2014 July Prayer Powerlines

Prayer Powerlines

July 2014

“And you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” -Acts 1:8b

  1. CULT. A deceitful and well-funded “Christian” cult in Kratié Province, Cambodia is enticing many to join their church. Genuine believers are taking a stand, but many are intimidated by the boldness and resources of the false church. Pray that God exposes the lies of this group and emboldens believers to speak truth.
  2. KRUNG BIBLE. Praise God for the completion and printing of the Krung New Testament, as well as portions of the Old Testament and Psalms. Pray for wisdom and stamina for the Bible translators leading similar projects in the future, as they are at retirement age. Pray that many Krung people read the word and understand it, leading to their salvation.
  3. HIV EDUCATION. An HIV center and Chinese NGO are working together to educate villages in China about HIV prevention and treatment. Pray for strategic planning and fruitful discussions. Ask God to open doors for HIV educators to share the healing love of Christ as they teach.
  4. DIASPORA. Please pray for follow-up among students from Ritsumeikan University in Japan who recently left the States to return home. Some have shown interest in doing Bible studies and attending churches once they are back in Kyoto and Shiga. Pray for removal of all obstacles to their spiritual progress.
  5. BIBLE STORIES. Praise God for regular three-day trainings with leaders among an unreached people group in Southeast Asia. The leaders memorize and reenact more than 20 Bible stories. Each leader then teaches a story weekly in their respective churches. Pray that these Bible stories transform minds and hearts, leading to deeper knowledge of the Lord.
  6. DISCIPLE MAKING. Weekly trainings among villages in a country in Southeast Asia teach believers how to make disciples. These believers unite to pray for the sick in their communities. Many are coming to Christ, but the church-planting team is at capacity. Pray for local churches to catch the vision of sending and supporting dedicated national church planters.
  7. PROVISIONS FOR NK. Because of the poverty in North Korea, people cut down trees from the mountains to get wood. Without trees to absorb carbon in the atmosphere and hold down topsoil during rainstorms, North Korea is experiencing high carbon levels and flooding. Pray that God provides what North Koreans need and that they could care for the land well.
  8. ASIAN GAMES. North Korea is expected to participate in the Asian Games, the largest multi-sport event after the Olympic Games. The Asian Games will be held in Incheon, South Korea from September 18 to October 4, 2014. Pray that North Korean athletes would participate and that discerning Christians would sensitively communicate Christ’s love to them.
  9. APATHY. A team in the Mekong region has seen eight people from an unreached people group come to Christ in the past three months. The new believers have no desire to meet as a house church, however. Pray that the Holy Spirit would show them the importance of fellowship and that they would prioritize meeting together.
  10. CHURCH OPENING. Nayoro Grace Church, a new church plant in Hokkaido, Japan, opened on April 29. Seventy Christians gathered to celebrate. Ask God to bless the teaching and ministries of the church with his guidance and provision. Pray for Christian workers Tim and Miho Walker as they minister at the church.
  11. LIFE ADVICE. Young people in Vietnam, like youth in the U.S., have many questions about life and relationships. With a Christian population of only 9.4 percent (a liberal estimate), young people see few examples of godly Christian couples. Pray that church leaders answer questions biblically, with understanding, and that they model godly relationships.
  12. CHURCH IN VIETNAM. The government in Vietnam formally recognizes some denominations, such as the Evangelical Church of Vietnam. Recognition, however, comes with restrictions and temptation to compromise biblical convictions. Unregistered churches may face harassment and discrimination. Pray for a day when Vietnam’s believers can worship in freedom. Pray for the church’s growth in Vietnam.
  13. HOSPICE. Hospice care provides crucial opportunities to reach broken, hurting people with the Good News, especially in places like Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia where both good hospice care and gospel witness are sparse. Ask God to provide staff, along with financial and prayer support, to enable Joint Christian Services (JCS) to open a new hospice center in western Ulaanbaatar.
  14. CHILD CARE CLASSES. A pre-natal class in urban China teaches young moms the basics of child care and self care to help them break the cycle of abandonment and violence they experienced growing up in the prostitution industry. Pray that these young women would learn to love their families and would be drawn to the love of Christ.
  15. GODLY FAMILIES. An aspiring nanny observed the family life of Christian workers in urban China to learn about child discipline. “You see the world differently … you treat your children with respect,” she told them. “I am seriously considering believing in Jesus.” Pray that Christian families would witness to others through their godly example.
