August 2015
“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.  For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.” -Colossians 3:2-3

  1. NATION, RELIGION, KING. “Nation, Religion, King” is a slogan seen on many government documents in Cambodia. The “religion” referred to is Buddhism, which is also featured prominently on some of Cambodia’s new currency. Pray for the church in Cambodia to be a breath of fresh air and hope among people who have mostly only heard one thing their whole lives.
  1. START SMALL. A church-planting team in Cambodia hopes to see groups of believers meeting together for worship at four new locations over the next year. One of the areas previously had no known believers, but recently held a small gathering of two Christian families. Pray for God to grow his church there from this small beginning.
  1. 50TH ANNIVERSARY. Pray for the preparation of OMF Singapore’s 50th anniversary celebrations on August 10. Pray for safe travel and good energy for the speaker, Jamie Taylor. Pray that all glory be given to God, that people would be encouraged in their faith and deepen their commitment to seeing the gospel proclaimed in East Asia.
  1. NEW ARRIVALS. August signals the beginning of the school year at many college campuses around the U.S. Pray for Christians to be welcoming to East Asian students coming to the U.S. to study. These students’ time in the U.S. is a prime opportunity for them to hear the gospel, call on Jesus and be discipled.
  1. STOCK MARKET DIVE. In recent months, China’s stock market has taken a nosedive, causing panic among some Chinese investors. Pray for God to use this downturn for his glory, that as people see the futility of placing their hope in finances, they would hear the gospel and call on Jesus as Lord.
  1. NEW CHURCH. While threatened by police recently, a group of new minority believers in Laos were able to share their testimonies with the local authorities. Praise God that other Christians were able to equip them for persecution before it happened. Pray for them to remain steadfast in their faith.
  1. RESPONSE TO FAILURE. After not testing into a full four-year university, a female student in China is discouraged and feeling like a failure. She hears the gospel regularly; pray for her eyes to be opened to her heavenly Father’s loving plan for her life. Ask that she will be protected from false accusations, whether from within herself or from those around her.
  1. TRAVEL TO NK? In recent years, North Korea has opened its doors to more outside businesses and even tourism (in some places). Pray that more believers will travel there and that they would set themselves apart by their love, compassion and ethics.
  1. NO CONTACT. A handicapped Christian man in rural China is being barred by his village elders from meeting with other Christians. The village elders have warned the believers who know him to not contact him or they will beat him. Pray for this man’s love for Jesus to grow even under persecution and that others would be drawn to Christ through him.
  1. ALMOST THERE. An OMF team in Tohoku, Japan, prayed for 30 new long-term workers by the end of 2015. By the end of the summer, there will be 22. God is at work! Ask the Lord for at least eight more workers who will be able to minister there long-term.
  1. OPENNESS IN JAPAN. Thank God that the gospel can be preached openly in Japan; pray for that to continue to be the case. Also pray against the effects of secularization and materialism in Japan, that people would turn from pursuing things that can never satisfy to the eternal Living Water, Jesus Christ.
  1. MALAYSIAN BIBLES. In recent years, the Malaysian government has sought to restrict the importation of Bibles in Bahasa Malaysian, even though it is the language of the majority of Christians in East Malaysia. Please pray that the Bible in Bahasa Malaysian will become available to anyone in the country who wants one.
  1. LOST AT SEA. Many news outlets have reported on the situation concerning the Rohingya, a Muslim people group from Myanmar. It has been estimated that as many as 7,000 Rohingya are lost on boats in the Andaman Sea. Please pray that governments in the area (Southeast Asia) would come to an agreement on how to best deal with this humanitarian crisis.
  1. CEASE FIRE. Leaders of Myanmar’s armed ethnic groups amended a draft for a nationwide cease-fire accord during a recent summit. Please pray that this will lead to lasting peace and stability in the country. Ask also that many in Myanmar, especially among the majority Burmese, would find lasting peace with God through Jesus.
  1. MINDORO BIBLE COLLEGE. Pray for the staff of Mindoro Bible College in the Philippines as they prepare for the 2015-16 school year. Pray for more students to come, for good partnership with local churches, for healthy finances and for the staff to serve with joy.
