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University Students’ Christmas Party

As someone who ministers to university students, I have the privilege of volunteering in several different student groups. At one particular university in our city, I volunteer in two groups. One is an English conversation club, and the other is a Christian student group that’s studying the Bible together.

The past few years we have arranged a combined Christmas party with these two groups.

Each year, we have a mix of games around the theme of Christmas and English, with a short devotion about the Christmas story. Many Japanese people don’t know the real meaning of Christmas. They connect it with Santa Claus, romantic dates, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

During our discussion time, we break into small groups so that the students can share more deeply about what Christmas means for them. I still remember the deep voice of one of the Christian students passionately explaining his faith to his breakout group. And with his kind of voice, all the other groups could hear it, too!

We usually finish up with bingo at the end, where everybody gets a present. No losers on Christmas.

Two months ago, the leaders of the English conversation club approached us, asking if we could do a combined Christmas party again. It’s so encouraging to know that they were open to hearing about Jesus’s birth again this year.

Non-Christian students may have few chances to get to know Christian students. And Christian student groups may tend to work well within themselves, but be uncertain about how to build relationships with non-Christians. Missionaries who have contacts in both circles can bring them together and foster opportunities for believers to share their faith with their peers.

This year, please pray for Christian students to have courage to tell others the reason for their joy at Christmas. And pray also that in the darkness of winter, non-Christian students will seek the Light of the world.

By Jessy, an OMF Missionary

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