6 November, 2021
Saturday 10:30 am - Saturday 12:30 pm

About the event

Does sharing the love of Jesus around the world mean giving up your career?

So join us on 6 November to explore why your 9 to 5 (or whatever hours you work!) matter to God and how he can use your work in his purposes. We’ll be hearing from our friends at LICC about how God can use our work and from Andrew Scott, CEO of OM and author of ‘Scatter: go therefore and take your job with you’, on how taking your work overseas is a real possibility.

There’ll also be interactive quizzes, reflections on what the Bible says about work, Q&A and interviews with some people who have experience of taking their job overseas.

If you’re at uni or just starting out in the world of work and wanting to explore God’s global plan, NextGen is for you. A NextGen event is a great space to explore what your place in God’s global plan might look like.

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ANDREW SCOTT is the President & CEO of Operation Mobilization USA, a global mission movement of 6,800 people working to share the love of Christ and provide for humanitarian needs in 118 nations. Andrew himself has served in more than 80 countries. He is also the author of the book, “Scatter: Go therefore and take your job with you” which inspired the title of this NextGen event. In his book, he sounds a call for a new era of missions, one that uses the global marketplace for gospel growth and sees every Christian–engineer, baker, pastor, or other–as God’s global image-bearer. Helping us see the grand narrative of Scripture and how each of us fits within it, he issues a compelling call: scatter. Andrew Scott grew up in Northern Ireland, but now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife and kids. He loves football, raising show dogs and scuba diving.

Our friends at the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity are committed to empowering Christians to make a difference for Christ in our daily lives. Their dream is that every Christian would go out into God’s world, confident that God can work through them, that Jesus is good news for the people they meet, good news for the things they do, good news for the organisations they engage in. As LICC Mission Champion, Mark Greene says, “The fruitfulness that changes lives and nations ripens in the valley of everyday, Monday to Saturday ordinary living.”


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