25 September, 2021
Saturday 10:00 am - Saturday 11:30 am

About the event

With our changing climate, how can we respond as followers of Jesus? What does the Bible have to say about some of the most significant issues of our time? Join us online to explore how environmental challenges are affecting East Asia and the issues involved. Learn just how immense and radical the scope of good news of Jesus is, and how caring for God’s world is also a matter of justice.

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Jasmine is a creation care advocate. With a background in conservation biology and community development, she often explores the connections between people and the natural world. Her biggest inspiration is the Creator of the universe who is teaching her to cultivate a sense of awe and wonder through his creation. She is currently based in the Philippines where she is raising awareness about creation care issues and engaging with other like-minded people.

David and his wife Ruth served in support ministry roles with OMF International in Singapore for 12 years. Since they returned to the UK in 2014 David has continued to advocate for creation care in OMF International and beyond. He is a college tutor for creation care, and a trustee for a charity engaged in developing renewable energy solutions in the Global South.

Tim worked in agriculture and forestry before moving to Malaysia to live at “The School in the Jungle”. His love and concern for the created world has grown continually ever since childhood.

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Tim Jenkins

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