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Urban China Q&A: University Lecturer

We ask one of our workers, a university lecturer, about what life and ministry is like for him:

Q: You teach at a university 5 days a week. How do you see your work as your ministry?

A: As a teacher in China, I’m not just their teacher for one semester, but I’m their teacher for life. The relationship between teacher and student can be very deep and impactful. I went to a former student’s wedding recently and was so privileged to give one of the first speeches at their wedding. Such is the respect they have for teachers. As a result, who I am, and Christ in me, has great opportunity to make an impact on them – not only while they are at university – but, God-willing, for a lifetime.

Q:  What has been a challenge for you as you face academic culture where you work?

A:  Ethics is a very grey area in China. In research, there can be a culture where the truth is not always entirely valued. As a Christian, I am a strong believer in bearing witness to the God of truth by being truthful and ethical in all my work. This is not always well-received by colleagues, but it is important to me to show myself to be different, not just because I am a foreigner, but because I am the Lord’s.

Q:  Looking around your campus, what do you see as the students’ biggest spiritual need?

A:  Although they are surrounded by other students, they are entirely isolated. The way smartphones are used now, students keep connected only to their hometown friends, and can fail to connect with people around them. The city becomes a big, lonely place for them. Many struggle with identity and worth because only the academically successful are honored. I see that spiritually they need to know that there is a God and that he cares deeply for them. I believe that Christians in their schools can be instruments of God’s love to them.


Would you consider working alongside him?  Bring your teaching profession to urban China and make an impact.

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