Together in Christ for East Asia

Bridge Asia is a ministry with OMF, a network of volunteers based in the UK and Ireland with a heart for East Asia.

We have established teams in Ireland, Scotland, the West of England and Wales, the East of England, London and South East and the North of England.

Local Action – Global Impact

You’ve been hearing how God is on the move powerfully across the world, including the area we particularly focus on, East Asia. Do you long to join in? OMF UK’s new Bridge Asia ministry could equip you to be part of the action in East Asia while using your gifts in ministry in the UK. You could join teams of volunteers we’re setting up throughout the UK to engage UK Christians in world mission with a special focus on the peoples of East Asia.

The Teams

Our vision is for committed teams of volunteers who will multiply themselves and eventually create a UK-wide community.

We have established this ministry because:

  •  We believe God is leading us to set out in this direction and will empower our steps.
  • We are committed to praying for this vision.
  • We are determined to equip one another with the essential resources, attitudes, competencies and knowledge to do effective ministry.
  • We will lead our volunteers. We will serve, support and develop Bridge Asia team members through skilled, caring leaders.
  • We will develop volunteer leaders. As God gifts, we anticipate that some team members will become leaders, facilitating and releasing the rest of the team into purposeful ministry and go on to set up new Bridge Asia teams.

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Bridge Asia Roles

We invite you to look at these specific ministries. Which one catches your eye? Has God already gifted you with the skills for that role? Or is God calling you into a ministry for which he will develop your gifting?

Mission Advocate

Do you love to share about world mission with individuals or small groups within your own church, network of friends and work colleagues? To share resources and stories, you don’t have to be an expert speaker.
Download full Mission Advocate role description. 

Mission Presenter

Do you enjoy giving presentations or preaching about world mission at churches or other Christian groups?
Download full Mission Presenter role.

Mission Mentor

Would you like to mentor one to three individuals locally to help them explore their personal involvement in world mission?
Download the full Mission Mentor role description.

Event Coordinator

Are you gifted at planning, organising and hosting events? Could you run one or two effective OMF events in your area per year? Could you partner with representatives of other Christian groups and churches to run several general mission mobilisation events?
Download the full Event Coordinator role description.

Prayer Groups Coordinator

Would you like to support the OMF prayer groups in your area? Could you gather and distribute vital prayer resources and offer training to encourage our committed pray-ers in their vital ministry of intercession for OMF’s ministry and East Asia’s peoples? Or do you have a burden to see more and deeper prayer for world mission – especially from young people? Could you initiate new expressions of prayer for individuals and groups?
Download full Prayer Groups Coordinator role description.

Finding Your Role

How about choosing a role that overlaps with what you’re already doing in your local church? e.g. coordinating mission prayer groups could help you increase the effectiveness of prayer for world mission in your church.

Your Commitment

In time

Will you give five to eight hours a month to this purposeful ministry?

 To training

The role you take on is focused on your gifts with specific activities in your local area. You will be trained in the attitudes and competencies needed and supplied with the right resources and knowledge for your specific role.

 To the team

You’ll be part of a team working together in your area. The team will meet up once a quarter for support and encouragement. Teams will also develop shared goals and enjoy supporting one another’s ministries as time and energy allows. We will be sure to provide additional training if you cross over into other ministry roles.

Next step?

We trust it’s been encouraging for you to hear about the opportunity of Bridge Asia. We invite you to read the attached ministry descriptions and to think about or encourage others to think about applying to join this exciting ministry. Please take some time to reflect and pray about what you’ve read. If you sense God leading you to apply, get in touch with your nearest OMF Area Representative using the contact details available here. You can also email or phone 01732 887299. We’d be delighted to talk further with you.

Please use the application form in the ‘Download Application Information’ zip file, this is our preferred option for applications forms. If you are unable to use the pdf file you can use the word version for PCs or the pages version for macs.

Download Application Information

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