen to learn English to communicate with them. A church there has suggested that an OMF couple start a Basic English program to help. Please pray for this to bear spiritual fruit.
  1. CROSS-CULTURAL MISSION. Lift up a Kairos course taking place November 16-21 in the Philippines for Chinese cross-cultural students and church planters. The Kairos course aims to mobilize the global church for cross-cultural mission to the world’s least-reached people. Pray that God’s Spirit would teach, correct and guide each student for participation in indigenous mission movements.
  1. TEMPORARY HOUSING OUTREACH. OMF workers and Japanese Christians recently held two concerts in temporary housing areas for 2011 tsunami survivors. Pray that these efforts would open many more doors and for God to use them to bring emotional healing and eternal salvation to those in attendance.
  1. TRAINING OTHERS. Some workers in Southeast Asia are equipping staff and volunteers to help women who are looking to permanently leave the clutches of the sex trade. Praise God! Intercede for these women and their families, that they would trust in Jesus Christ.
  1. UNFOUNDED ACCUSATIONS. Earlier this year, a Laotian Christian was put in jail for “illegal medical practice” because he prayed for a sick person to be healed. Pray for believers in Laos to stand strong in the face of unjust accusations and for others to see the love of Jesus through these Christians.
  1. A TIME TO GATHER. Missionary third-culture kids (TCKs) who have been away to college or boarding school during the fall will be reuniting with their families this month to celebrate Christmas. Pray for safe travels, as well as times of joy and celebration with the families they have not seen for several months.
  1. UPDATED RESOURCE. Praise the Lord that OMF’s International Center library in Singapore has been updated. Next, the Research Department is working to establish a fellowship-wide system for electronic archives in order to facilitate the collection and accession of new documents. Pray that these resources will be useful to many.
  1. PRAY FOR THE KELANTANESE. The Kelantanese are based in the northeast part of peninsular Malaysia. They are a proud, staunchly Muslim people group. Pray for a spiritual breakthrough among them. Pray also for Christians to have wisdom, openness to the Spirit’s prodding and boldness to reach out to the Kelantanese.
  1. CEASE FIRE. The Myanmar government and eight armed rebel groups have signed a ceasefire agreement recently. Praise the Lord for this. Pray that this agreement will usher in an era of peace and stability in the country.
  1. NUNG AND TAY STORIES. Several Bible stories have been completed in the dialects of two minority people groups in Vietnam. A team of believers is now working on 37 more stories that can be used in chronological teaching. Having these stories is an answer to prayer. Please pray for the team as they continue to translate, test and record these stories. Ask for God to use stories to spread the gospel among these groups.
  1. EXIT STRATEGY. It is time to pass the Artis-Altai Business Cooperative project on to local leadership in Mongolia. Pray for this transition to go smoothly and that the business co-op will continue to be a blessing to local people, as well as a means of gospel witness.
  1. TUBERCULOSIS CRISIS. Tuberculosis affects 290,000 new people each year in the Philippines, according to the World Health Organization. Getting treatment to people in poverty-stricken areas is not easy, and the consequence of going untreated is death in two out of three cases. Pray that TB sufferers in the Philippines would come to know Jesus’ healing and love through compassionate Christian care.
  1. MAKASAR PEOPLE. The Makasar people live in Southwest Sulawesi, Indonesia. They have incredible navigation skills at sea and excel in craftsmanship, building wooden ships using only the blueprint in their heads. Pray that the daily gospel radio broadcast in the Makasar language would bring many from this predominantly Muslim people group to Christ.
  1. CHRISTMAS. “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us” (John 1:14). Thank God for his grace, mercy and sacrificial love for you, displayed through our Savior, Jesus Christ. Pray that the unreached people of East Asia would know the gospel in all its fullness and join in the throngs of worshipers before God’s throne in heaven.
  1. KAZAKS PERSECUTED. China’s ethnic Kazak minority are predominantly Muslim, with shamanism and animism often influencing their traditions and practices. Kazak Christians have undergone persecution in the form of ostracism, threats and job loss because of their faith. Pray for them to take confidence in Jesus’ unconditional love and live as bold witnesses for Christ.
  1. LOW ATTENDANCE. A Story Tea time in East Asia has been poorly attended by the Muslim women whom the Christian hosts have invited. The team time is an opportunity to fellowship and discuss Bible stories. Pray that the Enemy would not be able to use snow, busyness, shyness or lack of sleep to prevent women from participating.
  1. DISCERNMENT. Praise God for the smooth execution of the STEPS workshop (a time to help people discern whether they are called to cross-cultural work) in Singapore last month. May the Lord speak clearly into the hearts and minds of each participant, and may each person respond to him in obedience.
  1. FAITHFUL SERVICE. After graduating from Bible college, Pastor Pam returned to Lopburi, Thailand to work at a church. She has since assisted in flood relief efforts, mentorship and Christian leadership in her region. She is now planting a church in a town where evangelism has been very difficult. Pray God’s anointing over her church planting ministry.
  1. FORWARD MOVEMENT. Praise God for a good Board of Trustees meeting held in October 2015. Pray for continued discernment and follow-up as the Board interacts with OMF leaders in moving the organization into all God has in 2016 and beyond.
  1. NEW CANDIDATES. The OMF (U.S.) homeside extended acceptance to 10 new candidates at the recent U.S. Orientation Course. The candidates are headed to Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Japan and Thailand. Pray for them as they return home and connect with their churches, families and friends to begin partnership development.

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