Reaching this point in our website probably means you are starting to ask questions – ‘Do I have a part to play in this vision concerning the two billion people of East Asia?’ ‘Do I sense a growing burden for a particular work, role, or people?’ ‘Are the seemingly random pieces of my life starting to gel and point me towards taking the next step?’

This is all about commitment – to pray, to find out more, to gain further training and experience, to keep asking ‘What next Lord?’

What Next?

You’ve probably been to East Asia short-term, and now you’re thinking ‘What next?’

Ever thought you should investigate serving God in East Asia, but had no idea where, what you would do, or how you’d get there?

That’s great – we know the feeling! For over 150 years OMF has had a passion for East Asia that just won’t go away.

We’ve also been able to walk alongside people just like you, exploring where God is leading you in East Asia, to enable you to use the skills he has given you.

Taking it further

We have teams based around the UK and Ireland who have long experience answering these questions, walking this journey. No two journeys are the same! We are constantly amazed at the variety of ways people are led to serve the emerging East Asian Church. So our teams stand ready to help you explore the way ahead – even if no-one has trodden this path before.

This could mean finding a prayer group that shares your burden, attending a Missions conference, making contact with a field worker, making a visit to Asia or joining a team on a short-term programme, being encouraged to go to Bible college…The teams are well-supplied with books, DVDs and other media that can deepen and excite your sense of mission.

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