2014 June Prayer Powerlines

Prayer Powerlines

JUNE 2014
“Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.” -Romans 10:17

  1. VILLAGE OUTREACH. Praise God that people in villages near a certain Cambodian city continue to listen to their Bible stories. Pray that they will think deeply about the stories and respond to Christ. Ask also for discernment as workers strategize on how to continue engaging the villagers.
  2. KEY MEETINGS. Due to rapid church growth in Cambodia, the Fellowship Churches of Cambodia (FCC) was formed years ago as a network for sharing resources among churches, as well as regular training and mutual encouragement. Key meetings regarding FCC were held in May. Pray that the implementation of the meeting’s decisions would have a positive long-term impact on Cambodia’s churches.
  3. ORIENTATION COURSE. The OMF International (U.S.) Orientation Course takes place June 16-20. Pray for Kathy Dostal as she coordinates last-minute logistical details. Lift up the travels and health of participants and staff so that all can fully participate in what God has for them. Pray for guidance as the Candidate team assesses seven candidates and seeks God’s will for their next steps.
  4. TIANANMEN, 25 YEARS LATER. Today marks the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Incident in Beijing, China. Although tragic in many ways, the incident undermined many Chinese intellectuals’ faith in their government, leading some to seek faith in Jesus. Thank God for the Chinese church and pray for wisdom as its public witness grows.
  5. MINISTRY STRESS. As Christian workers encounter ministry-related stress and deal with people who are hard to love, the “cracks” start to show in their “jars of clay” (2 Corinthians 4:7). Pray that Christian workers can simultaneously model vulnerability and holiness. Ask God to make OMF International workers the aroma of Christ in their ministries.
  6. SPIRITUAL BATTLE. With news reports frequently detailing the latest threats from North Korean leaders, it is easy to forget that there is a spiritual battle for souls there (Ephesians 6). Ask God to work mightily in the hearts of the North Korean people to respond in repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.
  7. TESTS OF FAITH. The recent conversion of two men in China has not come without difficulties. One of the brothers lost his job because he refused to deny Christ. The other has a gambling addiction. Please remember these new believers, as they have an uphill battle, and one that our enemy does not want them to win.
  8. LONE WITNESS. The Eusey family serving in Japan will soon begin a ministry internship at a church in Hasuda City, Japan. It is the only church in a city of 65,000 people. Pray for this family to be a means of blessing to the church and community there. May the Lord advance the gospel in Hasuda.
  9. WHEREVER YOU GO. An OMF International missionary couple who has served in Japan is currently on home assignment in the U.S., but they still often encounter opportunities to share the gospel with Japanese students here. Pray that these times bring Japanese students closer to understanding the God who loves them as they return to Japan.
  10. SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN. Believers in Malaysia are trying be a blessing to the country via working with the disabled. Pray for the National Early Childhood Intervention Conference (NECIC) from June 5-8 in Malaysia. Ask for good working relationships among church leaders, government officials, non-governmental organizations and parents of special needs children.
  11. LIVING IN ISOLATION. After the Vietnam War, the number of disabled people and victims of the defoliant Agent Orange in Vietnam increased rapidly. Many of the disabled live in isolation. They lack social contact and suitable employment. Pray that God would open doors for the disabled to receive the Good News and experience true community.
  12. THE FILIPINO CHURCH. Today is the Philippines’ National Day. Praise God for the evangelical church’s growth there in recent decades, but also ask for biblical discipleship to take root. The proliferation of new groups, often led by those with minimal training, has given rise to doctrinal distortions, fanciful interpretations of scripture and corruption.
  13. FAMILY IN CRISIS. Pray for a Shan family in Northern Thailand who once professed to know Christ. Recently, the wife left her husband to marry a younger Buddhist man. The father is now left to care for three children. Pray for gospel transformation in this family as well as among the millions of Shan who do not know Jesus.
  14. ALPHA COURSE. Recently in Mongolia, a weekend Alpha course was attended by 16 teenagers and 12 leaders. The focus was on the Holy Spirit and God moved mightily. Some parents, however, do not allow their kids to come to Alpha anymore. Ask that these families’ hearts would soften and that they would come to know Jesus.
  15. RETURNING TO WHAT? A Chinese couple who recently came to faith while in the U.S. has expressed concerns about how they will maintain their fellowship and walk with Christ after returning to China soon. Pray for them, and others like them, to connect deeply with God’s church in China and not live in isolation.
