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Urban China Q&A: Wife and Mother

A wife, mother of three and worker for the Lord wrote some thoughts on what life and ministry in urban China is like for her.

Q: What are the challenges as you raise a family in China?

A: We’ve just been back at home in the U.K. for the few months, and everything here feels fresh in comparison. When we first arrived back in the U.K., we felt a wave of freedom that we could do normal things like taking a bus or a walk in the park, or taking kids to the supermarket with nobody giving us a second glance. It was such a wonderful feeling compared to how we sometimes feel living in China, where everybody notices us wherever we go.
We’ve also realized how amazing it is to have children’s ministry available to us. The kids love going to church here. In China, Sunday school didn’t always provide the same level of teaching or fun for our kids.
Because of pollution, outside play in urban China can also be quite limited, which is not very easy when you have energetic boys at home. (I feel like I’m complaining here. Am I complaining? Sorry, I don’t mean to!)

Q: How have you seen God work through your family to be a blessing to those around you?

A: Well, we ourselves have for sure been blessed as we do ministry as a family! By opening our home, we get to interact with other families and share what we believe through our actions. They are usually quite interested in how we talk to our kids, observing as we draw boundaries with them, noticing how we try to treat them equally and raise them according to the Bible. It comes across as quite different and foreign to Chinese people, but they usually give very good feedback about the differences and are willing to try it themselves. I hope it is a blessing to those around us. I think it is.

Q: What is your prayer for families in China?

A: My prayer for Chinese families would be that they will see their need for salvation. I pray that not just them but their whole household would want to follow the Lord, who gives real life and meaning and hope to them, their children and the generations to come. I pray that they would want to live a life different to what they are used to and be the difference themselves in each corner of the city, that they may shine for Jesus. My prayer is that they would not only believe in Jesus themselves, but have a burden and vision for other families in China who do not know him. Ok, I better go pray this right now.

Life in urban China has its challenges but we are so thankful for workers who give of themselves to serve the Lord.
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