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A postcard from Cambodia: serving in mission in later life

We’re eating Staffordshire oatcakes, but the conversation turns to curry, rice, baguettes and delicious Asian fruit. I’m lunching with Mike & Denise Woodward, who in their late 50s, gave up their jobs in England, to spend three years in Cambodia serving as Team Centre Managers with OMF. The Woodwards oversaw the smooth running of the [...]

Prayer and Mission: Looking Back on NextGen London 2019

“Let me take you back to a time when I…” Whenever I hear that. I feel like sitting back and getting comfortable as if it were storytime with grandpa. Although Viv Thomas, the speaker at NextGen London 2019, was not my grandfather(!), he had an amazing way of weaving stories into his thought-provoking teaching on [...]

Heard Nathaniel on Premier Christian Radio?

If you heard Nathaniel Ayling interviewed this afternoon on Premier Christian Radio here are some of the things he spoke about. OMF in Japan NextGen Event The Serve Asia Podcast

Snapshots from International Student Ministry in Sheffield

On Monday morning, 15 July, a team of British and international students fanned out across the city centre in Sheffield to distribute flyers to international students, inviting them to join our Welcome Week activities. We were hopeful, but no one anticipated the enthusiastic response we were to see that evening! By 7pm, 60 students had [...]

Letter addressing events related to a former OMF UK member

An Open Letter A former OMF member’s alleged misconduct in the 1990s and the early 2000s To whom it may concern: OMF International has recently received letters of complaints that, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, three women were inappropriately and forcefully touched by an OMF missionary who had worked extensively in Indonesia. OMF […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Do an OMF Internship

There are hundreds of Christian internships to choose from, so why do one with OMF? We asked past and current interns and their colleagues in the National Office. Here’s what they came up with: You get to... 1) Do more than make coffee and photocopies OMF interns get to do a whole lot more than [...]

Meet our Media Intern

Stephen joined us in September 2018 to do one of the OMF Internships, specifically the Media Internship. Here’s a little bit about him and why he joined us… Tell us about your background I was born in Chengdu, China, and have spent 14 years of my life there as a Third Culture Kid (TCK). I moved […]

Indonesia – Tsunami

The extent of the damage has shocked and confused people in Indonesia and even perplexed the earthquake experts. Land cracked, shores washed away, mud protruded from the earth burying an entire village. There was no food, no clean water, no electricity, limited supply gasoline, scarce medicines with just an open-air hospital. People searched for family members […]

Isaac’s Story

From our ‘Pray through Ramadan’ emails: Tomorrow was the festival at the end of the fasting month, the most important time in the Muslim year, and Isaac was feeling relieved. It had been a hard year. One terrible night he had woken to shouts of ‘fire!’ and had to escape his small house with his […]

Kate’s Story

From our ‘Pray Through Ramadan’ weekly prayer emails: It was late morning and a few mums were sitting outside on a couple of benches. Kate was feeding her one-year-old daughter spoonfuls of rice as she played around us. Another neighbour saw us sitting there as she came home from the market and stopped to sit […]

Lent – Free Devotionals and Prayer Points

"Are you giving anything up for Lent?" If no one has asked you this question yet, someone probably will soon. But fasting from something isn’t the only thing that has characterised this historic 40-day season. It’s also marked by taking up things, such as prayer, confession and almsgiving. Spiritual disciplines In its very nature, Lent [...]

Why missionaries need the gospel too

Our guest blogger and OMF missionary in Japan, Levi Booth, explores missionaries’ need for the gospel: I thought I’d write a blog on blogging. Now there’s probably a saying that you shouldn’t blog about blogging. Just write something useful to the readers. Nobody wants to hear introspective mumblings. But this isn’t a blog post about […]

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