  16. BIBLE RECORDINGS. The translation of a set of Bible stories into a minority people group’s language in China is underway. Most of the people in this group are illiterate. Pray for God’s leading and blessing as the stories are recorded and distributed.
  17. FALSE RUMORS. Some church members have left an OMF International church plant in the Philippines after a member falsely claimed that OMF International will not help the church’s typhoon victims. Pray that truth prevails and that God unifies his church. Ask God to protect relief workers who are doing the right thing and receiving unjust criticism.
  18. REACHING CHINESE. Mainland Chinese in one region of the Philippines fear arrest from officials, making them hesitant to attend English outreach classes. Praise God for an opportunity for Christian workers to partner with Chinese churches on Dumaguete Island instead. Pray for safe travels for the workers and effective outreach to Chinese who do not know Christ.
  19. GOSPEL TAKING ROOT. Of those whom Christian workers have recently led to Christ in Indonesia, many are poor and do not own cell phones, making follow-up difficult. Others have turned away because of an ingrained commitment to Islam. Pray that decisions for Christ would take root in people’s hearts and that doors would open for follow-up.
  20. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS. Indonesia’s presidential election on July 9, 2014 will determine the country’s president for the next five-year term. As Indonesians choose a leader for their nation, in which 87 percent of its 253 million citizens identify as Muslim, pray that God turns hearts to a candidate who will rule in accordance with his will.
  21. AGRICULTURE BUSINESS. Pray God’s blessing over the startup of an agricultural business that aims to facilitate direct contact between Christian workers and unreached Muslim peoples in East Asia. Pray that God provides workers with the expertise and management skills to strengthen the project and that Muslims come to know Jesus Christ through the work.
  22. ACEH PEOPLE. The Aceh people of western Sumatra, Indonesia are a Muslim people group. Though very unreceptive to Christianity, they experienced a period of openness when the 2004 tsunami struck their region and Christian workers responded with aid. Only 50 out of 4 million Acehnese know Christ. Pray for opportunities for the Aceh people to hear about their Savior.
  23. FIELD MEDICAL ADVISOR. Praise God for his provision of a Field Medical Advisor (FMA) for Taiwan, Dr. Annie Chen Green, and an Assistant FMA, Dr. Arnold Chan. Pray that Drs. Green and Chan would together implement great health care for OMF International’s workers in Taiwan.
  24. ECONOMIC STRUGGLES. Thailand’s political protests, which began in November 2013, continue rocking Thailand’s government and now the economy. Rumors circulate about an impending economic recession. Business owners have seen decreasing sales. Pray that the Thai church remains spiritually resilient and can offer comfort, support and hope in Christ to those who are struggling.
  25. 149 YEARS. On June 25, 1865―149 years ago today―Hudson Taylor “prayed for 24 willing, skillful laborers” to reach the inland provinces of China. Thank God with us for what he has done through OMF International over that time. The love of Christ continues to compel us to take the Good News to East Asia’s billions.
  26. 2015 PLANNING. We look forward to 2015, the 150th anniversary of the founding of the China Inland Mission. Ask God to grant us wisdom in selecting opportunities that will embrace the vision of OMF International. Pray for events and celebrations that will bring glory to God for all he has done through CIM/OMF International over these years.
  27. NATIONAL LEADERSHIP TEAM. Praise God that the Leadership team was able to retreat to the mountains recently, seeking God for a united strategy through leadership training and mentoring. Continue to pray for our Leadership team as they face the challenges of a changing missions environment in the U.S. and increasing global opportunities.
  28. FINANCE PRAISES. Praise God that OMF International (U.S.) closed out 2013 with operations in the black, a clean audit and a good report to the Board of Trustees. Pray for continued good financial stewardship in 2014 and God’s provision for the work he leads us into.
  29. WITCH DOCTOR. A man who once professed faith in Christ became the village witch doctor after moving to a tribal village in Northern Thailand. A pastor recently visited his village and shared about Jesus’ love. The man cried as the pastor shared. Pray for his salvation and that his witness would impact his unreached village of 500 people.
  30. BRUNEI. Brunei, an Islamic state, is led by the Sultan of Brunei, who is also Head of Islam for the small country. It is estimated that Brunei’s land is more densely populated with mosques than any other country’s territory. Pray that this nation of 250,000 people would hunger after God.

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