  16. NEW STUDY. A new Bible study has begun in a village affected by Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines. A Filipino co-worker delivered relief supplies in the wake of the typhoon, then invited the villagers to his Bible study. Forty people now meet to study the word of God. Pray for gospel seeds planted through the study to bear spiritual fruit.
  17. NEW LEADERSHIP. OMF International’s Philippines field is now being led by a new Field Director, Jay Hallowell. Lift up Jay as he assumes this leadership role. May God continue to bless the work in the Philippines, where the church has grown in new ways in recent years.
  18. WITNESS IN DEATH. An elderly Thai Christian man recently died in a remote area of Thailand where there is little gospel witness. Before his death, he insisted on having a Christian funeral, where a Thai pastor and OMF International worker shared about the man’s hope in Jesus. Pray for follow-up visits to this area, that God would use this man’s death to reach many.
  19. NEVER HEARD. A woman in Indonesia hopes a witch doctor can help cure her husband’s sickness. When asked about Jesus, she replied, “I’ve never heard of him.” She has now heard and been prayed for in the name of Jesus. Pray for God to deliver her and her husband from the power of the evil one.
  20. HART. About 20 workers and their children will be attending the OMF International (U.S.) Home Assignment Reunion and Training (HART) this week. Please pray that this time will be encouraging and helpful to these workers as they connect with home staff and reacquaint with current trends and policies in the U.S.
  21. SEARCH FOR A SPOUSE. In a certain area of Southeast Asia, there are very few male Christians. Many of the women who are new believers are starting to date and consider marriage to non-Christians. Pray for God to provide godly, Christian husbands for these women.
  22. REDUCED ATTRITION. OMF International (U.S.) is hoping for reduced attrition at every level of the organization—applicants, candidates, appointees and field workers. Pray for discernment to understand and address the reasons for a decline in people going or returning to the field in recent years.
  23. RAMADAN. East Asia’s more than 260 million Muslims are currently observing Ramadan, the holiest month of the year on the Muslim calendar. Pray for them to be able to see, hear and respond to the Good News of God’s grace, that their acceptance before a holy God is based on what Jesus has done, not on what rituals they keep.
  24. LOST IN THE INTERNET. Some OMF International workers in Taiwan recently attended a workshop about “knowing the Internet world of teenagers.” Pray for the young people of Taiwan who are “lost” in the world of the Internet and computer games. Also pray that workers would have wisdom to know how to minister to those dealing with online addictions.
  25. NEW LIFE. An OMF International worker in Taiwan has been studying the Bible with two teenage girls for the past several months. They have now decided to follow Jesus, but nobody in their family or extended family is a Christian. Please pray that these two girls will continue to grow in their knowledge of Christ.
  26. POLITICAL UNREST. Continue to lift up the current political situation in Thailand. Pray for peace and stability and for an end to the civil unrest. Also ask for the believers to be salt and light in these uncertain times.
  27. LIVE IT OUT. An OMF International couple in Thailand asks for prayer as they lead their discipleship class to “put feet to pavement and do what we’ve been talking and praying about.” This is a key step in the discipleship process. Ask for God’s blessing and enabling as these Thai believers reach out to those around them.
  28. BOARD OF TRUSTEES. The OMF International (U.S.) Board of Trustees meets twice a year. Trustees are responsible for overseeing programs, finances, employees and the vision of OMF International (U.S.). Pray for God to be at work in and through our board members as they serve in this capacity.
  29. A FIRST STEP. This summer, dozens of short-term workers with OMF International’s Serve Asia program are serving throughout East Asia. Many long-term workers were mobilized for career service through such a trip. Pray for God to work in the hearts of Serve Asia workers this summer and call many to a life devoted to bringing hope to unreached people and places.
  30. GERMAN WORKERS. In recent years, new worker applications had slowed to a trickle in the OMF International Germany office. Recently, however, there have been six new applicants and several other inquirers. Pray for these who have applied to be provided with all they need to serve in East Asia.
  31. END OF OC. OMF International’s current Orientation Course (OC) in Singapore ends soon and new workers will disperse to their fields. Pray for their adjustment to a new culture and language as they begin their service in East Asia. May God use them to establish new church movements among the unreached.

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