26 September, 2020
Saturday 10:00 am - Saturday 12:00 pm

Live from Asia!

Join us for this exciting live, virtual event! We will be spending a morning hearing from Northern Irish Christians sharing (live via Zoom!) about life, faith and God at work in Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and beyond.

26 September, 2020
Saturday 10:00 am - Saturday 12:30 pm

NextGen: Virtual Visit to Vietnam

The day will include content live from Vietnam, opportunities to see how your skills may be used to serve God there, pray with others and ask your questions about this land of contrasts.

3 October, 2020
Saturday 10:00 am - Saturday 12:30 pm

Unloved? Unwanted? - Learn about a Muslim People in Crisis

Justice for the unloved? How does that work?
Find out about an abandoned people and how you can change things for them through prayer.

10 October, 2020
Saturday 11:00 am - Saturday 1:00 pm

Creation Care Event

God’s redeeming plan extends to the whole of creation and we as his children have the mandate to steward his creation.

11 October, 2020
Sunday 2:30 pm - Sunday 4:00 pm

Mission Matters 2

Do you have an interest in overseas mission? Have you ever thought that God might be calling you to serve him overseas (short or long term)? Are you interested in supporting people who go overseas to share the gospel? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, please consider joining us!

17 October, 2020
Saturday 10:00 am - Saturday 12:30 pm

Lost in Lockdown: A Journey to Japan

An online event exploring Japan, with contributions from those who have experience of sharing the good news in Japan.

7 November, 2020
Saturday 10:00 am - Saturday 12:45 pm

New Horizons: Anyone to Anywhere!

Could you encourage young people to discover their full identity and worth? Could you tell others about Jesus love and see the phenomenal effect it has on their lives? Can you pray? Can you help others to do this too? Join us to find out how to get involved in going or sending young people from anywhere to anywhere.

14 November, 2020
Saturday 10:00 am - Saturday 12:00 pm

NextGen London: Passion for Mission, Passion to Learn

This year, we haven’t been able to go overseas much. But we can still be involved in cross-cultural mission! At OMF we believe there are many ways of reaching the nations: Learn, Pray, Inspire, Go, Welcome, Send. At this event, we are going to be thinking about how learning is a way of doing mission – learning more of God, his heart for the world and all that he has been doing throughout history and to the end of time to gather a multitude from every tribe and tongue for his glory!

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