Praying together during lockdown

During the limitations and restrictions, this pandemic has brought, I think churches and individuals want and need to feel part of something bigger and brighter. Our recent virtual OMF Ireland mornings of prayer have provided one way to lean into this.

Retired OMF workers, prayer group leaders, volunteers, OMF workers serving East Asians here, NextGen attendees, joined workers from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and beyond. We heard first-hand the joys and struggles of seeking to build the Church and kingdom in these times.

Zoom meant the organisational and geographical boundaries that often separate workers and supporters were dissolved. All the faces on my laptop were part of the one effort to see the good news of Jesus shared from Belfast to Bangkok. A number of the participants thanked me for inviting and including them. They said it had been a privilege to be part of it.

Together, we were looking to see the nations blessed, but in lifting our eyes, to our great God, we were all blessed and encouraged in our own situations and walks.

Nathaniel Jennings

OMF Ireland Area Representative

Nathaniel and his wife Donna worked at Grace International School and then with SIM in Bangladesh. He as been an OMF Area Rep based in Belfast for the last 10 years.

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