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The Unsung Heroes of OMF Cambodia


Behind every front line work is a support team. An OMF value is Partnership and this is clearly worked out in Cambodia with the strong relationship between our national language teachers and the missionaries. Whether we are new to the field or have been here for many years there is always something to learn relating to language and culture.

Serving OMF for over ten years are five teachers. Mr Tha the Language Advisor describes it as a privilege to serve Christ by teaching missionaries in his country.

Yuki from Brazil reflects that ‘The diversity of our teachers is a strong point. I am learning a lot how to share the gospel to Cambodians in their context from Teacher David. Teacher Sok Chorn knows well Cambodia History. Teacher Yim Ny is awesome in teaching pronunciation.’ Dr Inge, a medical missionary really appreciates talks about Khmer culture. ‘I learn a lot from (my) teacher helping me understand the Khmer worldview better, which helps me a lot with the work at MMC (Mercy Medical Clinic), staff and patients.’

Each day, as the language helpers enter their cubicles to start their work, what do they think of? ‘I’ve got to help this one get his vowels right…’, ‘That one still must be corrected for sentence structure before she preaches…’ They easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of each learner and are patient with us, generous with praise, but also get affected when they note our struggles. One teacher said, “We want to help so the OMFers, no matter their nationality, can be effective in bringing the gospel to the Cambodians.” With their help, we can all do it! They are truly the unsung heroes of this mission team.

Pray that the language school teachers will continue to see they have a vital part to play in reaching Cambodia for Christ and that the two who are not believers will come to Christ.

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