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What is Hidden in Plain Sight?

A trailer for Hidden In Plain Sight, our animation series exploring God’s heart for the nations throughout the Bible. Why not watch the videos with

Hidden in Plain Sight Part 6: The Incarnation

We don’t often think much about the incarnation apart from at Christmas. Yet thinking about the incarnation is vital for shaping the way we approach sharing God’s love, as we explore in this episode of Hidden In Plain Sight.

Hidden in Plain Sight Part 4: The Psalms

We love the Psalms for the help and perspective they can bring to our own lives. But we can easily miss that they also have an international outlook. Discover how the Psalms give us a global perspective as we look at Psalm 96.

Hidden in Plain Sight Part 3: The Prophets

How do the Old Testament prophets remind God’s people that they exist so the rest of the nations come to know him? We take a look at the prophet Isaiah in this episode of Hidden in Plain Sight.

Hidden in Plain Sight Part 1: Abraham

Did you know Toblerone has a secret? Hidden In Plain Sight is on animation series exploring how seeing the theme of God’s love for the nations throughout the Bible changes everything. In this first part we look at Abraham.

The Life I Now Live by Joelle Kenny

Hear from Joelle Kenny, an OMF worker in Cambodia, about her book ‘The Life I Now Live’ with 10ofthose.

When Joelle was growing up, she was convinced that God would want nothing to do with her. But God had other plans…

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