2014 April Prayer Powerlines

Prayer Powerlines

APRIL 2014
“Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn.” –Isaiah 60:3

  1. NEW YEAR. Countries practicing Theravada Buddhism, like Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, will celebrate the Theravadin New Year for three days from the first full moon day in April. Ask God to awaken the hearts of Buddhists so they will hear the gospel, understand it and turn to Christ.
  2. CAR ACCIDENT. In the aftermath of a tragic car accident involving an OMF International worker and the national who was killed, the missionary is being held financially responsible for the accident even though he is not at fault. Pray for wisdom as financial compensation is settled. Ask God to draw many nationals to himself through this situation. Pray also for comfort for the missionary who is heartbroken over the incident.
  3. NEIGHBORHOOD VISITS. Please pray for the weekly visits made by two Christian workers to a nearby Cambodian village. One Cambodian woman often visits a Christian medical clinic but believes all religions are “good.” Pray that strong friendships evolve and that the gospel message falls on soft hearts.
  4. COURAGE TO BELIEVE. “The general reaction is that believing in Christ is an unnecessary and possibly dangerous thing,” says a Christian worker about a village of unreached peoples in China. “Dangerous it may be, but unnecessary it certainly is not.” Pray that villagers would see their need for Christ and risk whatever is necessary to proclaim his name.
  5. NAIROBI INITIATIVE. Ask God to guide and empower the Chinese Diaspora Ministries Nairobi Initiative team as they implement strategies to reach Chinese in Africa. Specifically, ask him to provide for new workers Wenhui and Jane Gong as they transition to Nairobi in July and look for a home.
  6. RADIO PROGRAM. Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC), a Christian radio station, broadcasts 16 hours weekly in Lao, Hmong, Khmu, Akha and Lahu. Pray for a good reception and spiritual response.
  7. TRANSFORMATION. Pray that God bolsters a ministry in a nation that provides training and treatment for pediatric cerebral palsy patients. One quadriplegic cerebral palsy child entered school for the first time in her life after receiving treatment. Pray for the physical and spiritual transformation of this country.
  8. CAFÉ MINISTRY. A café in East Asia employs both believers and nonbelievers from an unreached people group. Pray that the gospel would permeate the café’s environment. Ask God to open doors for Christians to share their lives and the gospel with their lost co-workers.
  9. STRONGHOLDS. A Dai believer has played an important part in training and discipling fellow national believers, but she continues to struggle with sins that fracture relationships within her church. Ask God to break through strongholds in this leader’s life. Pray that fellow believers will extend grace and forgiveness to her.
  10. SERVING PARTNERS. Please pray for God’s direction as our Partnership Services team seeks to better serve field workers and their prayer and financial partners. They would like to broaden support and cast vision that communicates needs more effectively.
  11. PROCESSING APPLICATIONS. The Serve Asia team is processing applications for summer opportunities. Pray for the team as they review applications, conduct interviews and discern which short-term workers have the skills, character and calling to effectively serve field ministries.
  12. BOARD OF TRUSTEES. The OMF International Board of Trustees will be meeting April 24-26, 2014 to address important issues and strategy that will guide the U.S. team into the future. Ask God to clarify his vision for ministry and for the Holy Spirit to give personal direction and wisdom to the board members. Pray for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual protection.
  13. AUDIT AND PAYROLL. The Finance team asks you to join them in praise for the completion of the 2013 audit! Their next item for prayer is asking God to guide their search for the best payroll service company.
  14. PRESIDENT. Intercede for our President, Michael Littlefield, as he leads OMF International (U.S.) through a time of strategic changes in our organizational structure. Pray for Michael’s relationship with God to always remain his top priority and fuel the heart of his leadership.
  15. STUDENT OUTREACH. Pray over the development of the Sendai Student Focus ministry in Japan, which will reach out to the 60,000 university students in the greater Sendai area. The team, which will likely include seven full-time workers, aims to cooperate with local churches to reach students with the gospel.
  16. NATIONAL PASTOR. Saitama International Church in Japan Is facing a problem that every missionary hopes to see someday: the church is ready for a national pastor to replace their missionary pastor—they just need God to provide the right person. Ask God to reveal the right national leader.
  17. SPIRITUAL ATTACK. Pray that God protects a church in Myanmar that is under spiritual attack. Many youth in the church struggle with drug addiction and the pastor has spent more time working in the market and less time pastoring his church. Believers are weakening in faith. Pray that the church would re-kindle its hope and faith in the Lord.
  18. MINORITY GROUPS. Praise God for the rapid spread of the gospel among certain ethnic minority groups in Vietnam. Pray for greater growth of the church among the majority Vietnamese population.
  19. TRAINING IN LEYTE. Thank God for allowing 120 typhoon survivors to receive church multiplication training on Leyte Island, Philippines. Pray that these pastors’ hearts are strengthened and their minds empowered to train and encourage others. May they bear much fruit.
  20. EASTER. Praise God for his victory over death and sin through Christ, our risen Savior! Pray that God receives the glory due his name in celebrations around the world today. Ask God to draw lost souls to himself as the gospel is preached. May the rejoicing of Christians be contagious!
  21. TEAM FRICTION. Pray that God would instill unity, understanding and love between national and expat workers on a team in Indonesia. National workers are experiencing friction with the surrounding community because of their close association with the expats. Ask for God’s wisdom to guide the situation.
  22. SEND WORKERS. “I cherish your prayers for the millions of my fellow countrymen who live in darkness and hopelessness.” Praise God for Emily, a believer in Southeast Asia who asked Christian workers to send others to her hometown. Ask God to send workers for the harvest to her community to embolden Emily to share the gospel with others.
  23. LOSING MEMBERS. Pray that God would send more national workers to a team in Southeast Asia that is losing two team members mid-year. More men, specifically, would be helpful in equipping new believers.
  24. CANCER. A nonbelieving family in Indonesia received news that their 15-year-old daughter has cancer at an aggressive stage. They planned to see a shaman for two weeks and then seek medical attention if necessary. Pray that Muslim families would increasingly witness the power of Christ to heal and worship him as Lord.  
  25. JONATHAN TRAINING. Praise God for the 12 men and women who received Jonathan training through a team in the Philippines. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s movement as they pass on discipleship and church multiplication training, specifically to the half-dozen churches who have asked a Jonathan graduate to train their members.
  26. IT IMPROVEMENTS. Early in February, OMF International IT staff gathered from Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada to discuss current and future IT systems.  Please pray that this information is digested, disseminated and implemented in a timely manner.
  27. NEW LEADERS. Pray that Felix and Carol, a couple growing in faith at Hengchun Bible Church in Taiwan, would be equipped to lead the church. Pray that their discipleship times with Christian workers would be fruitful as they prepare for this new responsibility.
  28. CHILDREN’S MINISTRY. Pray for the 25 or so children who have been coming to the Friday “Kid’s Club” in Thailand. They play games, sing songs, listen to a Bible story, learn a Bible verse and do a craft. Pray for God’s word and love to sink deep into children’s hearts and lead them to salvation.
  29. RADIO PROGRAMMING. Pray for Christian workers as they research and develop Christian radio programming that would reach an unreached people group in Thailand. Ask God to open opportunities with popular radio stations in strategic regions. Pray for clear communication of the gospel and open hearts to receive the message.
  30. CHEFOO RECONSIDERED. Third-culture kids (TCKs) who attended Chefoo boarding school as children in the 1950s and 1960s will have the chance to process the joys and hardships of their experience at “Chefoo Reconsidered” in October 2014. Pray that God would provide the time and resources for TCKs to attend.

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