Mission Cells

Mission Cells bring people together who have a shared passion for mission and a heart for the world.

Mission Cells are:


Mission Cells are about journeying together with others. We highly value the opportunity to make new firends, to journey wioth old friends and to share deeply with one another. Mission Cells are places for sharing openly, and for supporting one another. So Mission Cells ar enot just another meeting on mission or another missions oparyer group. Instead the focus is on growing together in vission and discovery, and taking initiative together as the Lord leads.


Feasting was very important for Jesus and his followers in developing relationships. Tim Chester in a book on this subject concludes “Meals express and reinforce the community that Christ has created”. So eating together is not only an expression of God’s grace, but a way we fulfill our mission and also bless others.


Listening to God is an integral part of Mission Cells. We want Mission Cells to be driven by a desire to seek God. It is God’s Mission we want to take part in and not anyone else’s. Prayer is a great way to equip ourselves and impact the nations.


We believe God has given each one of us gifts which can be used for the growth of His Kingdom. We want Mission Cells to be places where everyone can feel properly equipped and resourced to use their God-given gifts and to be part of an environment in which they are encouraged to do so

Flexibly led

Mission Cells are keen to run with people’s passions and to spend time listening to and catching God’s heart for the Cell.

Where are Mission Cells?

So far we have 9 Mission Cells running in London, Cardiff, Cambridge, Southampton, Belfast, Aberdeen, Bedford, Nottingham and Norwich. They usually meet in someone’s home every month to 6 weeks.

We want to help set up many more Mission Cells all over the UK. If you would like to join and existing Mission Cell, or if you feel God calling you to set one up in your local area please contact your local Area Representative

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