Mission & The Blob


A communication tool or ice-breaker to get people to explore and share thoughts and feelings about mission. Numbers: In twos, threes or fours, small groups or large groups (the latter is fine, but takes longer). Instructions: Give a photocopy or printout of the illustration opposite to everyone in the group. (You can also use PowerPoint or even an OHP!) Explain that it shows a variety of Blobs in various stages of involvement in mission. Ask people to choose the Blob that best represents where they’re at. Then get them to discuss which Blob they’ve chosen.


(feel free to add your own, or fine-tune according to the group’s needs)

  • Which Blob do you feel like when it comes to involvement in mission?
    • Why?
  • Which Blob would you like to be?
    • Why?
  • Which Blob do you feel God wants you to be?
    • Why?
  • Which Blob do you think represents the most positive contribution to mission?
    • Why?
  • Which Blob do you think represents the most negative contribution?
    • Why?

You can either stop the exercise there, or use the above as a means of discussing mission further. Download the PDF for Blob Mission images and further instruction.

Mission and the Blob PDF

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