Counselling & Mental Health Initiatives

Cambodia’s recent traumatic history has made the need for counselling services complex and critical, but as yet there are few people who are able to provide these services in the Khmer language, or at a price that the average Cambodian can afford. This project provides for and supports the development of counselling services in Cambodia for the Cambodian people and by Cambodian people. Your donation may be used in a number of ways: 1) To help in training keen and gifted Christian Cambodians in their development as counsellors through providing for training costs, supporting training programs, enabling counselling supervision and/or personal counselling; 2) To provide funds to enable poor Cambodians to receive counselling services from Cambodian counsellors through paying for the services or other costs associated with this (sometimes they have to travel from great distances to receive counselling); 3) To pay costs for staying in TEEN Challenge addiction rehab centres; and 4) To cover costs for resources needed to set up counselling services, provide training for counsellors or enable research in the area of mental health. God is currently working in raising up people with the burden, vision, and gifts in the development of this area of need in Cambodia. Perhaps you are part of God’s provision!

Required budget: £4000 annually

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