Meet Sam Our 2020 Media Intern

Meet Sam, our new media intern!
He joined us in mid-November to spend six months developing his media skills and discovering more about sharing the good news of Jesus in East Asia. We wanted to find out a bit more about him:

Tell us about your background

I’m born, bred, and buttered a Yorkshireman, hailing from the outskirts of Leeds. So I’m feeling a little out of place at the OMF (UK) office here in Kent where no one seems to know how to pronounce words like bath and grass. Before coming to OMF I studied Computer Science at the University of Huddersfield and worked as a software developer for the last five years. For some of that time I was living in California and Ireland (two entirely different climates let me assure you!).

Wow, sounds fun! So what made you decide to give up that stable job and come to do an unpaid internship?

Strangely enough this seems to be a recurring question. I very much enjoyed my position in my last job but I didn’t feel settled. I wanted to work in a role that would allow me to give back in some capacity, and being involved in sharing the good news of Jesus through cross cultural work seemed like the perfect opportunity! Sure, leaving the stability of a secure job during the unprecedented economic uncertainty of a global pandemic may not seem wise to a lot of people, but I felt like this was a leap of faith moment, that if this is where God wants me to be then He will provide the means.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I dabble across a few different hobbies, the chief of which is mountain biking after I spent a good chunk of my youth eagerly following my dad down muddy trails in the Yorkshire Dales and across bogs in the Scottish Highlands. Recently though I seem to have decided that two wheels is one too many and have been trying my hand at the unicycle, so if you see me wobbling around the streets near the OMF offices feel free to give me a wave!

Can you share an interesting fact about yourself?

When I was up in Scotland this summer I discovered you could buy a very small piece of land and gain the title ‘Lord’. This was a clear no brainer, and now my official title is “Lord Samuel Haig”. This is probably also the most frivolous purchase that I have ever made.

Where did your interest in East Asia, and sharing Jesus there, begin?

My interest in East Asia first started when I visited Japan four years ago. It was my first time getting to really experience East Asian culture, and I loved it! A little while after that I got to hear more about the country from my church pastor in Dublin who had been stationed in Japan during his service in the US Military. This same pastor also gave me an appreciation for overseas gospel sharing, as he himself was supported by churches from the United States to build a church in Ireland. So when I started looking into cross cultural work Japan was one of the first nations that I looked at, and I was horrified to discover that less than 1% of the population are followers of Jesus, thus inspiring me to find an opportunity to work with them.

How did you find OMF and what attracted you to work with them?

In true software developer fashion, I went to Google to look for a solution to my query. After a simple search of “Mission opportunities in Japan”, OMF came out as the clear leader given their specialisation in East Asia and a large range of opportunities. In particular they offered a Serve Asia position on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, using sports ministry such as skiing and mountain biking to engage with the local people. To me this was perfect, I could use the skills God had given me to share the gospel with the people of East Asia!

Why did you apply for the media internship?

I was pointed towards the media internship as a chance to work with OMF during the pandemic. Due to border closures and travel issues I had to seek alternative options to the Serve Asia opportunity I’d applied to. However, after looking into the description for this position I thought it would be an excellent chance to still work with OMF, as well as build a new skill set that I would be able to use overseas.

What are you hoping to get out of the media internship?

I’ve always had a bit of a background passion for media production, from dabbling in video editing in my late teens to learning about landscape photography in more recent years. I hope that this will be a great opportunity to hone my skills and learn about making good content, not just in imagery but across the spectrum that is digital media production. I think one skill I’d like to build is writing, for whilst a picture may be worth a thousand words it’s often difficult to tell a story with photographs alone.

What do you hope to do in the future?

The only firm decision I have on my radar right now is following through on going to Japan as a Serve Asia worker in 2021. Beyond that though I don’t know what the Lord has planned for me. It would be great to serve cross-culturally long term, but who knows, God may have other ideas and my skills may be put to better use elsewhere. I’m grateful though that this internship will teach me about other ways and skills to be involved in global mission other than just going.

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“I had hoped to be working with OMF worker JP doing sports ministry in Japan, this video is as close as I can get for now!”

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Sam Haig

OMF (UK) Media Intern

Sam was born and raised in the hills of Yorkshire where he grew up with his family. After spending eight years studying and working in the software development industry he came to work with OMF (UK) as a media intern where he’s now learning all sorts of new and exciting skills.

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