Introducing our new media intern, Dan

Dan, our new media intern, joined us in September to spend three months developing his media skills and discovering more about sharing the good news of Jesus in East Asia. We asked him a few questions to get to know him better: 

Tell us about your background 

I was born and raised in Basingstoke, also known as Doughnut City for its many roundabouts. Perhaps a more exciting claim to fame is that it’s the home of Jane Austen (or at least a village nearby – she used to come dancing in Basingstoke). From there I went to Bristol to study Liberal Arts, a choice which was largely driven by indecision. Four years of study, including a year abroad in Germany, weren’t enough to figure out what I want to do with my life, so I’ve spent the year since graduating looking for work and enjoying home comforts back at my parents’ place in Amazingstoke (as we like to call the hometown).  

 What are your hobbies and interests? 

 I grew up playing tennis and will take any opportunity to play racquet sports. Pre-pandemic I was getting into swimming and keep saying I should get back into it. Aside from that, I’m quite happy at home reading novels or dreaming up my own ideas for them, and occasionally baking a sponge cake or some brownies. I also spend a lot of time listening to Florence + the Machine, Lana Del Rey, and similar artists. Sometimes I go out and see friends too. 

Can you share an interesting fact about yourself? 

Goodness. Define interesting. I can’t count to five in the correct order with my fingers, though that’s hard to explain without showing you. Essentially, the fifth finger uncontrollably comes up before the fourth. Maybe I should’ve just said I can speak German, though you might have guessed that if you were reading carefully before now.  

How did you find OMF and what attracted you to work with them? 

I first heard of OMF through family, and gradually learned more about the organisation’s history and what they do. I was really inspired by people’s desire to go to the other side of the world and share Jesus with the people there. I’d previously had the chance to meet and befriend lots of students from Asia while I was at uni, so I gained some knowledge of Asian cultures and some of the challenges for Christians there. I guess a combination of those things made me appreciate OMF’s ‘heart for Asia’ and got me curious to know more about their work and how I could get involved. 

Why did you apply for the media internship? 

At this point, I know I love writing but I’m not sure where to take it. I’ve enjoyed writing for some other Christian organisations like Heirs Magazine and Living Out, and am always keen to see how I can grow and use the gifts God’s given me for his purposes. The internship here seemed an ideal opportunity to do just that, learn some new things, plug the dreaded experience gap in my CV, as well as grow in my faith. I actually talked myself out of applying for the internship after a job rejection left me reconsidering my future, but after a month or so I realised I’d be a fool to miss this opportunity and felt prompted to apply. I’m very grateful OMF still wanted to talk to me after a month of silence, and that they’ve since taken me on at quite short notice! 

What are you hoping to get out of the media internship? 

Apart from the work experience, I’d love to get a deeper understanding of what OMF do and why they do it. I also hope to figure out what I do and don’t enjoy doing just by trying things out. It’s been a challenging year in many ways, so I hope these three months will help to rebuild my confidence and my relationship with God.  

What do you hope to do in the future? 

If being an author isn’t meant to be, then I think I’d like to work in publishing and help other people publish their books. However, I’m still pretty open to ideas and I’m excited to see where God leads me. I might get a bolt of inspiration during this internship, or the next thing he has in store for me might be another spell of unemployment. I hope not, but I’m learning that whatever life looks like he is good and is ultimately working for my good as he makes me more like Jesus. 

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