Peter’s Bridge Asia story: a growing involvement

We asked Peter* to share his journey with OMF’s Bridge Asia volunteer programme in the UK and how it has helped him grow in his relationship with God and involvement in mission.

I have always been interested in sharing God’s love cross-culturally, stemming from my love for different languages and cultures and being surrounded by family friends serving overseas from a young age. When I heard about the Bridge Asia volunteer programme with OMF (UK), I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I had spent time in East Asia and wanted to continue being involved in God’s work there, even while I was based in the UK.

Through my time in Bridge Asia, I have learned that God’s mission involves all believers and that there is always a part for us to play. The programme has helped me see how the gospel is for all cultures and how it can both challenge and affirm aspects of different cultures. It has also given me a bigger view of God, as I see how he works in many places and cultural contexts beyond just my own.

Being part of the Bridge Asia team has also allowed me to see more of what God is doing in other parts of East Asia and has grown my mission interest. The team is very flexible, and the time commitment varies throughout the year; this has helped me fit it in with my other obligations.

One of the most exciting parts of being a part of Bridge Asia is supporting and encouraging others on their mission journey as they explore where God is leading them and what their role is in his plan for the nations. I have also enjoyed meeting others serving as part of Bridge Asia and seeing how God has equipped and challenged them at different stages in their lives.

The disruption to life during the pandemic was challenging, as meeting people in-person and having the same level of interaction was difficult. Another challenge has been increasing the profile of overseas mission among Christians who may have other priorities.
However, the Bridge Asia team has been very supportive and helpful, providing training materials and opportunities to learn by doing. I have benefited from a mix of both in my time with the programme.

If you’re interested in mission, I highly recommend considering joining Bridge Asia. It’s not just about going on a mission trip yourself – it’s about learning, sending, encouraging, welcoming, and supporting others. It’s a great way to serve in the present and think ahead to the future.

*name changed due to the sensitivity of Peter’s future ministry plans.

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