Ultimate Grace: A true story of frisbee and faith in Japan

If you thought being a missionary meant wearing socks and sandals and living in the jungle without a shower, think again.

Not long out of uni, Levi headed for Japan with all his essentials: his Bible and Frisbee. He was just a normal bloke with a passion for Ultimate Frisbee who stepped out boldly to tell people about Jesus.

Ultimate Grace is his journey to East Asia the ups, the downs, the adventures and joining the Japanese national Ultimate Frisbee team!

What they say about Ultimate Grace


‘Ultimate Grace is a delightfully ordinary book, and therein lies both its charm and its bite!
….The point of his book is simple yet powerful: God might just want to use us as the people
he made us to be, with our history, passions, interests, opportunities, etc (all that we are), to make Christ known.’

Richard Fairburn, Evangelicals Now


‘I really enjoyed the book. I found it very relatable in a number of ways… especially the way he views the two life paths in chapter 3, one a comfortable life, with the other more unpredictable and dangerous – one of following God. The second one though also brings
you close to God and seems both exciting and scary…’

Ben, age 14



‘The only way to live the Christian life is to be gripped by grace. Levi Booth came to realise this fact as a teenager and it led him to a life he did not plan. But it was a life he would never give up.







In this short book, Levi shares his story of how God used different people and a variety of experiences to shape his life and prepare himfor a unique mission. How could a love of Ultimate Frisbee, JackieChan and anime possibly come

 together and be used by God to helpspread the gospel? Ultimate Grace shows that whatever yoursituation, or whatever your pas sions, God can use them to fulfil his own gospel purpose.’

From the forward by Chris Pain, OMF Japan Field Director


Ultimate Grace is now available for £2.99
There are
discounts for orders of multiple copies, making Ultimate Grace an
ideal gift for family members or church groups!

Buy your copy today!

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