George Hunter: Apostle of China’s Silk Road tells the inspiring story of this pioneering Scotsman who served in China for nearly 60 years.

When people think about China, they are often not aware that there are large numbers of Muslim people living there. Chinese government statistics from 2010 reported a sum of over 23 million Muslims, which is almost equivalent to the total population of Australia.

Islam was introduced into China hundreds of years ago by Muslim traders travelling the old Silk Road trade roads from Central Asia before settling in Northwest China.

George Hunter was the longest-serving of the China Inland Mission workers in this region, serving in China from 1889 until his death in 1946. From 1906 onwards, he was based in Urumqi (the capital of modern-day Xinjiang Province). From there, he travelled far and wide throughout the region and the book paints a fascinating picture of these journeys, including across the fearsome Gobi Desert.

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