24 November, 2021
Wednesday 7:30 pm - Wednesday 8:30 pm

About the event

Ever wondered about how to pray for the children of cross-cultural workers? We wanted to let you know about an opportunity to hear about TCK ministry and pray together.

The children of OMF workers serving overseas are valued members of our community and a true part of their family’s witness to the good news of Jesus. (They’re often known as Third Culture Kids because they grow up incorporating a mix of their parents’ passport culture and their host country’s culture into a unique third culture.)

By God’s grace, our prayers can make a real difference to their lives. If you have a heart for helping children and teaching youth about our Saviour, Jesus, then this event is for you!

We will be hearing from several people who are committed to serving kids and youth in the UK and East Asia. This event will be taking place on Zoom on Wednesday 24 November at 7.30pm.

For more details and to register please email Sarah Charles (OMF Area Representative for North of England): uk.north@omfmail.com

Date & Time
Wednesday 24 November 2021
7.30 pm

For more information
Contact Sarah Charles (OMF Area Representative for North of England): uk.north@omfmail.com.

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