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Goodbye to Sam, the Pandemic Intern

Back in November we asked Sam to introduce himself as our new media intern. Seven months on, Sam’s time with us has flown by! We asked him to share a little of what he’s learnt along the way. How did you end up doing the OMF media internship? My original intention with OMF had been [...]

Thai Travels: the making of A Taste of Asia

What's the story behind OMF (UK)'s new children's book A Taste of Asia? Author Reuben Grace explains more about the journey that led to him writing this family devotional adventure title. My favourite part of BBC nature documentaries is the ‘making of’ segment at the end. It’s fascinating to see all the equipment, trials and tribulations [...]

How to keep a passion for mission alive: walking to Japan

Joshua Nixon had been on one short-term trip to Japan before COVID-19 hit and was preparing to go again in 2020. Wondering how to keep focused on his calling, he hit on the idea of walking the distance to Japan across the island of Ireland instead....  Joshua shares his story and what he’s learnt along [...]

Lizzie: my virtual mission placement with OMF (UK)

Lizzie recently finished our first virtual mission placement. We asked her to share her experience and what she learnt along the way, doing short-term mission in the UK, on Zoom: I’ve always had a heart for overseas mission, and right from the start of my degree with Moorlands Bible College, I was looking forward to [...]

Lis Webb: My experience volunteering with OMF (UK)

‘Before that, I had largely thought that world mission was for ‘other people’!’, Lis says. Discover how Bridge Asia helped Lis find her place in God’s global plan. Where did your interest in mission begin? When my son, John, produced a one-man show on the life of Hudson Taylor some 15 years or so ago. […]

Meet Sam Our 2020 Media Intern

Meet Sam, our new media intern! He joined us in mid-November to spend six months developing his media skills and discovering more about sharing the good news of Jesus in East Asia. We wanted to find out a bit more about him: Tell us about your background I’m born, bred, and buttered a Yorkshireman, hailing from [...]

Praying for Third Culture Kids

Frederick reflects on a recent online event and what it taught him about engaging in God’s global mission.

Dealing with Disappointment: Sharing Jesus with East Asians in Lockdown

At this time of year, many Serve Asia Workers would usually be preparing to go on short-term trips to help with God’s work in East Asia. However, in light of COVID-19, plans this year have changed. Travel restrictions mean that Christian workers are temporarily unable to go and serve overseas. This is just one way [...]

Praying together during lockdown

During the limitations and restrictions, this pandemic has brought, I think churches and individuals want and need to feel part of something bigger and brighter. Our recent virtual OMF Ireland mornings of prayer have provided one way to lean into this. Retired OMF workers, prayer group leaders, volunteers, OMF workers serving East Asians here, NextGen [...]

What does ministry training look like in lockdown?

Our second joint OMF and Friends International (FI) training day was planned to take place physically and in Cambridge on Saturday 2 May. What actually took place last Saturday, was an online conference using Zoom. Almost one hundred people, from four different continents, signed in to find out why we need to start preparing international students [...]

Dealing with the disappointment of my cancelled mission trip

Many people who would have been going on short-term mission placements this year are facing the disappointment of having their plans disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked our Serve Asia intern, James, to share his experience of dealing with his own disappointment: My name is James and I am the current UK Serve Asia [...]

Thriving in lockdown: 8 tips from missionaries who keep in contact with loved ones across the world

At the moment, when many people are trying to find ways to connect with family and friends when households are separated, we have something to learn from missionaries and the creative ways they've found to maintain meaningful connections with family and friends back home. In my role supporting over 60 families serving with OMF (UK), [...]


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