Faithful prayer

After we sent the January Billions edition to the printers, we were sad to receive news of the death of one of our faithful prayer group leaders, Michael Kay in December.

Michael never served in East Asia himself, but he had been praying for the Lord’s work there through the China Inland Mission and later OMF for over 70 years, including leading the Bury Prayer Group for around 40 years. Michael began praying for CIM/OMF in his early 20s in the 1950s. Michael went on to lead the Bury Prayer Group from 1979 until 2019.

The Bury Prayer Group supported OMF workers Roger and Sonia Howe, David & Mary Robinson and Michael & Diana Dunn among others.

Michael Dunn remembered how in later years: ‘Michael would ring us every Christmas to wish us well and assure us of the prayer and support of him and the Bury Group. They were a regular on our deputation list, the last time we visited was shortly after we returned to the UK in 2000. Michael was very faithful in his interest, support and prayer. One of those quiet faithful people who are the foundation of God’s church carrying out a crucial ministry both within their local churches and overseas.’

What an inspiration for persevering prayer.
We give thanks to God for his faithful service.

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The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross

In Thailand there aren’t many Christian children’s books. You can find a few children’s Bibles and individual Bible stories written for children but not really a gospel overview in a storybook format.

On my last home assignment in the UK, I came across The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross by Carl Laferton when I was looking for a book for my niece and I thought it would be a good book to have translated into Thai. It tells how we were made by God for a relationship with him but because of our sin we are separated from God. However, God had a plan to send Jesus to die in our place so that we can come back into relationship with him.

The illustrations are not too foreign looking and there is lots of detail in the beautiful, colourful pictures. There is also helpful repetition of key points in the text. Fortunately we have the OMF supported publisher Kanok Bannasan in Thailand and they were able to get the licence for the book to be translated into Thai. In November 2023, 1500 copies were printed and are now on sale.

It’s hard to sell children’s books since so many children are glued to their phone screens but do pray that this book will impact many with the good news that Jesus has made it possible for them to be in a relationship with their creator. Please especially pray for those children who will have all received a copy as gift at the central Thailand children’s camp in April.

‘Now we have God’s Word’

A procession of Tampuan believers walked down the dirt path, clothed in their brilliant splashes of pink, black, red, and white, the traditional clothing belonging to the Tampuan tribe.

At the front, walked a church leader holding a Bible in his open palms. To his left, a woman walked in rhythm to the loud gongs and stringed violin-like instrument common to this minority people. She was singing, a steady chanting like sound. The lyrics, “Rejoice today everyone, rejoice! Brothers and sisters, today we have God’s Word!”

There are 72 English Bible translations on the Bible app on my phone. 72 different versions of God’s Word. Yet, now, by his grace and mercy, the Tampuan people have one New Testament in their own language.

Commonly, it is said in Cambodia that Jesus is a god of the foreigners, and many of these Tampuan believers first learned how to pray and first read God’s word in a language foreign to them, the Khmer national language. But now, after almost 20 years work by a team of missionaries from another agency and local believers, these people can know that our God is a God who speaks their own heart language. Now, they can know that God is not only God of the foreigners, but their own God as well. Praise the Lord that his Word has come to the
Tampuan people.

Will Grover OMF Cambodia

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