English Mission School (EMS) is a children’s programme devised for Hosanna Church in Busan, South Korea by Shirley DeMerchant and Park Eun Sook. The purpose of EMS was ‘through English to educate and inspire elementary-age children with the Word of God, with the intention of producing future missionaries’.

The program was featured in January 2016 Billions magazine, along with explanation of how to use it. The four themes and teaching points of the syllabus are expanded below.

Theme 1 “Culture”

  1. Culture – What is it and how can it be described?
  2. Cultural features 1 – Appearance, Clothes, Language
  3. Cultural features 2 – Food, Festivals, Music, Surroundings
  4. Reacting appropriately to cultural differences
  5. Dealing with cultural barriers to the Gospel and Christian missions
  6. Review and reflection on culture

Theme 2 “Qualifications of missionaries”

  1. Personal qualities, abilities and qualifications for missions
  2. Understanding the meaning of “God’s Calling” to missions
  3. Spiritual and personal qualities needed in missions
  4. Missionary roles and opportunities
  5. Preparing and training for missions
  6. Review and reflection on qualifications of missionaries

Theme 3 “Qualifications of missionaries”

  1. What a religion is and what the major world religions are
  2. Developing compassion for people in other religions
  3. Comparing Christianity with other religions
  4. The interaction between culture and religions
  5. Strategies for sharing the Gospel with people in other religions
  6. Review and reflection on other religions

Theme 4 “Qualifications of missionaries”

  1. Understanding the meaning of sacrifice
  2. The difference between sacrificial and superficial giving
  3. An example of missionary sacrifice
  4. The example of foreign missionaries’ sacrifice in Korea
  5. The sacrifices of the target missionary in the class target nation
  6. Review and reflection on sacrifice

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