Transforming Coastal Communities

Required Budget: $10,000 annually

Many SE Asian coastal communities are dependent on declining fish stocks from degraded habitats; isolated from markets, education and innovation; trapped in poverty; vulnerable to the effects of natural disasters; and have never met a follower of Jesus. This has to change.

This project aims to place national believers in unreached coastal communities where they can serve practically, while they share the good news. We want to see national workers trained and equipped in transforming coastal communities. Through fishermen’s cooperatives, fish processing operations, fish farming and other social enterprises, these workers will be able to be a tangible blessing to unreached communities.

But how do we get national workers trained, equipped and placed into these needy places? That is the challenge that this project is addressing. We see enormous potential for missional businesses providing a way for coastal fishers to meet Jesus-followers and their Lord. Reaching this vision will mean:

  1. Tapping into networks of gospel workers (to unearth the nationals willing to serve in the coastal communities).
  2. Tapping into Christian business/development networks (to meet like-minded folks who can provide the business expertise and the investment to start businesses).
  3. Providing hands-on training for national workers by connecting them with existing businesses.
  4. Supporting nationals as they seek to see transformation in coastal communities.

This is a strategic project that will act as a catalyst to place gospel workers in needy communities. Project funds will not be used directly for starting businesses but for training and supporting nationals while they are undergoing training.

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