  1. ISLAMIC STATE IN PHILIPPINES. Lift up the Philippines, as a congressional committee there recently approved a bill that would create an independent Islamic state in five provinces on the island of Mindanao, where Christians have long faced hostilities from Muslim militants and family members. Intercede for Christians in the area to be bold, loving witnesses of God’s grace.
  1. INDONESIA NATIONAL DAY. Today is Indonesia’s National Day. Lift up this diverse country with its many different ethnic groups and the largest Muslim population of any country in the world. Pray for God to move in power in Indonesia, that many would see Jesus for who he is—King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
  1. REACHING THE BARANGAYS. Pray for churches and individuals in the Philippines to gain a vision for reaching the 21,000 barangays (villages or districts) that still do not have an evangelical church.
  1. HOME ASSIGNEES. Pray for OMF’s home assignees (missionaries ministering temporarily in their home countries) as they share about their work and encourage others to get involved by praying, giving, going, sending and welcoming in cross-cultural missions. Ask God to use them to mobilize others to reach East Asia.
  1. GOSPEL BROADCASTS. The Christian radio ministry Far East Broadcasting Company broadcasts 16 hours weekly in Lao, Hmong, Khmu, Akha and Lahu—languages spoken widely among certain ethnic groups in Southeast Asia. Pray for good audio reception and spiritual response to the messages heard over the airwaves.
  1. RAPID CHANGE, INCREASED OPENNESS? Times are changing fast in Mongolia. In the countryside where most Mongolians have traditionally lived, nomadic shepherds send text messages on their cell phones while on horseback and watch TV powered by solar panels in their yurts. Pray they would also be open to the eternal, timeless and life-changing message of Jesus.
  1. BAPTISMS. Thank God that at a recent retreat among an unreached people group in East Asia that nine people were baptized. What’s more, a local Christian on the retreat took the initiative to gather and lead this group in studying the Bible. Pray that he would remain bold and committed to lead the group for God’s glory.
  1. CHURCH GROWTH REPORT. A recent report revealed that 62 percent of church growth in Thailand in the past eight years has occurred in four provinces, and mostly among tribal groups. Praise God for the growth and ask him to raise up Thai evangelists and church planters from these provinces to take the gospel to areas where Christ is still unknown in Thailand.
  1. NEW CHURCH PLANT. Praise God for the local church plant in Pak Phanang, Thailand and pray for God to raise up Thai believers with a heart for children’s ministry there. Pray also for the church’s leaders, that they will continue to serve faithfully and catch the vision to raise up leaders, disciple, evangelize, and plant churches in the surrounding areas.
  1. VIET KINH. The church in Vietnam is nearly 100 years old, but the majority of Christians in the country come from minority people groups. The majority Viet Kinh (over 75 million people) has only 500,000 believers (less than 1 percent). Pray for the Holy Spirit to open their hearts.
  1. HEART FOR ASIA 2015. Praise God for the many U.S. churches hosting Heart for Asia gatherings with a mission focus. Pray for those who speak at these mission conferences to boldly encourage churches to take part in proclaiming Jesus to East Asia’s unreached and that people would respond by going to serve among the unreached in East Asia.
  1. GLOBAL MINISTRY GROUPS. Thirteen OMF Global Ministry Groups are now meeting across the U.S. Pray for each participant to get more deeply involved in missions—going, praying, sending, mobilizing, learning or welcoming—as God directs.
  1. GHOST FESTIVAL. Today in Taiwan millions will celebrate the Ghost Festival, a traditional Chinese holiday that involves worshiping one’s ancestors and giving various offerings of food, drink and money to the spirits. Pray against principalities and spirits that keep people in Taiwan in spiritual bondage. Ask for God to draw many to faith and repentance there.
  1. VOLUNTEER MOBILIZERS. We at OMF hope to see God raise up volunteer mobilizers at every U.S. church who will help their churches more effectively engage in missions. Pray for the volunteer ministry to develop excellent systems for choosing, training and coaching these volunteers.
  1. GOD’S FAITHFULNESS BOOK. Lift up God’s Faithfulness: Stories from the China Inland Mission and OMF, a book of stories from OMF’s 150 years of service in East Asia. Ask that God would use the book to touch many and move believers to greater involvement in reaching the unreached.
  1. SERVE ASIA RETURNEES. Lift up participants who have returned to the U.S. from summer Serve Asia trips. Pray for God to use the experience in their lives to mobilize lifelong involvement in the Great Commission.

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