Why care for creation?

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Book 1: Creation glorifies God

Exploring the idea that creation is to be cared for because it brings glory to God, and how our worship can reflect this.

Book 2: God entrusts us with the care of creation

Considering God’s commands to care for creation, and how they apply to us today.

Book 3: Good News for Creation

Seeing that Jesus is Lord of creation and has ensured its future in the kingdom of God.

We hope these booklets show how the gospel is both our motivation and the power that brings the hope and transformation needed to truly care for creation.

In all of the apostle Paul’s letters, the power and scope of the good news of Jesus is immense and radical. It brings peace and reconciliation with God, and between Jew and Gentile, and as Paul wrote to the Colossians, Jesus’ blood was shed on the cross so that through him God would reconcile to himself all things. While in Romans 8, we see that God’s purpose is to redeem the whole of his creation, which is waiting ‘in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed’. (Romans 8:19).

These few examples demonstrate Paul’s gospel hope is much wider than simply personal salvation. And Christ calls us to participate in this work to restore the whole of his creation by living and proclaiming, embodying and becoming good news to the nations.

Inspired by this all-encompassing good news OMF seeks to share the good news of Jesus Christ in all its fullness. These booklets unpack what that looks like in one significant area: caring for God’s world.

But what does all this have to do with East Asia? Through our work in East Asia we also enjoy the incredible beauty and biodiversity of that part of God’s world, while seeing how extreme weather events, deforestation, pollution of rivers and oceans, and other environmental issues disproportionately affect the poorest and most vulnerable people in society. It’s a worldwide responsibility for the global Church, but, comes down to local churches caring for their local area. It’s an expression of love for the God who made the world, and for their neighbours, who depend on it.

About the author – David Gould

David and his wife Ruth served in support ministry roles with OMF International in Singapore for 12 years. (You can find out more about their time in Singapore in this short video) Since they returned to the UK in 2014 David has continued to advocate for creation care in OMF International and beyond. He is a college tutor for creation care, and a trustee for a charity engaged in developing renewable energy solutions in the Global South. He can be contacted at david.gould@omfmail.com

Can I use these materials in my church or small group?

Yes! We hope the booklets can help start a conversation in our churches. If you group is very small, please consider downloading the material and using it electronically. If you’d like 10 or more copies, we can provide physical copies for your church or small group for free.

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