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George Hunter: Apostle of China’s Silk Road tells the inspiring story of this pioneering Scotsman who served in China for nearly 60 years. First published in 1948, we are pleased to release this classic biography by Mildred Cable and Francesca French as a free ebook.

Kindle Edition- China Stories


China is one of the most influential countries in the world. It is also home to one of the fastest growing church movements in the world. God is at work in powerful ways in this ancient land. Yet the needs are still great. More than 1 billion Chinese still do not know Christ. 
Read these stories of hope and need, and lift up China in prayer.

Kindle Edition- China’s Cities: A prayer guide for urban China


What is God’s heartbeat for China’s cities?

Thirty years ago, 80 per cent of people in China lived in rural areas. Today, more than half the Chinese population lives in urban areas.

Kindle Edition- Whom God Has Joined (Isobel Kuhn)


John and Isobel Kuhn were two ordinary people who made an extraordinary commitment to put “God first.” With transparent honesty and humour, Isobel shares stories from her life as a missionary wife in China.

Part of the Isobel Kuhn collection.

Kindle Edition- Children of the Hills (Isobel Kuhn)


Isobel Kuhn, with her husband John, longed to win the loveable Lisu people to Christ. She delighted in them and the simplicity of their life. She says, “Lisuland is a place of physical hardness and spiritual luxury, but if you have ever tasted that luxury all else will be tame for ever after.” Isobel had the privilege of seeing the Spirit of God moving among an unreached people group.

Kindle Edition- Second Mile People (Isobel Kuhn)


Six ‘second mile people’ were friends and colleagues whose lives made a deep impression on Isobel Kuhn. These brief character studies of their spiritual lives offer vivid examples of lifestyle Christianity.

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