The Age of Migration and a prophetic vision for the Church in the UK and Ireland

How would you define the times we live in?

In light of there being over 280 million international migrants in the world today ‘the age of migration’ is how many commentators are defining it. People have been and are moving around the world like never before in history. Almost 10 million of the UK’s population were born in another country. Over 17% of Ireland’s population were born outside Ireland. This includes those temporarily making these isles their home for work and studies before returning to their home countries, including over 700,000 international students.

For many, this looks like a threat to the stability and security of the lands they call their own. It fills them with anxiety and the urge to baton down the hatches and look after their own.

However, as God’s people, caught up in his unfolding and unstoppable story, we need to engage with the ever-changing context around us with a Spirit-infused, Word-based, prophetic vision. Trusting and obeying the God who is Lord of heaven and earth, in control and working out his purposes in the midst of global and local events, as he has throughout history. The God whose Word says that he has appointed the times and places peoples would inhabit so that they would seek him and might reach out and find him who is not far from any one of us (Acts 17:25-26). And we know that people’s primary way of experiencing God’s love, found in Jesus, is by his people sharing it with them.

In OMF, we seek to serve local churches as they play their part in the amazing missional opportunities among the nations they have all around them in these days. To do this well, particularly in relation to people from East Asian backgrounds, we would love to learn how we can serve and resource this.

To help us in this effort, please take a few minutes to complete this survey.

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