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When she was a young student, Pay-San felt that her life was empty. In desperation she went to a fortune teller. The man was famous and had a reputation for being very accurate, so she had to queue for a long time. Surprisingly he told Pay-San to read the Bible. She did, and became a Christian.

Taiwanese people consult fortune tellers in order to know the future, avoid bad luck, or to work out why life is going wrong. The fortune tellers can use various techniques, including numerical charts and even “reading” the cracks in a heated turtle shell. They can be seen and consulted almost anywhere, in markets, temples and near railway stations.

Another lady consulted a fortune teller every evening to find out where best to place her bed to ensure a good nights sleep. One evening the Feng Shwei expert (specializing in positioning things to gain good luck) told her that if she wanted a meaningful life, she should believe in Jesus. He also cautioned her, that Jesus demands wholehearted commitment. She took the “risk” and is now a Christian.

Will you pray for Taiwan?  

  • Pray that influential fortune-tellers will become Christians and share their testimonies.
  • Pray that people would be content to be in the loving hands of the God who knows and controls the future.
  • Pray that new Christians will obey God’s word and not consult fortune tellers. May their transformed lives be a testimony to other people.


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